SGV All-Star Football game survives despite losing National Football Foundation as sponsor: “The game has been going on for 35 years and its tradition,” explained WC coach Mike Maggiore

The National Football Foundation, which has been the event coordinator and sponsor of the San Gabriel Valley Hall of Fame senior all-star football game for several years through its San Gabriel Valley chapter, officially pulled its affiliation from the game Wednesday just weeks before the annual East vs. West game, scheduled for May 16 at West Covina High School at 7 p.m.

West Covina football coach Mike Maggiore said the game will continue, however, because coaches and teams already have been selected. The game will simply be called the San Gabriel Valley Hall of Fame game.

“The most important thing is that the kids that were selected have the opportunity to play,” Maggiore said. “There are nearly 100 kids excited to play. This game has been going on for 35 years and its tradition in the San Gabriel Valley. We couldn’t just let it die.”

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  • Omen

    Feel like they should change the field this year instead of west covina

    • Bulldogs have bite

      If you actually read the article, you would realize that West Covina is the reason the game is being played at all! How about some respect and appreciation for Coach Maggiore and the West Covina Football boosters for all the hard work they put in hosting this event the last few years? Not to mention stepping up to the plate this year in securing the proper insurance to have the game this year! Until another school wants to step up and host and sponsor this event, West Covina happily and proudly takes on the responsibility of hosting and organizing this San Gabriel Valley tradition! They also happen to do a really good job at hosting this game. Sure the parking could be better, but if you get there early you would never have an issue securing a good parking spot.This game could of easily been cancelled, and for a lot of these area kids, this is their last and final time strapping up them pads and helmets under the lights! Kudos to West Covina for keeping that dream alive for just one more night for our local student athletes in the SGV, and giving us fans a chance to send them off the right way and cheer for them one last time!

      • Lupe

        Right on! As a HOF game alum,it was a real cool experience to play in the game. I hope it continues for another 35 yrs.