Breaking News: Diamond Ranch coach Roddy Layton resigns amid allegations


By Aram Tolegian
Roddy Layton resigned late last week as Diamond Ranch High School varsity football head coach as accusations swirl that the Panthers coaching staff hacked into rival Diamond Bar’s Hudl account to obtain important scouting information during the week of their game on Oct. 18, 2013.

Layton said his resignation is not related to a letter obtained by this publication and sent to the CIF-Southern Section last week by Diamond Bar that alleges Diamond Ranch coaches obtained Diamond Bar’s account information on Hudl and used video archives and notes to help prepare for the game.

Diamond Ranch won the game 34-20, but the night was marred by a benches-clearing brawl that led to the suspensions of several players from both teams. Diamond Bar forfeited its following game because it could not field a team. Diamond Ranch went on to win the league with a 6-0 record.

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  • Inland football

    The man got caught for hacking into diamond bar hudl account before the game. He is a phony

    • WE are DR

      Breaking News? I saw this on another site yesterday!

      • FredJ

        The “other” site, as usual, wrote the vanilla version just saying he resigned. They’re not the type of publication that would write anything that would “upset” a coach or ask tough questions.

        • WE are DR

          The Other site has a story with Layton refuting all charges. Says they’re “comical” ..ha ha

  • FredJ

    If these allegations are true I’m really disappointed in Roddy, that’s not something I thought he would do. You saw something similar happen with the Patriots and I know it’s tempting, but you simply can’t do it, period. It’s wrong.

    But what I will remember most about Roddy is his passion for getting players to the next level. He worked hard for his kids and if you look at his tenure, he’s had as many if not more kids get scholarships than most kids in the area. He took a lot of pride in reaching out to every college recruiter possible to help his kids get some sort of scholarship. That part of him is something more should emulate.

    • Dirty Ranch GATE

      Why would you be surprised? This is not the 1st time that Roddy has been in trouble with CIF and cheating.

      • Nomoredrama

        Just curious, when were the other times he was in trouble with CIF about cheating? And, no action was taken?

  • Inland football

    The allegations are true. This is why he left and won’t say why. His former coach came to diamond bar and spilled the beans on roddy and his crew. The man is really a phony. He also recruited kids from other schools and had his players text players to lure them over .his statement he released a few weeks back was a panther for life lol..asked who will win the Super Bowl and he only would answer diamond ranch. He is really not who he pretends to be. The thing that bothers me the most about this man, is that he asked minors to do things that were wrong and continued until he was caught. If he was a real role model, he wouldnt of done this and taught the kids a lesson from it.
    I think he had an agenda and his name and face was the agenda. Helping kids get into schools made him look good and that is all he cares about.
    The truth finally came out .

  • Valley Athletics

    Cheating it is , but I wouldn’t call it hacking if someone from diamond bar team gave a jv player from diamond ranch login info . Hacking is illegal .

  • reality

    Again Fred? Remember Zernikow and the stories that you guys circulated about him? Why not wait until you have at least someone who is a named source. The haters will jump all over these allegations even if they are later proven invalid.

    • FredJ

      Reality, first thing I wrote was IF these allegations are true. We’re not circulating rumors about anything. It’s a FACT that Diamond Bar has made these accusations and though we’ve known about this for a week, we waited until we obtained the actual letter that was sent from Diamond Bar to Diamond Ranch before writing this story. The letter is from Diamond Bar officials, that’s the source. As far as Zenickow, again, we didn’t write the story based on the parent complaint, we wrote the story once the school district confirmed to us and went on record saying they had opened an investigation into the incident. There is not a newspaper anywhere that wouldn’t write that based on the info we had. And we followed the story until the end when Zernickow was exonerated.

      • reality

        So are you going to join the rest of your haters and call Roddy a liar? Or will you stop printing the allegations you guys get?

  • Gary

    All this is true about toddy layton. I heard from students back in October. This is how the man works. I am happy to see him brought down. Props to the coach that turned him in.

  • Mr. Magoo

    The Midvalley is hilarious, they got Roddy spinning the entire thing like a seasoned politician with the Midvalley reporters believing every word out of his mouth.

  • Sgv for 30 years

    He was suspended for a game a few years back for talking to parents at a Jr All American football game at Walnut. He was there was a video of him in his DR gear talking to a parent. Coaches aren’t supposed to have any contact with middle school parents or kids. (The suspension was 1 game).


    This has come full circle…
    In February one of Roddy’s Asst. Football coaches (who has a kid on the team) organizes a few parents to go to PUSD Board meeting to complain about coaching and specifically the boys basketball coach Grover…. A PUSD Board member who had a kid on the basketball team joins in…. What we’ve been told is that Coach Grover and his staff were told to resign or get fired… No support from the principal or PUSD Admin…..
    Word among students and athletes is that the DRHS athletic director is given notice that her services are no longer needed…. On top of this they let the Asst. Football coach who was the “ringleader” be a part of the screening process for the new basketball coach!!! (We just found out that the “ringleader” has an incoming freshman who also happens to play….. BASKETBALL!!! The supposed plan was to replace the current athletic director and divde her job into two positions… one of them going to Roddy….
    Since the controversy with the AD and Coach Grover morale with teachers and coaches is at an all time low… It became obvious that the principal and PUSD Administrators under the direction of the Board of Education won’t support the teachers and coaches…
    With Roddy gone it appears that it is very possible that there are only two returning head coaches at DRHS at this time. Also, there appears to be 30-40 vacant assistant coaching positions!
    I guess its off to “PLAN B”…

    • Inland football

      Yes, P ranch has the facts pretty accurate. Layton and his staff all,knew about the hacking of hudl and all the other stuff. Shows you all what a big phony layton is.

    • Guest

      First off “P RANCH” , any parent has the right and the responsibility to bring any concerns they have about any employee of the district to the school board! Many parents in PUSD and I’m sure other districts, have the same expectations for athletics as they do for academics and for you or any other staff member to think that you should not be held accountable is absurd. Sounds like you know very personally what is going on within the district and may find yourself “culpable” in this!

      I was at that meeting and the focus was not about BASKETBALL. It was about ALL sports at DR. To some, it may be acceptable to come in last place overall for all sports in the ENTIRE Hacienda league, but to the DOZENS of parents that were at that meeting, this is unacceptable, just as low test scores are.

  • Sgv for 30 years

    Is this the same parent who was instrumental in getting Jr. All American. To move from Walnut to DRanch? P, you hit it right on the head. Lack of Administrative leadership is part of the big issue up there. Why does the Superintendent allow his board members who have children at the school stir up so much trouble at the school. DR wants so badly to be looked at as the show piece of the district and yet at every turn they always end up the embarrassment of the district. PUSD Superintendent please do us all a favor. Since all the coaches and the AD are being replaced, do all a favor. Replace the current Administrator with one that will stand up to these parents. Coach Grover is a good role model for the young men in his program. They learn much more than basketball being part do his program.
    Who in their right mind will step into coaching at DR there are a lot of good kids that are having their high school careers ruined by they people who think they know what’s best for kids, but have proven that they know nothing