Area Softball Rankings and Leaders: No. 1 South Hills gets mighty Chino Hills on Friday

Above: Will South Hills get tough when it faces Chino Hills on Friday?

1. South Hills (17-4) — Big win over Charter Oak to keep pace with Sierra League frontrunner Chino Hills, who South Hills will host in Friday’s mammoth game. I’m taking the Huskies, lol.
2. Bonita (13-4) — With games at West Covina and Los Altos this week, the Bearcats can all but wrap up the Hacienda with a pair of wins.
3. Charter Oak (14-6) — Considering Charters’ only two league losses are to Chino Hills and South Hills, there’s no reason to drop it from top three.
4. Bishop Amat (12-8) — Only a game back of St. Paul in Del Rey standings, but time is running out. They host La Salle Tuesday and get St. Paul one more time.
5. San Dimas (15-7) — The Saints are already focusing on the playoffs because the Valle Vista is just to easy for them.
6. Los Altos (10-5) — The Conquerors have done their part since losing only Hacienda game to Bonita by winning every game since. They get their rematch at home against Bonita on Thursday.
7. Glendora (9-10) – Tartans can’t wait to get of the Baseline. Sadly, they’re closer to last than first.
8. Covina (12-6-1) — The Colts’ only loss in the Valle Vista is against San Dimas, who they will play in the league finale in a couple weeks. They need to keep winning to make the final game mean something.
9. West Covina (11-10) — The Bulldogs are coming on late and can show how far they’ve come by hosting Bonita on Tuesday. If they win, it could set up a wild finish in the Hacienda.
10. Sierra Vista (8-4-2) — A perfect 7-0 in the Montview and one-game lead over Duarte, who it plays on May 8.


1. Evelyn Sandoval, Arroyo, 21-for-36, .583
2. Celeste Wood, Los Altos, 19-for-33, .576
3. Janell Wheaton, San Dimas, 39-for-68, .574
4. Jackie Negrete, Workman, 20-for-35, .571
5. Ashley Diaz, South El Monte, 26-for-47, .553
6. Idalis Jimenez, Edgewood, 27-for-49, .551
7. Jada Richards, Duarte, 18-for-33, .545
8. Alex Rodriguez, West Covina, 31-for-57, .544
9. Jocelyn Marquez, Northview, 32-for-59, .542
10. Jenna Rodelo, Rowland, 25-for-47, .532
8 – Jenna Rodelo, Rowland
7 – Chloe Melanson, Bonita; Ciara Granado, Edgewood
6 – Ashley Huber, Walnut; Alicia Brown, Glendora; Ashley Diaz, South El Monte; Adriana Fernandez, Workman
31 – Idalis Jimenez, Edgewood; Ciara Granado, Edgewood
30 – Janell Wheaton, San Dimas
26 – Isabella Sierra, Covina; Jenna Rodelo, Rowland
25 – Princess Nava, Covina
24 – Ashley Diaz, South El Monte; Anette Mena, Edgewood
1. Natalie Lugo, South Hills, 0.43
2. Brooke Clemetson, Charter Oak, 1.48
3. Princess Nava, Covina, 1.32
4. Kaelyn McFadden, Bonita, 1.45
5. Lindsey Hughes, San Dimas, 1.73
1. Natalie Lugo, South Hills, 12-2
2. Brooke Clemetson, Charter Oak, 9-2
3. Adriana Fernandez, Workman, 8-2
4. Princess Nava, Covina, 10-4
5. Lindsey Hughes, San Dimas, 9-5

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