Cathedral wins appeal, forcing Catholic League into a seven-team league and six-team Mission

STORY: The Catholic Athletic Association left the fate of two of its most important leagues in the hands of the CIF-Southern Section Council and when all the votes were in, several representatives from some of the Southland’s top parochial football powers were disappointed.
The CAA saw its football-only league proposals voted in at Wednesday’s council meeting, then successfully appealed by Cathedral High School, which left one of the major goals of the association unmet. That goal was to create two, four-team leagues that will likely compete in the Pac-5 Division.

WHAT HAPPENED: With Cathedral winning its appeal at CIF this morning, this is how the new football leagues will shape up for the Catholic and Mission League. The Catholic was hoping for a North and South league made up of four teams each to maximize four playoff berths. In a seven-team league, it only gets three guaranteed spots. The Mission is now a six-team league instead of five, guaranteeing three playoff spots.

Catholic League
Bishop Amat, Serra, Loyola, Notre Dame, Alemany, Chaminade and Crespi
Mission League
St. Paul, St. Francis, Cathedral, Salesian, Harvard-Westlake and La Salle

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  • AMAT 73

    Fred J ,
    How do you figure ? This all came about because St Bonnies , Oaks , and Damien all bailed out on being moved up . If they had accepted the moves all would be set including schedules . What is really funny is after all the bs , Cathedral and Salesian wind up in the Mission so they will still face each other . Also how will the Mission get 6 playoff spots ?????

    • no-step

      I’m not sure it was because of “bailing out”. I think the travel time and expenses are a good, solid argument. Besides, I also think that this segregation experiment, the CAA, was a bad idea from its inception. IMO its always better for teams to stay as close as possible to their local area. Transportation and insurance costs for public schools is one thing. Private schools have to pick up the tab for themselves. Furthermore, I think amat will have a tough time with this new league alignment and will come to welcome a future change since their league successes and playoff appearances will be few and far between.

      • AMAT 73

        Well I guess someone has to start the ” AMAT should move down debate ” this season . We’ve missed the playoffs one season in Hag’s tenure which was last season and yes have made it in on a coin flip . Let’s wait and see what the future brings as word around town is AMAT is loaded this year with talent ( even Aram is excited about the outlook ) so you just might be those words at a later date . Only time will tell . Teams of the Catholic leagues have been traveling all over for years , but now it’s a problem . I personally like the 7 team league , kind of like the old Angelus league only much stronger . It can only help come playoff time for the Serra in regards to strength of schedule and who gets the wildcard . This puts the Serra league right on par with the Trinity .Let me ask this , by you saying teams should stay close as possible to their local area , you think AMAT should blend into a local public school league as Damien does ? If those are your thoughts , as you did say the segregation idea of the CAA was bad from inception , where would you place us ?

        • no-step

          I don’t particularly care where amat plays.

          • AMAT 73

            I didn’t ask if you care where they play as long as it is not in the league your team plays in I imagine , just looking for you to elaborate on your solution of them playing in the area .

          • no-step

            Actually, I don’t care because amat is not that important.

  • FredJ

    I get it Amat, but once that happened, and that was a court’s ruling, the releaguing was in the CAAs hands, and they blew it. What’s interesting about all this is technically, how could Cathedral argue against a move to the PAC-5 when CIF hasn’t set the leagues in divisions yet? I know it’s an automatic, but technically, they weren’t arguing about moving to the Catholic league, they were arguing a move to the Pac-5, which hasn’t been set yet. For all we know, the Mission could be sent to the Pac-5, right?

  • 12th man

    Wow! With only 3 playoff spots available things just got a bit more interesting! Amat has been struggling to make the playoffs or just barely getting in the past 5 years! Now you add Chaminade & Serra…Holy Smokes! Hurry! Bring in some transfers!! Join the rest of the pac5 powerhouses in the “recruiting” game!!

  • Holly Cow

    This will make the Sera League (name ?) one of the best leagues in the nation. I always thought the old Sera League was good top to bottom but never felt like it was in the same class as the Trinity league because it lacked an “Apex” team that could win it all. With this new league having such depth I would put the Sera as just a hair below the Trinity in terms of league ranking. It’s going to be a dog fight to get the 3 automatics births in this new league but I would think that the Pac-5 will probably be set up to allow for 2 “At Large” births and almost certainly one of those “At Large” births will come from this new league.

    • Galileo

      it’s Srra ! as in Serra HS , named for Jun ipero Serra…google him please! and with 5 leagues in the Pac 5, there will be only 1 wild card entry…look for it to come from the Trinity or $erra , as these team$ have big following$

      • Oooops you did it again

        Hey dumbass,
        The past 2 years there have been 2 “At Large” spots available in the Pac-5. The number of “At Large” spots depends on how many teams are in each league. There is no guarantee that there will even be 5 leagues in the newly formed division or what the name of the division will be. Also, it’s not Srra either, it’s Serra, as in you continue to prove what a idiot you are. Keep gathering up those carts in the parking lot at Home Depot.

  • Holly Cow

    With 7 teams in league now, that’s going to mean 6 league games and thus only 4 non-league games. With most of these teams having expected less league games I can only guess that most everyone is going to be scrambling to re-adjust their pre-season schedules and probably have to cancel out on some contracts.