Alemany proposal passes 12-11 to send Cathedral to PAC-5 while dropping Salesian to the Mission

After the CIF-Southern Section Executive Committee voted 13-3-3 to approve Salesian’s appeal to the 2014-18 Parochial Area Catholic League South football placement, which would have put Salesian in a Pac-5 football league with Loyola, Serra and Bishop Amat; Bishop Alemany submitted a new proposal on Tuesday that barely passed 12-11. The new proposal basically swaps Salesian with Cathedral, moving Cathedral into the powerful Catholic South and PAC-5 while dropping Salesian to the Mission League. Salesian appealed to CIF because it balked at the idea of essentially moving from Division 10 to Division I and prefered to play in the Mission League, though rumors persist that it does not want to be in the same league as rival Cathedral. Well, Salesian got its wish with Carthedral publicly stating at Tuesday’s meeting that it will appeal the decision to CIF, just like Salesian did. The CAA has until April 30 to submit Alemany’s proposal at which time Cathedral can appeal, leaving the next move up to CIF.

CATHOLIC NORTH: Alemany, Chaminade, Crespi, Notre Dame
CATHOLIC SOUTH: Bishop Amat, Cathedral, Loyola, Serra
MISSION LEAGUE: Harvard-Westlake, La Salle, Salesian, St. Francis, St. Paul
DEL REY LEAGUE: Bishop Montgomery, Cantwell Sacred Heart, St. Bernard, Verbum Dei
SANTA FE LEAGUE: Bosco Tech, Mary Star, St. Anthony, St. Monica, Bell Jeff, St. Matthias/Pius X

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  • ThePablo5480 .

    Salesian is in Division 13 which is the weakest division.

  • AMAT 73

    We all know Cathedral will defintely appeal this decision . Why not just make the Serra League , AMAT , ND , Loyola , Serra , Chaminade , Alemany and take the top 3 to the playoffs . Seems none of the other including Crespi , as there are rumors of Crespi buddying up to St Francis to get them into the Mission as Thomas wants relief due low turn out (65 total kids ) in their program .

  • Here’s JOHNNY, or Little Johnn

    They all need to have more confidence in their little guys. Man the f$&k up and play some dam football. Great competition only makes you better. Next they will apeal to go play jr all American cause there division is too hard!! Welcome to life, ain’t always easy. Way to teach kids the easy way out.

  • What is and never should be

    How it should be…
    Alemany, Serra, Chaminade, Bishop Amat, Notre Dame

    Crespi, St. Francis, Loyola, Cathedral

    Del Rey(Western-D4)
    Harvard Westlake, La Salle, St. Paul, Salesian

    Camino Real(Northwest-D10)
    Verbum Dei, St. Bernards, Cantwell SHM, Bishop Montgomery, St. Genevieve

    Santa Fe(Northeast-D13)
    Mary Star, St. Monica, Don Bosco Tech, St. Anthony, Bell Jeff, Pius X-St. Matthias

    The Northern division currently has 4 leagues. Most divisions have 5 leagues.

    Average CalPreps ratings from the last 4 years.
    Alemany 58.025
    Serra 57.125
    Chaminade 54.925
    Crespi 47.525
    Notre Dame 47.375
    Loyola 44.925
    St.Francis 35.875
    Cathedral 24.75
    St. Paul 23.9
    Harvard Westlake 21.075
    Salesian 16.35
    Cantwell SHM 0
    Bishop Montgomery -0.725
    La Salle -4.125
    St. Bernards -5.45
    St. Genevieve -6.9
    St. Monica -9.05
    Verbum Dei -9.55
    St. Anthony -18.175
    Mary Star -18.25
    Don Bosco Tech -19.35

  • nan zaragoza

    Thats why I give Garfield High School in ELA lots of credit ……they are not scared to play the big teams, and they play with heart.