Dead ball, or groundball error?

Here’s the play from last night’s South Hills-Alta Loma baseball game, won by Alta Loma, 1-0. South Hills had the tying run on third with two outs. The Huskies’ Corey Cadek appears to hit a groundball that was misplayed for an error, allowing the tying run to score. But the umpire ruled the batted ball glanced off Cadek in the batter’s box, which is a dead ball.
What do you think. It’s hard to tell, but it appears to come off the ground too fast to have struck the player.

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  • The truth and nothing but…

    Gutsy call! I hope there is a video of it from another angle. As an umpire myself, all I can say is if he’s right he deserves to work the CIF State Finals for the rest of his career.

  • Valley Athletics

    Can’t tell much on this video . Did it hit off his hand , bounce off his foot or what ?

    • Steve Ramirez

      Since the ball goes directly down off the bat, it either hit his foot or the plate, I think it did. Plus, the ball traveled like it hit the plate or the ground, not off the batter. But you’re right its hard to tell, which I guess in some case is the point. I wouldn’t want to be ousted from the playoffs on a such a call.

  • all you have to do is watch the 1b umpire signal dead ball immediately, he read the plate umpires signal and raised both hands up…dead ball…it’s easy,if you know the game!

    • Steve Ramirez

      But was it the right call? Angel Hernandez makes calls with confidence, but those who play and cover the game say he’s only right less than half the time. There’s a reason the new replay rule is being tabbed the Angel Hernandez rule.

      • angel hernandez is correct 50% of the time! MLBs weakest link…but, this post of the tribs looks like favortism,would you post the video if the call went shills way…99% not…homers…the fish bowl still cant hang with the OCs top teams, let alone the whole SS/City section

        • Steve Ramirez

          Hernandez was voted last year by players as the worst umpire….down from 2006 as the third worst. One only has to view his call in Cleveland to show how bad he was. would show it regardless what side a bad call effects. Last year Fred showed a video of a bad call that benefitted Northview. A bad call is a bad call. I was just asking to get people’s response. It would be tough to make that call in the playoffs….the old NHL rule.

          • thankfully the nhl and mlb go by different protocols…obviously the sarcasm font didnt reach you…angel has been the worst for many years, a blind man is correct 50% of the time…good call or not…the fish bowl cannot hang with the OC, let alone the entire SS/City section in baseball,softball,football,basketball track

          • Steve Ramirez

            It’s too early to make any claims either way. Let’s see what happens. There might not be a 2001-02 Amat, but it’d too early to tell. The season just started. George Horton used to say the real season doesn’t begin until the final third.

          • to post an amateur,ground level,cell phone homerism at best…same as the Torrance/Northview play-off game…inconclusive at best…

          • Steve Ramirez

            It’s not homerism. I use my ipad to give our readers/viewers something as part of our philosophy and just thought it would interesting to gauge others thoughts. It’s likely inconclusive but it doesn’t hurt. If you haven’t noticed I’ve been publishing video of events over the past year.

  • Kennys teams beat EVERYBODY…when has that happened before in the fish bowl…IE winning the National Classic and CIF..including both Stewarts from La Quinta…btw,that was 12 years ago…not a good example for hanging with anybody

  • i’ll stick with mr home plate umpires call…6 feet away…looking at the pitch and swing…those guys were 1 of Foothill Citrus’ better crews, hence the 3 man set-up, gutsy call

  • To start with , the headline here is incorrect…it is not a foul ball! it’s a dead ball as ruled at the plate ( Batted ball hits batter in the batters box)…end of play, end of discussion, I suggest you put down the i-pad, buy a rulebook and use THAT to hone your knowledge of the game!

    • Steve Ramirez

      Time to turn the cheek on this discussion, but the video is closing in on 500 views. Have a blessed day!

  • by all mean, don’t learn the rules,just post a very amateur video,trying to cry wolf…the monotone fishwrap is on life support….

    • Steve Ramirez

      Why so much hate Gali? Want to join me for Sunday mass? God bless you!

      • not hate,I find your journalism lacking, and knowledge of the game less than satisfactory., as you can see in the video, the 1st base umpire immediately reads and relays the plate umpires call of dead ball, he never looks at the play
        ..I celebrate mass with my Jesuit brother

        • Steve Ramirez

          Well, as Rick Nelson wrote, you can’t please everyone. We both should follow the Lord’s advice and turn the other cheek. Meaning dont respond with hateful insults as retaliation, but simply move on. Have a blessed weekend.

  • OuttaYourMindTrib

    You’re not going to be able to see reality with the frame rate of SD videos on YouTube. I don’t even need to watch the video to know that. Sorry Steveie, no hit from me.