Is South Hills sports better or worse since principal Judy North resigned?

When you think of the best sports principals in the San Gabriel Valley, South Hills’ Judy North use to come to mind. The Huskies had one of the best and longest tenured athletic coaching staffs in the Valley and there was a lot of on-field success during her tenure, but a lot has changed since her retirement a few years back. Since then, practically all the long-time coaches resigned or are no longer there due to other circumstances, including football coach Steve Bogan, baseball coach Kevin Smith, boys basketball coach Paul Reed, girls volleyball coach Charm Doyle, softball coach Scott Fisch, wrestling coach Rob Froh and some I may have missed, it’s hard to keep track. Just recently, Paul Reed, the boys athletic director and Kathy Reed, the girls athletic director, either resigned or were let go as the school’s athletic directors. When there is this much turnover in such a short period of time, you wonder what’s going on behind the scenes? While you’re busy mulling that, here’s another question, is South Hills athletics better or worse since North retired? With the quick and swift changing of the guard it may take a few years to know for sure whether South Hills athletics is taking a step forward or back, but from a coaching standpoint, there’s a new regime for sure.

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  • reality

    This pot stirrer may be a bit of an overreach. South Hills is still a formidable opponent in the major sports like football and baseball. If you are implying that it’s the principals doing that there are many coaching changes I can only say this. That happens all over the valley every year at a ton of schools lately. Long term coaches are a dying breed.To much time, to little pay, to many crybaby parents and players and no administrative back-up. I don’t think you should lay this type of story only on South Hills’ door step.

    • FredJ

      Name another school that’s had this many long-tenured coaches and ADs move on, get fired or are no longer in charge in this short period of time? Some resigned on their own, not throwing it on the principal, just pointing out there’s a lot of change and I brought it up because I get asked about it a lot. Is it just a coincidence? I don’t know, and I agree, I’m not sure sports have suffered that much with all the change. That’s why I asked the question.

      • Valleyballer

        Fred, I agree with you in the fact South Hills is probably the only high school in Southern California to effect so many changes the past few years. Some of those moves were more than likely forced, however, made out to look otherwise. Regardless, I see your point and the question you ask.

        Although the current sports administration and staff are relatively new, how long does the school allow them to stay in those positions to “prove themselves?” Like many other schools in the valley, South Hills carries a winning tradition and I believe the people within that district expect immediate results.

        Reading some of your previous posts and hearing rumors out and about, I hear South Hills is receiving some fine young talent at the Freshman level. That, coupled with the talent already on hand, should make that program an interesting follow next season. It will, however, obviously depend on where kids play and on development transition. For a second year coach, with experience, again, it should be an interesting follow.

        Regarding the changes in the AD field. I am not familiar with any of the current or past staff

        • Valleyballer

          Tried editing my last post, but wasn’t able to. Just wanted to say I was referring to Baseball and regarding the staff, I did not have any further comment.

          Any additional thoughts Fred?

      • reality

        Not being privy to that sort of statistical analysis I don’t know. Maybe South Hills is #1 in coaching changes but so what? Someone has to lead the pack. My question is why would a new principal come into a successful sports school like South Hills and set it on fire by getting the coaching staffs to quit. What’s to gain by that? Do they just hate coaches or sports or both?Does he want to put friends or relatives in those positions? If that is what you think is going on over there than you may have something but that aside I think South Hills is just facing the many issues of high school coaching that all other schools face but with more notoriety. I heard Arroyo changed the football head coach and nothing was said. If that is true then that is a step in different direction.

        • Happy

          Many of the people were fired by the principal. They didn’t quit!

  • Love of the game

    I totally agree with Reality on this one. Take a look at Bonita High School for example, they have seen some very good coaches leave as well and lord knows there is no backing from the administration unless you belong to the very noticeable boys club that the Superintendent and the principle have created. Rumors has it that they are dubbed the “untouchables” (Podley,Knott, Mr.B and Mr.Ketterling). And just across town, look at Damien? They lost or fired two really good coaches. Gano and Leyva, great guys! High School sports is truly changing. The CIF Coaches ads should read, Baby Sitters needed not coaches wanted!

  • Valleyballer

    Geeze, then I see your post on Los Altos. I give up!

  • Boy that is quite a list. Judy was known to have her favorites, and these coaches were certainly among them, but there must be something in tej water over the for so many to move on.

    Or is it just the sign of the times and limited administrative backing for these coaches when it comes to parents to join the “it’s isn’t really worth the headaches” crowd and “spend more time with their families”?