Bishop Amat Football Spring Tour, Under the Radar … You gotta love it

Bishop Amat needs all the promos it can get and this is just what the doctor ordered. If you want to show kids in the San Gabriel Valley what Pac-5 football is all about, here’s seven minutes worth ..

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  • Valley Athletics

    Don’t know if UTR chooses where to visit or if the schools pay for them to visit . Schools that have been featured this spring are long beach poly , servite , St. John bosco , upland and Amat . This is good for Amat . Kids love UTR highlights .

  • observantcat

    What good does it do trying to post to your site when you aren’t willing to post my thoughts? Well it is YOUR PAPER and you do have the power to not post what you think doesn’t agree with your thoughts.

    • OnBLUE

      It was probably for the best, Monrovia dude. LOL! Welcome to Big Boy Football Land. =)

  • observantcat

    Did you not receive the original post this morning, this reply was for you to look at that post and either post it or not post it, you are posting a question about my post that does not show up on this blog.

  • observantcat

    It was actually a compliment, since you your biggest boy is from Monrovia.

  • OnBLUE

    Thanks! Amat also has RB/LB Anthony Camargo who has offers from Boise and Fresno State. There’s also a vey good chance that DE Andrew Vasquez and Ryan Munoz will have a D-1 offers by the time they graduate in 2016.

    • Valley Athletics

      Can’t forget Wiley and arcanado .

    • If I only KNEW???!!!??!?!?!?!?

      Thanks to coach Hagerty for letting everyone get a sneek peak! Keep thinking the line is small and the dline can’t match up. We like being the under dogs!!!

  • TruTH

    Great looking video! Sidney, Vaughn’s, Camargo look great out there! The only problem I see down the road for Amat is their lack of size up front. Their defensive line looks like it’s barely hitting 200lb and their offensive line isn’t that big. This will pose problems especially during the Serra game when having to face a 6’5 300lb plus Rasheem Green.

    • TheCloser

      I heard the complete opposite from Daylon McCutcheon. They have some size upfront and should play more traditional Amat football and pound it with Camargo. Amat hasn’t had a real offensive identity since Tom Salter left. In the old days, they’d take their best athlete and run it up everybody’s rear.

    • sir lancelot

      The Truth,
      I guess they didn’t pass the eye ball test. 3 out of the starting 4 D line are training at trench hogs, it is ran by one of sgv all time best, Brigham Harwell. Harwell was a standout at Los Altos and was a beast at UCLA. Undersized maybe but the strength, quickness, and speed these kids have mixed with the mentality Brigham has installed in these kids can be a problem for most opponents. Maybe you shouldn’t be to quick to judge, these kids have talent and plenty of heart.

  • nan zaragoza

    Who really Cares who says what… Amat fans. We at Amat know who we are. Can’t wait!!!! Lets go Lancers!!!!