Is “Body by Tra” a concern or will it become the norm for next-level athletes?

Three-time Tribune player of the year Nikki Wheatley of Bonita, Bishop Amat receiver Tyler Vaughns and Bonita running back Jake Payton are just a few area athletes who have trained with “Body By Tra.” Is this a concern and why do no area coaches want to speak on the record about it?

“I like to say we’re the best-kept secret. People find out about us by word of mouth. All these top-level athletes have been in our programs for years. The kids sell us and the parents sell us more than we sell ourselves.” — Traison Lewis.


By Aram Tolegian
Depending on who you ask, opinions vary about Traison Lewis.

To prep athletes and their parents, there’s arguably no offseason coach/trainer more popular. Among local high school football coaches, however, the consensus is he’s part of a problem that’s only getting bigger.

What nobody can deny, though, is Lewis and his brand “Body By Tra” have become a serious power player on the local prep football scene. And it’s only getting more powerful.

“Power player? I mean, I don’t know,” Lewis said. “I don’t consider myself that. If there’s one thing you’ll notice about me and our program it’s that we’re very humble and we just like to let the kids and parents evaluate us and see what we do.

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  • HSFootballFan

    I think you are on to something here Aram. I remember reading about this topic in the comments section of a Clay Fowler article last year. There is an obvious link between Upland football and Bodybytra. Look at the guys last year who were customers and then transferred to Upland. Don Greene, Tyler Hilsinski, Eric Turner, Elijah Jones and you already mentioned Jake Peyton (although denied) just to name a few and most recent.The list goes on and on. Coincidence? I think not. You can not deny the man offers a valuable service and has had success running this program. However, the link between Upland and Bodybytra is just too apparent to ignore.

  • Michelle Dymerski

    My daughter works out with Tra. He is a motivator and being around other student athletes who are driven and dedicated is a gift. Tra is not just a football trainer-he is an athletic trainer and helps kids develop as athletes in a time when most are slotted into a single sport at an early age and suffer from a lack of cross training. TRA IS THE REAL DEAL.