Area Baseball Rankings and Leaders: South Hills, Glendora and San Dimas lead the pack

Huskies baseball
1. South Hills (18-3-1) — Still leading the Sierra with a pair of huge games this week against third-place Damien Wednesday and Friday.
2. Glendora (17-5) — In cruise control in the Baseline having already clinched the league title. Tartans baseball is good no matter what league you put them in.
3. San Dimas (17-6-1) — Why do I hate home-and-away series? San Dimas leads Northview by a game with two weeks left but they don’t play again. They played their home-and-away back in March. Who settles titles in March? The Valle Vista.
4. Bonita (18-9) — A loss to West Covina leaves the Bearcats (6-2) only a game ahead of Diamond Bar (5-3) and Diamond Ranch (5-3) in Hacienda.
5. Damien (15-6) – The Spartans can get back in the title picture with a sweep over South Hills. Not likely though.
6. Bishop Amat (12-11) — Not only trying to stay above .500 but fighting for its playoff life in Del Rey. Two biggies against second-place La Salle this week.
7. Sierra Vista (16-2) — Dons keep plugging along with area’s best winning percentage and only two losses all season.
8. Diamond Bar (14-9) — Still clinging to slim chance of at least sharing the Hacienda with Bonita.
9. West Covina (13-9) — Big win over Bonita, but still not likely to make the playoffs with five losses in league.
10. Northview (14-9) –– Only a game back of San Dimas in the Valle Vista, but getting swept by the Saints back in March probably ends serious title hopes.

HITTING (Minimum 40 at bats)

1. Ryan Viramontes, West Covina, 34-for-56, .515
2. Mark Gonzalez, Pomona, 22-for-43, .512
3. Erik Gutierrez, Sierra Vista, 20-for-42, .476
4. Johnny Alvarez, El Monte, 24-for-51, 471
5. Justin Gomez, Bonita, 25-for-54, .463
6. Derrian Torres, Sierra Vista, 21-for-46, 457
7. Kory Brown, Charter Oak, 23-for-52, .442
8. Anthony Cuevas, Los Altos, 29-for-66, .439
9. David Banuelos, Damien, 25-for-59, .424
10. Brandon Bradshaw, Bonita, 18-for-43, .419
4 – David Banuelos, Damien; Francisco Ramirez, South Hills
3 – Jordan Abernathy, Damien; Nicholas Hernandez, Charter Oak; Jonathan Olsen, Damien; Eric Flores, Glendora.
24 – Alex Gonzalez, Bonita
21 – Jonathan Olsen, Damien
19 – Brennan McKenzie, Walnut; David Banuelos, Damien; Jordan Abernathy, Damien
1. Gavin Velasquez, South Hills, 0.47
2. Eduardo Perez, Bonita, 0.52
3. Isaiah Hordo, Bonita, 0.64
4. Daniel Milwee, San Dimas, 0.70
4. Eric Flores, Glendora, 0.90
1. Kale Morton, Glendora, 8-0
2. Grant Hockin, Damien, 8-2
3t. Gavin Velasquez, South Hills, 7-1
3t.Gerardo Ramirez, Diamond Bar, 7-1
5. Eric Flores, 6-1, Glendora

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  • Guest

    Eduardo Perez does not play for Bonita

  • CTS

    Next year sure will be excting for valley baseball. 3 of the top 4 teams will be in the same league. My take is those are going to be some epic battles.

    • And then some

      In addition to those 3 teams you also have DBar at #8, Ayala, which is always a good program, and Claremont, who is down this year but typically has pretty good baseball teams. This will be a pretty brutal league for baseball.

      • Wells

        Ayala will not be in that league. It is South Hills, Bonita, Diamond Bar, Glendora, Claremont and Chino.

        • Valley Athletics

          Chino will be in Hacienda.

        • And then some

          Wrong, because of Damien the leagues had to be re-worked with Damien taking Ayala’s spot in the Baseline which in turn moved Ayala to the Palomares, and Chino to the Hacienda.

  • Jim

    Would love to see the top five for On Base Percentage, Strike outs, WHIP.

  • Sports watcher

    Another year, another let down with Damien Baseball. Al and Skip need to be replaced immediately! Rumor has it after the loss to Ayala, Al Leyva told the boys on the bench to get the $&ck out and blamed them for the loss. Instead of being a man and recognizing he’s responsible for the failure of the Damien Baseball program, he puts the blame on the boys on the bench. He’s a pathetic coach! It’s time for him to resign effective immediately. He has no business coaching baseball. What I can’t believe is Dr. Hemenway accepts this hissy fit behavior and hasn’t axed Al and Skip? Time to clean house doc!

    • HSBaseballFan

      Sports Watcher is right on target–Leyva DID blame the bench for both losses to Ayala. Leyva’s typcial self: Find something or someone, other than his own inability as a baseball coach, to lay blame on. Would you not think that if Leyva is going to lay the blame on the bench for the losses to Ayala that it would only be right that he give the bench the credit for the victories against Claremont?

      Claremont took care of business today–Damien needs to take action, too.

      • Sports watcher

        He has blamed everyone else for his shortcomings since day one. Skip continues to be a know it all jerk. Things haven’t changed since we left. Damien will always hold a special place in my heart because my boy graduated from There. I still follow the sports programs and enjoy the victories as we did during our time there. This is one program that need revamping and a new coaching staff. Let’s hope this year is the last year of this circus. Football, Basketball and Baseball programs are very important for a high school. It’s time for the baseball program to make changes. The boys deserve better.

  • FredJ

    I was talking to John Romano about his retirement from Nogales next week after 35 years and he said with no classes to teach, he could possibly see himself coaching at a private school in the twilight of his career. He didn’t mention which ones …

  • Fan

    @ fred. where is the love for Baldwin Park. They beat sierre vista who is listed at #7. And i think they are a better team than Northview.

  • Jaguar437

    I think it’s hard to compare the teams when they haven’t played each other. Sierra league seems like the toughest league this year from what I’ve seen. Every team has a Div 1 starter or two..or three..

  • baseballsgv

    Can we say Welcome, Damien.