Baseball: St. Paul sweeps Bishop Amat, wins 5-4 Thursday putting Lancers playoff hopes in serious jeopardy

What’s happening to Bishop Amat? St. Paul finished off a sweep of the Lancers, winning 5-4 on Thursday after clobbering the Lancers 9-1 earlier in the week. The loss drops Amat to 11-11 and 3-3 in the Del Rey, leaving them tied for third with St. Paul, who is 12-14 and 3-3. It’s one thing to get swept by one of the league contenders like Serra or La Salle, but St. Paul? What’s going on in Lancerland?

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  • Lancelot

    Looks to be inexperience and a lack of baseball maturity. Frankly, some of the players are not ready for everyday varsity level play. What happened to the building of the “Program” at Bishop Amat? Varsity level sports was something attained through years of hard work at the freshman level, sophomore level and JV if necessary. This usually resulted in individual improvement and a sense of team work that was DEVELOPED through this team building process with the players you came through the ranks with. Not all hope is lost for our Lancers; however, Coach Nieto and staff definitely have their work cut out for them. Time to raise the drawbridge, heat the oil vats and fire the moat Lancers. We need to get it together quick if we are going to make a run at the post season.

    • fb102

      Lancelot, you hit the nail on the HEAD.

      NO player development from frosh to varsity.

      Nieto’s EARLY success came due to the program being LOADED with players who HAD been developed by Kendrena. As time has passed and the players’ development is on Nieto, the team has become an also ran, not only in the division but in the (mediocre) league.

      Lower level teams get almost NO practice/workout time on the only full baseball diamond on campus. No fundamentals enhancements.

      After school practice for the lower levels during the season consists mainly of players going to cages on campus and doing the ‘work’ there on their OWN.

      Players DO have talent/skill when they arrive on campus, but that talent is NOT developed to it’s peak. ANY development during a players time at Amat is done via outside ‘help’.

      Varsity pitching is very good, really the ONLY thing keeping Amat from being TOTALLY irrelevant. Beck has been able to keep Nieto’s ‘formula’ away and been allowed to put the players in a position to succeed.

      Amat will always get players and some of them will turnout to be standouts, BUT rarer still will be division titles.

      On TOP of the above factors is the issue of Nieto being a TERRIBLE coach to the players. By terrible, I mean routinely dropping f-bombs during games DIRECTLY at players, belittling players, etc. Sure he doesn’t do this to his ‘stars’ but to the rest of the team. WHAT kind of leadership IS this?

      Any Nieto defenders have words in his defense? Let’s have them.

      • Robert

        Talent and athleticism do not equal results. Example Amat has a kid playing 3rd freshman hitting around 200 and has the most errors per total chances yet still has played every inning of every game. Nieto tells all the colleges that this kid is the next Rio. I invite everyone in the valley to come see this kid and then see why there’s dissension among the players and why the kids believe that Nieto doesn’t want to win but keep his dad happy!!!

        • Anxious

          Good luck to the Lancers in their remaining games.

      • Frank

        Here you have a coach who is so out of touch with his own players. This problem started about three years ago after Neito had to actually put together a team.
        There have been kids on varsity with no buisness being there. Also some great talent has either sat the bench or been left at lower levels.
        Practices are a joke. Mostly the kids are on their own. So there is no way a coach can really know what he has.
        Neito has also not listened to lower level coaches. Who actually know some of the talent. Wonder why many of his coaches have left?

        Talent at Amat is not a problem its being able to put together the talent that’s the problem.
        If you actually practiced and knew your players you could have the top program.

    • Robert

      Amat players have a baseball IQ of 0 I don’t know how anyone raises IQ. IQ is innate behavior. No baseball instinct players either have it or they don’t. Don’t expect that to change !!!!!!

      • Valley Baller

        I must say, please do comment on IQ’s when your’s obviously is well below that of the average person. Your sentence makes no sense!

        • Robert

          You obviously don’t know anything about anything. I will give you a pass on your ignorance.

    • Robert

      If the coach thought that our team was going to lack experience we should have played 30 games in the summer then more when school started. This team starts 3 seniors all the rest are younger. that’s young. There’s no program with one field and close to 90 players can ever get enough work. If I’m a kid on any of the lower levels what does my future hold a whole infield locked in for 2 or 3 years and most of the outfield the same. And no matter how poor a player does if hes the chosen one he stays in the lineup. Try and explain that to your son.

  • SP Alum

    What’s happening at Bishop Amat? More like where the heck has St. Paul been? Remember who the powerhouse was. It’s just been a challenging couple of years. But thanks for the positive pub.

  • StatMan

    It did not help the Lancers’ cause when
    their top pitcher Andrew Eppenbach–who was Del Rey League’s Most Valuable
    Pitcher last year as a junior–was involved in a serious car accident on April
    11 immediately following his complete game victory over Bishop
    Montgomery. A driver turned in front of him and both cars collided
    head-on. Eppenbach suffered a concussion, whiplash, and sprained
    back. He is just now getting back to normal, having missed pitching
    against St. Paul this week…

    • Valley Athletics

      Good to see he is recovering ..

    • Robert

      Eppenbach has been puke all year. He pitched well enough to win early in the season (not by any means great) but poor defense cost him. I’m always skeptical when a player says hes hurt after the fact. Think about it a person in an accident with a concussion he went to school and did all his normal things. If any one had a concussion they would be out by a doctor for at least a week?????

      • StatMan

        Robert, your comments definitely make some sense, and obviously have baseball knowledge behind them…I just don’t understand what seems like anger in your tone….

        • Robert

          I’m not knocking the kid there has been so much drama on that team it a wonder these kids don’t all just walk of the field. How long would you have put up with some of the performances of some of the players before you gave someone else a shot. Ill answer for you not 23 games

    • Lancelot

      StatMan, I have seen your son pitch on a couple of occasions and I wish him all the best, He seems to be a fine young man. I wish him a speedy recovery as Bishop Amat can definitely use their top pitcher down the stretch.

  • Valley Baller

    It’s pretty sad when you have people come into a discussion with no common sense. They are obviously severely under educated which ultimately equates to uncalled for comments of a player or team they know nothing about. Unfortunately for Robert, he does not have anyone successful in any sports program, therefore, he chooses to attempt bashing players to help his own self esteem.

    Now, for my comments: In my opinion, if a program is going to succeed, they are dependent on several factors. Some of which include; total student body (players to draw from), history of the program (player draw) and most importantly, the head coach, staff and administration all the way up the chain throughout the school.

    With Amat Baseball, many changes have occurred throughout the past several years. First and foremost, I do not believe the players respect their staff (except Coach Beck). When the kids (at all levels) attend practice, they are basically on their own. Let me expand a bit on that.

    It is well known that Nieto and staff for the most part have several batting and practice stations set up around the varsity baseball field on practice days. Throughout the season, how often would you think staff (including Nieto) are one on one with the ball players? Every so often, you will see an occasional staff member drop by, but Nieto, NEVER!!! The kids are on their own and expected to do drills over and over on their own. I would assume without decent coach supervision, the player is going to generate bad habits. That player then brings those to the game which ultimately equates to failure/losses. After those losses, Nieto looks at the players and wonders what happened. Well, it’s pretty simple, teaching and supervision will produce results on the field.

    For Amat, I must say, they need a change in leadership. Someone commented earlier on the fundamentals at each level and earning your way to the varsity level. I agree to a point with your views. Every player has a different experience growing up with baseball. Some go through little league, to pony to their freshman year of high school. Others, go through the same, however, their experience is much greater. Those few go through extensive travel ball programs and camps that usually have superior coaching. A select few are definitely good enough to play at the varsity level, but I say that on a very fine line. Again, based on their past, it’s a tough one.

    With Amat, there are some (maybe one, freshman) that definitely should be on a rotation with others on the team. He does okay against slow to mediocre pitching, but throw anything out there that is decent and he is done. His defense has been very questionable as well. Just because the coach grew up with the kids dad does not mean he has priority over others that may do a better job in certain situations. Again, coach not being there and participating FULLY in practices hurts everyone.
    The kid just mentioned (after his performance the first quarter of the season) should have been placed on the freshman team for more experience (or JV), build confidence and go from there.

    Regarding StatMan: Mr E,,,, Everyone knows what happened last year. No need to repeat the past. In my opinion, give someone else the scorebook and leave Andrew to play on his own for a bit. He needs to succeed without having to look over his shoulder for mom and dad. Excuses and stats are not good for him right now. It’s not helping his cause. There are many games in a season. Some great competition, some very, very poor competition.

    From what I was told by area coaches, Nieto had a personal policy years ago. That policy was: Freshman (under most circumstances) would not make the varsity team. It was understood that younger ballplayers, unless they had exceptional talent and could make a difference at the varsity level, again, would not be a part of the varsity squad. I agree with that and believe each level should be a stepping stone. Again, there are exceptions with those who do have the extended talent and can handle the pressure at that level.

    These are simply my personal opinions. Good luck the rest of your 2014 high school baseball season. See you next year!!!

    • Robert

      I have actually had two kids play AAA baseball. Its about making plays and winning now potential is only a word. The one player in question does make a difference and its not positive or does equate to wins. I have been to all 23 games I have seen every pitch and every play I know what I’m talking about.

    • Robert

      This is what I mean “With Amat, there are some (maybe one, freshman) that definitely should be on a rotation with others on the team. He does okay against slow to mediocre pitching, but throw anything out there that is decent and he is done. His defense has been very questionable as well. Just because the coach grew up with the kids dad does not mean he has priority over others that may do a better job in certain situations. Again, coach not being there and participating FULLY in practices hurts everyone.

      The kid just mentioned (after his performance the first quarter of the season) should have been placed on the freshman team for more experience (or JV), build confidence and go from there.” Everyone in the program scratches their head and says whats going on. Excellent observation he hits only the worst pitchers the team has faced.

      • Blame Game

        One of the problems is a lack of production from juniors and seniors. One junior was expected to start in the outfield but unfortunately he is 1-20 on the season. Therefore a freshmen had to be placed in LF until Robles became eligible. Another senior is a 3 year returning starting catcher who got moved to 1B because he had problems receiving. Parents need to stop blaming the coaching staff and admit that their kids have underperformed. Time for the players to be held accountable.

        • Not the Coach

          A Few Questions arise on your comments..

          How do you know the JR was supposed to be the Starting Left Fielder..?

          My understanding is that the Freshman Started every game from January til about the 5th game of the season. To me that doesn’t sound like the JR ever had a chance to start the season in Left

          You make it sound like he lost his starting job because he went 1-20 during the season that he never started.

          Are you aware that the Catcher you are talking about only played one full season for Bishop amat behind the Plate.?

          He did not start Last year behind the plate and I believe he didn’t play at all behind the plate during the season last year. Why do you make it sound like he did?

          When he came back from his injury (In which he had to have Surgery) last year, he Dh’d and played first.

          Your comments make the unknowledgeable reader think he’s started the last three years and has now lost his job, when he’s doing exactly what he did last year.

          Your whole premis of Upper Classmen underperforming is based on one Non-Starting JR who only had 5 at bats and no field playing time last year, and a returning Catcher who was had surgery Dh’d and played first base all last year. That is WEAK.

          You diminish the efforts of other SR’s and Jr’s with those weak and uninformed examples..

          We wouldn’t have had any wins without these guys.
          Garcia (SR)
          Eppenbauch (SR)
          Hurst (SR)
          Palos (SR)
          Menendez (SR) – USC bomb dropper
          Archer (JR)
          Robles (JR)

          Your selective examples are either that of a disgruntled underclassman parent or a coach trying to deflect responsibility.

          If you are just a fan following (doubtful) talk less and cheer more.

          If you are a non-varsity underclass parent just shut up, you’ll see the angst of Varsity Ball when and if you ever get a shot.

          If you are a Parent let the kids play and don’t point fingers at other kids… Every starter on this team has caused us a loss with an error at some point or time.

          If you are a coach, shame on us for trusting you with our kids if all you can do is blame them for the TEAM loosing.

          I don’t ever want to believe a coach would comment like this.. So I side it is not the BA coaching staff.

          • Robert

            The problem at Amat is that coaching staff made decisions to start start certain kids. Thats fine but some point if someone is not producing its time to give someone else a chance. These comments are not personal attacks but the truth of what has gone on.The staff keeps running the same guys out there. Good high school players who play or start at Amat are expected to dominate. They have one kid who has been given limited chance at DH and is hitting in the mid 300’s. the rest of the kids who have been give more opportunities are not even hitting 200 as a group???Menendez was not hitting in the 200’s until last week Gonzales barley made 200 himself . These players should have been benched and someone else given a chance. but there are actually no backup players at 3rd ,short or 2nd.All the competition was not given a chance to compete and subsequently left and were labeled as malcontents and cancer.

          • Not the Coach

            Robert. That is a considerably more sober and thoughtful point of view than “Blame Game” trying to put the blame on under performing Jr’s and SR’s by citing one kid who’s never started a Varsity Game for Amat and another kid who didn’t play at his primary position last year.

            I can go to any school roster and take a bench player and a starter and say the same thing.

            As far as the rotating DH deal, I don’t understand it, but then again I’m “Not the Coach”

          • Robert

            To me it really does not matter what grade your in as long as you are an asset to the team that’s why its so puzzling to me.Certain players keep there spot and under no cercumstances are they removed while others are given a chance and when they fail its on to the next.

          • AMAT 73

            I kind of get the feeling you believe Nieto is starting all the wrong players in your opinion . Why do you think that is ? Is he trying to please a certain parent group ? Are they the kids of parents who are up Nieto’s azz ? What reason and why do think Nieto caters to those parents as you mentioned in your last post that ” Nieto doesn’t care about winning but keeping a players dad happy”. What does he gain by that , because if the losing continues , I can guess he will eventually be out on his azz and Beck can take over and probably get the results many fans are looking for , don’t you think .

          • Robert

            Not really sure what the reasoning is that’s why its so puzzling to me and others as to why he keeps running the same lineup out there. There is nothing to gain if he is playing favorites that’s why I don’t get it . Can anyone offer any reason for what he is doing???

    • StatMan

      Your opinion is valued, Valley Baller, and I completely agree with your comments about me….rest assured the scorebook will be retired at the end of this high school season when my son goes on to college. Scoring games has been a hobby for me since my father taught me how at Dodgers games when I was a kid…it has just stuck with me….

      • Valley Baller

        Thank you sir. I’m not talking bad about score keeping. In my opinion, if most knew how to keep score correctly, they would be into the game much much more.

        Good luck the remainder of your season and good luck to your son in college.

    • Robert

      Hey Valley Baller why does coach Nieto then continue to use this Freshmen player?? Lots think its for some financial gain? I just trying to get some feedback on this issue can you help?

      • Valley Baller

        I certainly do not see enough games to know. The few games I have seen have been brutal. I truly do not want to talk bad about the players and do not intend to do so, but, I must say, the player in question needs to see a hitting coach and learn to hit a ball where it is pitched. Oh my,,,, if any one has seen him play, 90% of his batted balls are getting chopped to first or second base. For the life of him, due to the lack of development at lower levels (in my opinion) he does not know how to hit at the varsity level.

        I’m done commenting on the defensive part of his game.

        After reading several posts and thinking about the past history of Amat, someone may be on to something when they talk about players being previously developed prior to Nieto’s arrival. If one were to do a bit of research, they may see that after he arrived at Amat, he won quite a bit. Did he have several years of developed players that came to Amat assuming they were playing for a different head coach? Who knows.

        Needless to say, things are not right at Amat and they haven’t been for a few years. It’s going to take many years for the program to recover.

        I believe a big problem is Nieto treats his program like he is still at USC. Hopefully he understands the underclassmen at other levels have talent. Some of which are, in my opinion, more seasoned, at other positions (mostly 3rd) and could have helped the team win!

        Last comment. Someone commented earlier about the players not playing to their potential and essentially not doing their jobs. I have a hard time with that. These kids play their hearts out,,,,, they would ultimately love a college scholarship or even the ultimate,,, be drafted high in the MLB draft. I would assume, those would be a couple of dreams for most at Amat at this point for obvious reasons…

        • Robert

          Well fyi his father is one of the hitting instructors for SGV Arsenal/Maveric Baseball academy or what ever names the use. Like I said I use him as an example of the unjustice done to lots of players at Amat. I trying to find out why?

  • Don

    Yikes, all is not well in Lancer-land? Complaints about Napoleon? Too many underclassmen playing too many innings? Too few upperclassmen assuming their rightful spots as prominent blue and gold stars? Unhappy parents? And worst of all . . . you lost a game to the slime. So what else is new.

    Here’s a couple of things I have observed about Lancer BB over the last decade or so:

    Amat gets a load of talent through the system but a big downside to all of that talent is keeping the expectations of the parents at bay. They want their kids in Varsity uni’s, NOW. And they want their kids playing, NOW. Someone else can
    worry about only having nine spots for seven innings twice a week. In practice, that sometimes leads to kids on the field before they are ready and often being replaced by new blood when they are Juniors and Seniors. But by then, you have them (usually) hooked.

    The little guy is about the pipeline, not development, that’s what the travel organization(s) are for. If your kid isn’t ready for Varsity baseball by the time he gets his learner’s permit you might want to reconsider his future as a Lancer.

    Be ready for some control . . . make that CONTROL. Watching Amat play against SP about 7 years ago, bottom of 2, one out, man on first, at the plate was Nieto’s #3 hitter, the 1B, arguably one of the very best strikers of the ball
    I’ve seen in the ESGV in 20 years . . . and Napoleon HAS HIM LAY DOWN A BUNT. Couple of the Amat Dads I was standing with looked at me with that “told you so” look. I think I said, “If you can’t trust your #3 hitter there he is either in wrong slot in the order or the coach needs different meds”.

    Upside is the kids do get an amazing amount of attention and many keep playing after HS . . . or maybe that’s all Mike’s doing. Hmmnnn

    • Robert

      What pipeline and where does it lead. All any parent wants is for an equal opportunity to get a shot and when paying all this money for and told you’ll have a chance to compete and never get that chance. Thats the problem I dont even have a kid in the program

      • Don

        The “pipeline” is that which runs between some of the year round baseball clubs or academy’s and some high schools, (not naming any names here, just speaking generally).

        One problem with these arrangements, is that sometimes the parent’s dreams (over the course of 4 years) aren’t fulfilled and the 4 years of Varsity ball, three of starting and at least two of stardom, just don’t happen and, as you say, “paying all this money”, how can it be that by the time junior is a Junior he’s the 4th or 5th outfielder on the depth chart. Hard to imagine when the kid was so good when he was 11.

        Passed up or left behind most high school kids aren’t going to improve dramatically after their freshman year. The cream, as they say, is already in the can. Kids get bigger, faster, stronger but you see, that’s all the kids and if a parent is waiting for the typical HS coach to develop their son they are usually going to be disappointed. Mostly the accumulate what talent they can managing it more than teaching it, leaving that to the clubs the kids play on the rest of the year.

        • Robert

          So your saying that this so called pipeline runs from say the Arsenal or the Bombers to Amat or any said school? I am familiar with most or these programs. These programs do not teach and do not develop players at all. They charge large sums of money and claim they get your kid exposure. Look If your kid is good they will find him, you don’t need to pay thousands of dollars. Eventually with persistence and hard work and if one has the talent he will get an opportunity.

          Sometimes kids are so far disillusioned with what goes on at the high school level example the kid playing third at Amat this year. Your going to tell me that there is no one in that program who can do better. At some point in everyone’s baseball life there comes a time when you can no longer keep up with the speed of the game. More times than not it happens faster than we realize .

          So I guess we can not expect for these kids to make significant improvement after there freshman year. Is what I’m understanding?

          • Anxious

            As a counter to your argument, look at the player who is hitting .050 1-20. He does not play for a well known travel club but rather has been coached by daddy and look where that has gotten him.

          • Lancelot

            Case and point but there are several kids who could be pointed out and I don’t think that the blog is where the kids should be called on the carpet. What kid wouldn’t play if they were put out there. All he can do is go out and try his best under these circumstances, I guarantee it’s not for a lack of trying that he is hitting poorly. He was thrust in this position and he is obviously not ready to be in it. I applaud his effort but the results tell the tale. He needs to keep working hard and one day he will be the guy who deserves to start at third.

          • Not the Coach

            You sir are a LIAR….

            I Know his pops have talked with him on many an occasion, he hasn’t coached him since 10yrs old…

            He came out of the Anderson Program (Now with the OC Birds who took 3rd at the 17U JO’s last year) before he went to AMAT.. Here is a small list of guys he’s played with and some he’s caught for.(he was a catcher).

            2014 early Commits
            Angelo Armenta…………USC
            Quinn Brodey…………….Stanford
            Joey Sanchez……………Long Beach St.
            Charlie Vorsheck……….Notre Dame
            Cody Sporrer…………….UC Riverside
            Brian Menendez ……….UNLV
            Tristen Beck …………….Stanford (2015)
            Matt Ruff ………………….Cal Berkley

            Point being? Like others on here you talk CRAP about kids you know nothing about.

            He caught for Vorsheck (Mater Dei), Tristen Beck (Corona High) and Matt Ruff (Villa) as recent as this past summer.

            I in no way defend the 1-20, it speaks for itself, but I do defend kids who are attacked by uninformed MORONS.

            When you have to make up facts to prove a point, all you are proving is you don’t know what you are talking about.
            You are probably “Anxious” because you are praying your kid gets moved up next year… For this season there is not a lot left to be anxious for.

          • Anxious

            Well if he has caught for the best then why doesn’t he have any offers and why is someone who is a bronze medalist hitting .050. The truth is because he’s not very good. Take him out and transfer to his home school (Chino). I understand he is a very good student. That in itself is a great accomplishment. This game isn’t for everyone and there is no shame in it. Move on.

          • Not the Coach

            I Never said he was good, I stated some facts that showed you lied about why he wasn’t doing well.
            Glad to see that you didn’t deny the fact you lied.

            Sad to see you still feel the need to attack the kid You’ve never seen play, you evidently know of him but you don’t know him.

            When you say “Transfer him to his home school” your true colors shine thru. Like many parents w/ academically struggling students you put baseball before studies. Evidently your kid is one of those.

            How does it feel to have someone attack your kid with lies and they don’t even know your kid.

            Hope your kid doesn’t see the Karma you are putting out when he does or doesn’t get his shot on Varsity.

            Having been a bench player myself for Nieto a few years back, I unlike you, understand the CRAP people like you constantly spew about guys like me, “why is he even on this team”. That’s why I take the attacks on guys like him so personal.

            Wasn’t cool then… Not Cool Now…

          • Lancelot

            IMHO, the “program” needs to be overhauled. I am not saying that Coach Nieto and his staff need to go (although I’m sure some would disagree with me) but the current system does! It is rotting away the foundation that previous programs were built upon. Coach Nieto needs to revamp the current program or initiate a quick installment of a program with rules and standards for advancement from the freshman level on up to the Varsity level. A program where players advance through achievement on the field, personal growth, skill development and a dedication to the Team and the SCHOOL. Nothing is promised or guaranteed other than opportunity to compete for a position on the field. If and when you reach the level where you can contribute to the team at the Varsity level, then and only then, will you be given a Varsity jersey. If this is not to your liking there may be a school down the road that is willing to give in to your immediate sense of entitlement, but it should not be here as a Bishop Amat Lancer!

          • Sports watcher

            There are many facets to college baseball. There are some kids talented enough to be recruited and play in the top D1 programs and there are other kids who can very well and go on to play D1 at the Ivy League Level or premier college level, but it required an extremely high GPA and SAT score. While most of you are chasing a paycheck, there are others chasing an elite education and the experience of college baseball. Parents and high school coaches need to get there heads out of their butts. There are schools that require smarts over a dumb kid with a 98 mph fastball or a 700 BA. These schools usually produce the bosses to the athletes who didn’t make the bigs. This isn’t rocket science.

  • Thomas

    Bishop Amat Baseball has always been a favorite of mine. There is so
    much talent as it was stated before, but there is a huge issue with the
    most talented players being on the field. Varsity is something that many
    Freshman look forward to, but am not sure that the Freshman that are on
    Varsity are ready. I have watched the Freshman teams, the Frosh/Soph
    and the JV and there is a lot of talent on the JV. There are Juniors on
    the JV that should be on Varsity or at least have a chance and Sophmores
    too. If any of you get a chance, check out the JV. They can hit and

    • Robert

      You are exactly right there are kids on JV that can play baseball not just look like oned who can. It seems to me that if you are very athletic and maybe have the body of ie size, height you get a better chance not necessarily because you can play.

  • Thomas

    The bottom line is , the best players should be out there and maybe Bishop would win more! Its a lot of politics going on and thats not right.

    • Robert

      You hit it right on the head I don’t call it politics but bull sh^t. When a kid is struggling at any level he is sat down and given the the chance to take a step back and catch his breath. Even at the big league level baseball is a game of failing more than not. I dont care how tough a kid is its not good to be humiliated then taken to the wood shed when for he gets home for his poor play>

  • Valley Athletics

    Looks like Nieto is not doing his job well . If that is the way everyone feels , it is time for every parent in program to step up and ask for his resignation at end of season . amat can get a good coach to replace him with no problem .

  • Anxious

    Last time I checked one criteria for judging a high school coach is by how many players go on to play at the next level. Off this year’s squad there are 6 players who are either signed or committed to play at the next level.

    Andrew Eppenbach- San Diego State
    Alex Garcia- UC Santa Barbara
    Scott Hurst- Cal State Fullerton

    Brian Menendez- UNLV

    Verbal Intent
    Emilio Gugliemeli- USC
    Christian Moya- USC

    Next year I’m sure Isaac Archer and quite possibly Sergio Robles will go on to play D1. The following year Adrian Ramirez and Anthony Walters should get scholarships as well. And for all you non-believers I’m sure in 3 years the super freshmen Brandon Godoy and Jason Gonzalez will also get offers and quite possibly drafted. So, if your child doesn’t measure up maybe Bishop Amat is not the right school for you. Stop complaining and move on cuz the only way the program will get back on track is if there is total buy in from both players and parents.

    • fb102

      Listing all the ‘talent’ above with college ‘futures’ merely underscores how the TEAM coaching has FAILED at Amat.

      Sure, there ARE talented players at Amat, but as a TEAM the wheels are coming off. I am fairly certain the players you listed would not give much credit to Nieto for their baseball prowess, but other coaches and their OWN hard work outside of the Amat program.

      Nice try though.

      • HS Baseball Fan

        I agree, the kids mentioned above have worked hard and make sacrifices all year long to get where they are. Nothing was given to them, they worked for it, and it is mostly from being seen through their club teams. Someone said club teams don’t develop players, that is completely wrong. Sure Amat gets a lot of exposure still, but it depends on specific kids on the team and the kids on the opposing team. There have been many games they should have won. Realistically they were averaging about 2-3 errors a game, sometimes more. It doesn’t reflect that on Max Preps. Multiply that by 20 games, they cannot win like that, and no changes were made.

        • StatMan

          Max Preps reflects the errors…every single one. What is not reflected in the stats are the many mental errors, and errors of omission. Many potential rallies have been stopped dead because of baserunning errors, or not knowing what to do with the ball….those do not count as official errors, but are just as damaging….

          • Not the Coach

            So when a guy runs in on a chopper and moves his head to the side and the ball goes under his glove, are you saying that’s a mental error and that’s why it’s not put on Max Preps? Just asking

          • Don

            MaxPreps reflects those errors reported by the Teams Head Coach or his designate from their own scorebook. Same with all stats, usually kept a volunteer, vetted by the coach.

        • Robert

          You to are exactly correct they have really made no significant change in a drastic situation. Amat will continue to get good players no matter who the coach is. I just don’t think they will get the best as they did in the past. They will continue to struggle if the coach who does know baseball ever gets back to coaching and teaching like he knows he should. Its a shame that so many kids in the recent past have really gotten no baseball training to advance there game. Thats really the biggest injustice done to these kids. Once again all anyone asks for is a chance to compete on a level playing field thats how you earn the respect of parents and kids. I believe this is where the ultimate problems are hidden.

    • Robert

      First of all I have no one on the team I have been watching Amat baseball for 15 plus years from Glen Martinez to Kennny to Andy Nieto. I have seen the likes of Mistone, Fox McClanahan and Ruiz and list goes on please dont talk about Amat players please these kids are not even close. Though very good not in the same caliber.
      A coaches success has many yard sticks the main one is wins. These kids are talented and have to play somewhere. What Im getting at is they would have gotten these opportunities wherever they play or played. Im sure these players will all get great opportunities to play after high school but as good as they may be they have not played as a team and baseball is a team sport.
      As far as non believers what are we not believing in the last three years have gotten progressively worse!!

      The questions raised here are not about potential don’t you get it? I guess you’d be happy going 5 and 20. At Amat we expect to win.

      • Valley Athletics

        I agree on everything you say ,but you say you have no one on the team but used the word “our team” in a statement. Either your a kid on the team or a parent .

        • Robert

          Like I previously said I have a kid who played there some 15 to 20 yrs ago so I say our team.

          • Valley Athletics

            You said 21 years ago , then 15-20 . Are you not sure . Shouldn’t be that hard to remember .

          • Robert

            I had two kids attend Amat from 1994 to 1999 hence 15 to 20 yrs ago

    • Don

      Anxious said one measure of a HS coach’s effectiveness is how many kids move on and play at a higher level. Here is how I measure a HS sports program’s, (year by year):

      How you finished in league play, .500 or better is ok, the guys who finish 1 or 2 every year are great.

      Did you beat your primary rival? Think Amat – SP or the Smudgepot.

      Playoffs? Getting to the quarters or better is an excellent season. Not making the playoffs is no bueno.

      W-L- This is really about the better teams, the roundball and hardball teams that get in high-end tourneys or football teams that schedule tough preseasons.

      NOW I would consider how many kids go on and play next level ball.

  • Sports watcher

    I left Damien High School 2 years ago and nothing has changed there. Don’t expect it to change at Amat either! If Amat parents haven’t figured it out, Nieto is all about the money that lines his pockets. He can’t possibly take credit for anyone playing at the next level. Those boys work hard outside of high school and their club teams showcase them. Nieto does what exactly? Oh yes, he lines his pockets with money from foolish parents who buy the dream, only to end up with a nightmare! Buyer beware! We don’t want him at Damien either! We have our own coaching problems.

    • sgvbaseball701

      Why does everyone always say Nieto is just lining his pockets? It can be an assumption made based off of his coaching decisions, but is there really any proof?
      Where is the money coming from that he is lining his pockets with? Parents, players, etc? I’m just trying to understand how he is doing this and what you mean.

      • fb102

        Youth camps/clinics – checks made out to ‘Hit N Run Baseball’; ‘Spirit packs’ for over 90 players(all levels, reduced from close to 200). Santa Anita outings where players MUST sell $50 worth of tickets…….Any one else care to chime in? Am I missing anything?

        • Valley Athletics

          That Is at every school . The money I have spent for nephews who play all over the sgv .

          • fb102

            NOT on THIS level. NO way.

  • sgvbaseball701

    I just have to say it seems like some people have something personal against some of the players on the team. Please try and remember that these are just all high school KIDS and as adults (just an assumption) it’s not okay to be hating on them.

    The fact of the matter is there is a problem with the coach. If someone is out there and is not performing up to speed with the other players on the team, it is ultimately up to the coach who continues throwing them out there game after game. It seems logical to question the decisions of the coach and why on earth he would be doing this game after game (unless they want to lose, which is probably not the case), but I don’t think anyone will ever get to the bottom of the matter. Like I previously stated, these are all just kids who are playing baseball, and if you really get a sense of self gratification by ragging on kids who are in high school you really need to grow up.

    I’m pretty sure anyone reading this does not fully know the whole story behind why someone is playing, why someone isn’t playing, why you think someone should start a position and isn’t, why a kid who supposedly “was supposed to be a started and didn’t start because of his batting average”, why someone gets all the opportunities to make errors and will continue to stay in while some others make one error or strike out one time and will get pulled, WE WILL NEVER KNOW. All this stems back to is the coach and why he is making the decisions he is, it is not the fault of the kids. I don’t know very many kids who will go up to their coach and ask to be taken out because they are doing very terrible, or who will demand to be given a chance to play when they aren’t getting the same opportunities as others. The bottom line is talking down on the players is very unnecessary and uncalled for.

    It has been rumored for a few years since this coach has been here that there has been some “pay for play” going on, and this definitely could end the questions as to why the coach would be making the decisions he does. Although this does not justify his actions, it can be seen by many this coach is not continuing to coach for his love of the game and love to coach, but for a paycheck, which in my opinion is sick.

    • Robert

      Great comments I truly now believe there is some sort or arraignment after yesterdays game the player in question was once again in rare form. I think all your points are right on point. The comments here are all in an effort to see how other people see the situation and to get feed back. The kid in question makes the situation just more black and white to use as an example. There have many other instances over the last few years it was not as cut and dry to make an assumption. There now appears to be overwhelming evidence .

      • Anxious

        Robert, you are such a joke. You lie and claim to have no one on the team. You have already been figured out both by parents and the coaching staff. Maybe you’re the reason your son is not playing. The head coach is not getting paid by any parents. Just face the fact that your son is not good enough. Just hurry up and transfer.

        • Robert

          Ok then who am I then I sat behind home plate all game yesterday tell everyone who I am then they all must have seen me

        • Robert

          Thats what I thought

  • Thomas

    Everyone had great points, but what is going to be done about the on going situations? Bishop Amat has had a great reputation. What happens now?

    • Robert

      Actually probably nothing I think most of the people are just trying to understand some of the logic of what is taking place. All parents want the team do well as well their children and when the dont see that and believe that things are not done to give the team the best chance to win its hard. I watch games all over this valley BA and South Hills more than any other teams. I only comment on Amat this season cause I have seen a lot of there games I live very close.

  • Amat Class of 81

    I hope you are all venting because you know nothing is going to happen to Nieto. You can complain, write emails, sign petitions but it will all be for not. The school will not fire Nieto. How can you fire a guy who has a record of 188-55-1. He has also won 3 CIF Championships. How can you get rid of a guy who has had 25 players either earn scholarships or play Division 1 College Baseball. Also don’t forget about the 4 guys drafted and the current 3 guys playing professional baseball. He is way too valuable for the school. The school is also about making money and the guy generates revenue by attracting players who have big dreams. As a proud alumnus of the Blue and Gold, I have no problem with a guy who brings a lot of attention and notoriety to our school.

    • fb102

      Wait till YOU have a son go through the program and see what the ‘program’ has turned into.

      Would not be so sure about Nieto being invincible. He already had his wings clipped this season by having to cut his roster sizes on ALL levels. NOT as much $ for him.

    • Robert

      Nieto has won championships with Kennys kids pure and simple. If Kenny had stayed he would have won 2 more. Plus Kennys back to back titles were national titles. If you kook over the life of the program Amat has sent many kids onto the next level. Amat gets playes who go on to next level no mater who the coach is dont be so naive. His playes who you say are in the pros are the smallest amount any Amat coach has put into pro ball. It may be true that he will not be fired but people are just pointing out what a bad job he does getting players ready to play the game. Sometimes Amat talent way overwhelms its opponents where there is almost no way for the teams to compete. If you take a look at this years schedule the team lost to teams who are usually very good but alot of them are down as well so we have really lost to some bad teams. It all relative.