Bishop Amat boys, girls find out what Del Rey Leagues (other than football) they will compete in next year if approved


Now that football is settled, the Del Rey League association is divided into three leagues for boys and girls sports starting in the fall. These are the recommendations that will be sent to league principals to get an email vote for approval. If they get approved as expected, they will become final and sent to CIF. But knowing how things have gone, nothing’s ever final until its final.




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  • Don’t know about you, but when I first saw this the thing that jumped out at me was out of every sport on campus, in every season, boys and girls, Boys Basketball is the ONLY sport to be dropped to the inferior Camino Real League. Look at the enrollment of those other schools. THAT’S who we’re competing with? Really? That’s NEVER what we’ve been about.

    How the mighty have fallen. Ridiculous!

    • FredJ

      I tweeted about that yesterday Joe, kind of embarrassing. I remember going to the small gym in the 90s when boys basketball was something special and now you have this new state of the art gym with a basketball team that would have trouble winning Hacienda League titles let alone Del Rey league titles.

      When you’re at Amat, two sports have to generate revenue, football and boys basketball. Football competes at the highest levels, is competitive against the best and the crowds keep coming. When I went to Amat’s quarterfinal playoff game in 3A virtually nobody was there. I’ve seen bigger crowds at Amat girls soccer playoff games. Why? Because everyone knows Amat shouldn’t be competing in divisions that low and the product needs to be better for fans to want to come.

  • AMAT 73

    Considering we had a nice run this past season in the playoffs , how in the heck did this transpire . As JA wrote this is not what AMAT is all about . Not knocking the other schools in that league but the object is to compete at the highest level possible and bring our game up to that level to be relevant .

    • FredJ

      Amat had a nice run in an easy division. Remember, even Gladstone, second to Workman in the Montview, advanced to the quarterfinals in the same division. That should tell you enough. In the Del Rey league, Amat struggled mightily and they struggled in tournaments against area teams.

      And before you say, it’s because of coach Eartle, I have no doubt he can coach. He did well a few years back when he had talent, but the bigger question is how does Amat get back to attracting boys basketball talent. How can you not attract players with that gym and a fan base that would go nuts with big-time players at the school.

      • fb102

        IF Eartle COULD coach AND run the ENTIRE program, he’d be attracting TOP notch TALENT that is needed to compete at the higher levels.

        What example(s) do you have that Eartle CAN coach, other than ‘success’ in the PAST?

        By entire program I mean from frosh to varsity. The frosh program coaching is a JOKE. If the frosh program is neglected, HOW is the program expected to grow players into a SYSTEM that PRODUCES varsity players?

      • AMAT 73

        Fred J ,
        My reason for saying we had a nice run was because it was in a easy division , so the logical move would be up . Not go down to an easier division . I don’t think much of Eartle but if you think the man can coach so be it . He hasn’t brought in the talent to allow him to coach as you say he can and maybe the gym, the fan base is not enough to bring in the talent on it’s own, so it just might be the coach that’s keeping them away I tend to agree with fb 102’s point of view which makes alot of sense

      • Valley Athletics

        Not enough talent in the Sgv .

        • FredJ

          Really, have you seen the talent at San Gabriel Academy, La Verne Lutheran in past years or Damien. Private schools don’t have borders. I believe some of Damien’s best players are from the Inland Empire. Amat basketball needs to become an attraction, now how do you get there? That’s what they have to figure out.

          • Valley Athletics

            Laverne had a good group that was brought in , but That was it .not enough talent as a whole in Sgv . iE is where talent is.

          • AMAT 73

            Start with a new coach would be my idea .

  • Random

    Amat requested to go down.

  • TheCloser

    Interesting to see how Cantwell-Sacred Heart will do against Amat in the next few years in baseball. My man, Larry Patino aka Dirty is recruiting some talent into CSH with promises of baseball scholarships. My boy who will be a freshman at Amat next year and has played with and competed against his travel organization MVP (Diamond/Oakley Stingrays) since he was 9 and he’s always had some of the best travel teams in the younger age groups in the nation. Maybe I should’ve taken some of that money…….nah………we bleed Amat blue in my house….me and the wife are Amat grads and my daughter is there now! See you on the diamond Dirty!

  • Justin Campbell

    In seeing recent games from Cantwell’s softball program, this move is going to kill them! After this season this school loses much of their starting line up on the varsity level. The pillars to this softball program is their battery, composed of their All League pitcher and Cal State Fullerton recruit – catcher. Their bench on the JV level has one or two players ready to move up but truth be told many of the girls are beginners this leads to the conclussion that this program scraped up girls to have a JV in place in a league where many schools don’t have softball or much less a JV team and not to mention no one to replace their “battery”. Recent changes in the softball program with their new head coach has recruited players from a Pico Rivera TB Team and from what I understand he owns and manages. This program needs to revamp with the close direction of an athletic director who ensures the talent being brought to the school is based on talent outside of this Pico Rivera Rec Ball team. This school needs to scout outside of this. The way it stands now, these girls are in for a long and brutal season in 2015. They need a qualified staff and healthy program to stay in the game and attract the softball players they need to face schools like Amat or St. Paul……

    • InTheKnow

      Cantwell will struggle to play with La Salle and St. Josephs, forget about St Paul and Amat. They are going to get buried in last for 4 years then move out of the league again. I know many of Cantwells players now and they couldnt beat the top 4 teams in the Del Rey league end of story.