Columnist thinks La Mirada baseball coach Kim Brooks should be fired

By Frank C. Girardot, Pasadena Star-News
La Mirada High School baseball coach Kim Brooks needs his mouth washed out with soap.
A tongue lashing he gave his ballplayers following an Easter week loss is so foul, that an audio tape of the tirade led to his suspension while the La Mirada-Norwalk Unified School District investigates.

Of course, not everyone agrees …

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  • reality

    This guy wrote “Who wants to grow up and be a high school Baseball coach?” A much better question is “Who wants to grow up and be a opinion writer for the Trib paper”?

  • New York

    Regardless of the situation at La Mirada, Girardot is the one coming off as arrogant and smug. Becoming a head high school coach is very honorable. Plenty of people grow up wanting to do that.
    I also enjoy and appreciate the Star News. Talented writers CHOOSE to write for this newspaper, rather than go on to papers with a larger circulation. So I will not get into that angle of things.

    What I will state is that if I were a local head coach, I would likely not give any interviews to this newspaper group as long as you have a featured columnist arrogantly suggesting that becoming or remaining a high school head coach is the result of life’s disappointments.

  • FredJ

    Let me say this, if I wasn’t a sports writer, the next thing I would aspire to be is a high school coach and have the highest respect for their profession. I spoke with Frank and believe me, he feels bad about his comment about high school baseball coaches and said he will address it in his next column next week.

    • New York

      Frank’s back-pedaling reminds me a lot of politicians on a campaign trail or their follow-up comments to their initial interviews…uhhh…ummmm…what I really meant was that…I meant to say whatever the voters wanted.

    • Gpa

      Well said Fred. I am a retired firefighter and currently a 67 year old high school football coach. While I don’t agree with coach Brooks’ approach to motivating his players in this case, I have to think that his years as teacher, administrator, and coach indicate a dedication for his charges, whether they be students or athletes. If I were younger I too would aspire to become an educator and high school coach. To mentor young men and women is one of the most honorable professions I can think of. It’s obviously not about the money. And I’m having the time of my life.

  • apachejoe

    Wow Fred you honestly are supporting that Jerk,, extremely disappointing! He feels bad, well that’s the very least he should feel, he should also feel the door hitting him in the @$$ on his way out.

    • FredJ

      I believe in the coaching profession, that’s the point I made.

  • Wells

    After reading Girardot’s article (and much of the blogs regarding this incident), I agree with “New York” regarding speaking to this writer. While, I do not support the manner in which Brooks chose to vent his frustration while trying to motivate his players, calling for his immediate firing without a proper investigation is incredibly irresponsible writing.

    If he did not attend practices, games, listened to speeches and post game meeting at La Mirada, he has no frame of reference for his opinion. He very well may be taking this one instance completely out of context based upon an entire season’s worth of positive accomplishments. To imply that he is less of a coach because he is “only” a HS coach rather than a college or professional coach is ludicrous. Based on the article, he does not seem to have a single clue to why Brooks chose to coach at the HS level. One might just as logically wonder why he is only writing for a local paper rather than the LA Times. Since I have had dealing with many HS sports writers, I would never criticize them in this way. Most have chose local (HS) sports writing because they want to cover those games. They have the same passion for HS contests as the coaches and players that participate in those games. Girardot’s arrogance is unappreciated.

    One a different note: One point that seems to be glossed over far too much is the fact that someone secretly recorded what was being said. He may have been bullying student-athletes (as Girardot suggests) with this tirade, but it became public in a very low-class, underhanded way because someone got their feelings hurt. That goes against the principal message of some of the most import aspects of the tirade. He wanted his players to play hard, with pride whether they won or lost. Regardless of the amount of wins or championships a coach is able to earn, any coach worth his salt wants his players to play to win and put out a championship effort every contest. The wins take care of themselves, but character is only created through hard work, dedication and sacrifice.

  • reality

    I was wondering. Did anybody at the Trib think of showing the coach or players the secretly taped video before you displayed it to the country for their opinion. That would only have been fair. You have ruined the coaches name for life. That is way to harsh a penalty. He is now the Donald Sterling of SGV baseball.

    • FredJ

      Reality, it wasn’t a video, it was an audio. And it was taped back in the spring. We came across this story after learning that Brooks was suspended. The school district heard the video and presented it to Brooks long before we aired it. We didn’t break the story with the audio and then the school district reacted. It was the other way around.

      • reality

        Thanks for the reply.I stand corrected. The timeline is important in this story.