The Circus is back in town: Salesian football wins appeal to avoid Catholic League South … For now

The CIF-Southern Section Executive Committee voted 13-3-3 on Wednesday to approve Salesian’s appeal to the 2014-18 Parochial Area Catholic League South football placement, which would have put Salesian in a Pac-5 football league with Loyola, Serra and Bishop Amat. Salesian balked at the idea of essentially moving from Division 10 to Division I and would prefer to play in the Mission League, though rumors persist that it does not want to be in the same league as rival Cathedral, which is currently slated to be in the Mission League. What happens next is that CAA must either propose changes or reaffirm their original plans for final approval or appeal to the CIF-SS on or before April 30. The CAA is set to meet on April 23 to discuss the appeal and map out the next move. The CAA expects to vote on a counter proposal on April 28 that it can send to CIF on April 30 for final approval.

How will it turn out?: Below is what the CAA had approved before Wednesday’s appeal. Question now is what happens to Salesian? My guess is that ultimately, either Cathedral or St. Francis replaces Salesian in the Catholic League South.

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  • Valley Athletics

    Trey need to put st. Francis in league and just take a chance on cathedral and Salesian in same league .

  • attention coach h20(escarcega) Crespi was in the big boy division in the late 80s (russell white era) so they had no basis to gripe about a move back up…no matter where they were coming from !

  • TruTH

    Hopefully they vote on St. Francis a team that would provide competiveness. Salesian boast about their division one athletes but when it comes to playing big boy football they back out. They have talented players that can compete and the program would have grown. Maybe they wouldn’t have won championships in the near future but it would have given them a chance to be a great program not simply one that beats up on the less superior.

  • It seems extremely unfair for a D-13 school to jump to D-1. Salesian and Cathedral should play in the same league and not worry about the past. The kids who go to both of these schools worry more about future scholarships rather than fighting over what school they go to. The rivalry has totally changed and I don’t see it going back to the way it was in the 80’s or 90’s.