St. Paul softball sweeps struggling Bishop Amat, 3-2

By John Honell
The St. Paul softball team got only three hits, but two of them were home runs in a 3-2 win over Bishop Amat on Tuesday.
The win gave the Swordsmen (15-4-1, 5-1) a half-game lead over Amat in the Del Rey League — the first time they have led the Lancers (12-7, 5-2) in the standings since 2007.
“The keys to the game was outstanding pitching by (Koreen Orozco) and timely hitting — the home run by Lovie (Lopez) and the one by Danny Munoz — and then good defense and believing in ourselves,” Swordsmen coach Jim Maier said. “Coming over here and winning in one of the toughest places to win, we took it and we got ’em.”


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  • TheCloser

    Crazy, if Coach Mendez is coaching this team they’re undefeated in league and maybe have 3 losses on the team max with a tough schedule. What a joke, didn’t take long too ruin what Coach Mendez built…..good job Amat Administration!

  • Softball Times

    Both South Hills and Bonita’s Administration has made some stupid decisions as well, however both teams seem to be doing well? Amat said good bye to a few good players in the last couple of seasons, maybe that could be part of the reason for an average season? Mendez is struggling at West Covina, maybe not in his heart??

    • TheCloser

      No, tons of talent still there but you can tell they have a “rookie” coach. She has no feel for teams and situations. There’s no way they should’ve lost to St. Paul twice when they have Samaria Diaz owning the St. Paul bats waiting to come in to close game 1 and bringing her in when the team is down 3-0 in game 2. Same situation in the South Hills game. Yes, they graduated Sabrina but even if Sabrina was still there my guess is the coach would’ve never pitched her like Mendez did. She would’ve gone with a three pitcher rotation and never would’ve accomplished what she did. Amat still has a great team, just frustrating to continue to see the lack of commitment to the team, lack of punctuality, and lack of knowledge of players and teams.

  • Softball Times

    Closer, hang in there! I’m sure the new / young coach will find her way. Fred has them ranked pretty high, they must be doing ok?