Monrovia running back Kurt Scoby signs with Fresno State

“It was either do or die for me and I’m not going to die,” Scoby said. “That’s one thing I’m not going to do. I’m going to be successful and I have something to prove. My reaction is thanking God and proving people wrong. I’ve dealt with adversity for a while and I wanted to prove people wrong and do what people said I couldn’t really do.”


By Aram Tolegian
Monrovia High School running back Kurt Scoby made good on his promise to get his academics in order and signed with Fresno St. on Tuesday afternoon.
Scoby, one of the top running back recruits on the West Coast, originally chose Fresno St. in fall but was unable to sign in February due to some unmet academic requirements. Fresno St. reserved Scoby’s scholarship in hopes of him qualifying and that’s exactly what he did.

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  • observantcat

    Congratulations to both Kurt Scoby and DeShawn Potts both will prove to be stellar athletes at Fresno State. Both will grow as Athletes as well as students and if were around long enough they may have children to succeed their legacy’s.

  • FredJ

    I give Monrovia a lot of credit too helping Scoby AFTER football with his grades to help him succeed academically and quality for Fresno State. I can think of a lot of schools that would have given up and just told him to go the JUCO route, but Monrovia didn’t, they deserve credit and Scoby deserves the credit for doing the work.

    It kind of reminds me of that line in School Ties when Brendan Frazier tells the principal “you used me for football — I’m going to use you to get into Harvard.”

    • Here’s JOHNNY, or Little Johnn

      Sounds like the Charter Oak version.

    • AMAT 73

      Congratulations to Scoby and I hope he has much success at the college level on both the field and the classroom .
      Fred J ,
      Didn’t Monrovia do exactly what they are supposed to do for students , get them ready for the next level in education . Name one school you can think of in the SGV that wouldn’t follow thru on this . Pretty bold statement saying a lot schools would have given up .

  • fb102

    Congrats to Mr. Scoby.

    Has he qualified via the NCAA clearinghouse?

  • Ray_Morehart

    I say he transfers… #bazinga

  • InTheKnow

    Glad the kid signed now he has to finish this. Fred, you do realize signing really isn’t anything but it does bind the athlete to the school but he still has to qualify through the clearinghouse. Also to anoint Monrovia as the all mighty please they didn’t do this alone. What happened to all the other transfers like Ramirez and Ainsworth did they help them? Please get a clue Fred knowing Kurts situation a lot of people helped in making this possible and not all are from Monrovia. Best wishes Scooby, man up and finish strong!