CIF-SS chief Rob Wigod says a new playoff format is in the works that could change the playoffs as we know it

CIF-SS chief Rob Wigod sent out his year-end message to all schools, basically congratulating the teams on a great year, but there was also this interesting tidbit:
“Playoff Groupings – With the completion of this most recent Playoff Groupings process, we would like to begin exploring a new format for divisional placement for all of our sports. This potential new format would emphasize placing individual schools into playoff divisions based on their performance in each particular sport, not placing entire leagues into specific divisions, as we are doing now. Our staff is committed to examining this concept this year, so stay tuned for updates as we get more information on the possibilities of changes for the 2016-2018 Playoff Groupings Cycle.”

Steve Ramirez’s take: This is good news to here. I’ve never really understood why playoff groupings, for the most part, were based on league competitiveness. If this plan does go into effect, we could see where on those occasions were say Bishop Amat has a really good baseball team, the Lancers could be placed in Division 1, where second-place St. Paul, for sake of argument, is in Division 3, or even Division 4. In football, Monrovia could be placed in say the Southeast, while the other Rio Hondo League members, like San Marino or Temple City, could stay in the Mid-Valley. Yes, it would be confusing and make CIF-SS’ task much for difficult, but it would be more fair to the member schools.

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  • Ernie

    Teams would tank it to be placed in a weaker divisions and than win it lol. Its truly hard to fix these type of problems. Why you think the NCAA cant even get it right. Just a tough thing to do.

  • The stands

    I like this playoff concept. It would’ve been nice to see Serra compete in the PAC 5 a couple of years ago.

  • teams placed arbitrarily in divisions regardless of league affiliation?..why have leagues? pick the 24 best teams for D !, then the next 24 for D @ and so on…catch the sarcasm please! whatever the CIF SS does, the highest priority goes to lining their coffers

  • Stop

    Absolutely horrible idea, especially for football. Basketball has been doing this for years and it has ruined league competition. Most if not all league teams make the playoffs, including teams with losing records and many times last place teams. How about we take the AD’s and Principles out of the equation which would eliminate the politicians and we have some set criteria for where schools are placed in leagues. In addition leagues should be made up of Fall Leagues, Winter Leagues, and Spring Leagues. If CIF would simply balance the leagues accordingly there would be no need for this idiotic idea. While were at it, why don’t we reduce the number of divisions and go back to the format where each league has 8 teams and only the top 3 make the playoffs with one wild card per division.

  • This would be much more difficult in football because playoff spots must be finite and you have a specific number of automatic qualifiers. you cant add a bunch of Wild Card games just to make the bracket work.

    As “Stop” hints at below, this could be somewhat alleviated by the creation of as many 2 or 3 league Conferences/Associations with promotion/relegation every 2 years in every sport – boys and girls. In short time this would move teams up or down and get them in a more reasonable playoff bracket.

    How this is not the obvious solution to everyone, and what the objections might be – I’m not quite so sure.

    • New York

      When will the CIF move Amat’s baseball team up to Division I? Also, why doesn’t the baseball team where the school colors?

      • They won’t as long as other schools in the legue are not able to compete at that level too. Just like Monrovia football in the Rio Hondo. That’s the whole point of this line of thinking.

        As to colors, Nieto has always looked to distinguish the baseball program and brand to a bit differently. May have been the first program on campus to use black, has used a different color gold or blue in other years.

        Guess he won’t have to worry about Royal and Gold anymore.

  • Aaron

    This is a bloody horrible idea. Eff that you stooge.

  • SGV 4 30 Years


    I actually mentioned football only leagues back in the winter. I think that is the way things are headed. I know it was suggested back when re-leaguing was going on. Here is the problem. Some schools (AD’s and Principals) don’t want to compete against teams that are similar to them for fear of their team not making the play-offs. They see more value on beating up on inferior teams in lower divisions. Charter Oak is a great example. Why were winning league championships and CIF titles in division 7 and beating up those teams. They get moved to the a new league where they were still successful but couldn’t get past the second round in the Inland Division. So they ask for relief because some of their other athletic programs are not “competitive.” But everyone can see through that smoke screen. It’s about getting back to CIF title games in football. All that to say that if it was really about balance, they would go to the football only format. The leagues should be based on a few criteria. First school size, second how has the team done over the past 4 seasons, third play-off appearances and success.