San Gabriel Valley High School Baseball Underclassman and Senior game set for June 8-9 … Coaches need to nominate players

4-22-09-7 MUSTANGS9The San Gabriel Valley All-Star Baseball game has turned into a two-day event that begins with the SGV underclassman all-star game on Sunday, June 8 at Alhambra High School followed by the SGV senior all-star game, which returns to Mt. San Antonio College on Monday, June 9. Former South Hills coach and current Mt. SAC coach Kevin Smith along with Nogales’ John Romano, who is retiring after nearly four decades at the school, will be inducted into the Hall of Honor during the senior game.
For the senior game, Alhambra coach Steve Gewecke and West Covina’s Drew Lorenger will coach the teams. Walnut coach Paul Acosta and Schurr’s Houston Hernandez will coach the underclassman game.

Coaches interested in nominating players for both games need to get in touch with event coordinator Don Montanez (Nogales assistant) at 626-965-3437 ext. 3711 or emailing Don.
To view the nomination forms for both games, click the thread.

JOHNNY LEGEND RETIRING: Nogales coach John Romano, who started at the school in 1979, will coach his last regular season game at home against Northview on Thursday, May 15. Recently the school gave Romano a 600-win ring and raised a banner in the gym noting his lifetime accomplishments at the school.


When: Monday, June 9
Where: Mt. SAC, 7 p.m.
When, Sunday, June 8
Where: Alhambra High School, 2 p.m.

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  • Valley Athletics

    Going to be hard getting top underclassmen players to commit . Most have busy scout team schedule for summer .

    • FredJ

      They better be careful, too much pitching is no bueno .. I heard Tommy John say the reason so many major leaguers are getting Tommy John Surgery is because of all the innings they pitch as youth in little league, club ball and high school. He said your pitching arm isn’t designed to play baseball year-round. I tend to agree.

      • Valley Athletics

        I agree . This 2014 – 2017 class probably started year round at 8-9 years old . The next group of kids are now starting at 6yrs old . I have seen it change every 4 years or so .

        • FredJ

          That’s why when people ask, how did so and so pitch so many innings in the majors from the 20s to the 70s and how did so many starters finish games, etc, etc, it’s because as youth, they didn’t play a fraction of the games they played today. When I was a kid, you only played baseball during little league, pony or colt, that was it for the most part. You moved on to other sports and continued playing multiple sports in high school. You weren’t really zeroed in on your sport of choice until college. Other sports may not be as much of a factor, but it affects pitchers the most. If I had a kid with a strong arm, I wouldn’t want him to even begin to develop it until he at least reached high school age, and then I still wouldn’t want him throwing it year around.

  • Brian

    I don’t mind year round baseball but players at this age need to rest at least in my opinion for two months. It is a strain on these young bodies to compete like they do. My roughest offseason was in between my Junior year and Senior year, when I played High School ball went into a few showcases and pitched in the Area Codes plus Summer and Winter ball. Remember at that time we as HS athletes could not play year round like they can now. Tommy John Surgeries are at an all time high not just in Pro ball but in all ball starting as early as little league. #banthecurveballthatyoung

    • Valley Athletics

      When you mean rest . Do you mean also not practicing with a trainer also and completely shutting down .

      • Brian

        I mean from competing I wouldn’t say complete shutdown. You should always work but be smart about it. Let your body heal a bit.

        • Valley Athletics

          Good advice .