Until next time, how about a Tribune pre-season Top Ten Football Poll

weddningI’ll be getting hitched and on vacation at some far-away-beach over the next two weeks so send all tips and breaking news to steve.ramirez@langnews.com or his twitter @steverramirez. And keep Stevie honest, it’s his job to update the blog and keep you talking while I’m gone.
Not that I’ve had a lot of time to think about it while trying to keep the future Mrs. Robledo calm in the final stretch and watch World Cup soccer at the same time, but here’s my stab at the Tribune pre-season Top Ten Football Rankings and who else do you think I’d start at No. 1? Uh, duh. In any case, would love to hear your thoughts on a top ten, what teams you expect to do well and what players to watch for this fall. We’re beginning production on our annual PrepXtra Preview football magazine and over the years your input has always helped.

1. Bishop Amat — How often do we not start a season with Amat No. 1. It is what it is, area teams don’t beat them, they compete in the Pac-5 and have powerful juniors returning like Tre Sidney and Tyler Vaunghs. But will it make the playoffs? That’s a different story.
2. Glendora — They were 7-3 and return the areas best quarterback in Matt Fink. Let me say that again, the best quarterback. When you throw for nearly 1,500 yards and 12 TDs as a sophomore against the type of schedule the Tartans face, you’re going to be dangerous your next two years. And now that Glendora is in a league and playoff division they can compete in, get out of the way.
3. Charter Oak — Juniors Kamden Brown (quarterback) and Zion Echols (RB/WR) are the future and the Chargers should go back to dominating the Hacienda now that they’re finally out of the Sierra and Inland division. Good for Big Lou, would love to see him dominate and enjoy his final years at the school.
4. South Hills — Like Charter Oak, the Huskies should enjoy the drop from the Sierra to the new Palomares where Bonita and Glendora are likely their toughest competition and back in a playoff division they can compete in. Quarterback Garrett Fonseca should be ready to have a big senior season and coach Albert Rodriguez, or fuzz as they call him, has shown he gets the most out of his players, especially defensively.
5. Damien — Here’s the deal, competing in the Baseline is brutal because they barely hung in the Sierra. If anyone can handle the move it’s probably coach Mark Paredes but you can’t do anything without players and there hasn’t been an off-season buzz about players transferring to give you an idea they can compete at this level. But hey, in our little fishpond, they’re top five no doubt about it.
6. San Dimas — Can we just pencil in a back-to-back Mid-Valley title already? I don’t know if the Saints are legitimately better than the others ranked below, but they’ll dominate the Valle Vista and be favored to win a division that Monrovia is no longer part of. Look, coach Bill Zernickow is a master, he’s already proved it, it’s plug-and-place at San Dimas so get ready for another 14-week season.
7. Diamond Bar — The Snoop Dogg show is gone and so is coach Ryan Maine but they’ve got Antonio Noodles Hull and quarterback Tyler Peterson returning for their senior years and a new coach who’s been a winner everywhere he’s gone. I’m telling you now, don’t sleep on the purple.
8. West Covina — It’s felt like forever since the Bulldogs won back-to-back championships and were dominating everyone not named Bishop Amat or Charter Oak but something tells me coach Mike Maggiore will have the boys ready for the new Hacienda and its renewed rivalry with Charter Oak.
9. Bonita — The Bearcats lose a bunch but they have a bunch returning. This is a program that is solid year-after-year and has a lot of players in the program. It’s probably time for them to get their act together again.
10. Diamond Ranch — This is a pure guess because Roddy Layton is no longer coaching and a new coach hasn’t been named yet. But everyone knows there are talented football players at the Ranch and to have a top ten without them in it would be silly.

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    Fred congratulations on getting married and hope your bride to be likes SPORTS as much as you do! LOL…Come on Fred, what about a top 25 better but I guess after 10, It really doesn’t matter! LOL…

    • FredJ

      For the record, Azusa would have been in the 10-15 range, and thanks, she loves sports, that was part of the agreement 🙂

      • observantcat

        You’re one helluva luck guy Fred. Now she would be in every areas top 10. Hope all the best for you and your new bride. Now let our fighting begin!!!! 2014 early prediction Monrovia goes as far as the Semi’s in this new Div. maybe even the a spot in the Finals. As for the early season prediction, Monrovia by 3td’s over SD in their house.

        • FredJ

          Thanks Observant, if Monrovia was part of our rankings, I’d probably stick them just behind San Dimas, who has clearly taken over between the two. But I should take a wait-and-see approach with Monrovia now that its starting a new era with a new coach, but I’ve gotta tell you, they’ll have problems with the East San Gabriel Valley’s best but at the end of the day, I’m glad I get to see them take everyone on rather than debate it. We’ll know by the end of the season what Monrovia’s all about.

          • NHC

            Monrovia pls go 14-0 and next year schedule Amat. M- town has the talent to beat amat. It would be a fun game to watch.

          • AMAT 73

            oh oh , first scud missile out of M-Town . Great beginning to what should be an interesting year of football in the SGV .

          • 4peat

            note:..Amat has Kn Real deal Rbs

          • O My

            Monrovia will be done after game 11. Monrovia had a difficult time dealing with Glendora, South Hills, and Ayala on down years for those teams, how the heck do you think they can deal with an Amat team that is probably the best in the valley? LOL

          • Valley Athletics

            In a 7 on 7 they have the talent . Real football no .

          • 4peat

            Monrovia Linemen..sucks rocks. that Will hurt everything..They wanna Do Over there…Johnson.and whoever The other backs are! should look to transfer..fast..lol

          • Not Since 1995

            Please this is getting old!!! Pound for pound AMAT would mop the field with Monrovia. True mo-town fans know this, however you have a few parents that left because the competition got a bit tough and all they do now is run there mouths about how great the athletes over there are. Again I say please… If they were all that they would be on the field at AMAT. Dueces!!!!

          • GrimReaper

            Yep shows what boosters, recruiting, and a home schooling internet program with MTown football enhancement can do.

            It was the rest of the RHL that got R fed by CIF.

            Prediction. M Town gets blown out in the second playoff game in the Central and Blair drops out of football.. soon.

        • Valley Athletics

          I am going to agree with Monrovia going to the semis possibly . Looking at what the hacienda league did last year in playoffs , I only see Charter Oak and Los altos being tough . In the Palomares Glendora , Ayala and south hold being Ok . Monrovia has beat and hanged with those teams . First round they will draw a 3rd place team that I know they can beat . The only problem I see is the easy league . You need to be tested to see what adjustments to make during season . Everyone thinks charter oak is going to roll thru , but they have lost some top D linemen and Line Backers last 2 years . Don’t know much about the other 2 leagues in the new division . I hear Kaiser is good .


    Fred looks like you have choosen wisely, and if you click on your picture with the beautiful sunset in the background it enlarges, so Fred… How much did you pay for the RING??? LOL…

    • FredJ

      I’m a Sports Writer, I’ll be making payments for a long, long time, lol.

  • TruTH

    Why isn’t Los Altos in your top 10?? Bonita, West Covina, diamond ranch and diamond bar will not be as strong as LA.

    • FredJ

      They would have been No. 11 … I thought they lose some pretty good players.

    • PatrickHT

      Truth, DB is not even in the Hacienda next yr!

  • AMAT 73

    Fred J ,
    Congratulations to you and your bride on your upcoming wedding . Hope you have many ,many years of happiness and are blessed with a few little Freddys in the future . If you need an in at AMAT when the time comes for your offspring to attend give me a hollar !!!!!!

    • FredJ

      LOL, thanks.

  • to paraphrase ….now that you’re playing weaker competition(Glendora,Charter Oak,South Hills) you’ll really be something….now, that’s something to be proud of!…. that’s 1 huge drop-off between your numbers 1 & 2….best of luck on the nuptials Mr. Libero…my advice, get married early in the morning, if it doesn’t work out, your whole day isn’t shot!

  • Rebecca Fleming

    Congrats and God Bless …

  • reality

    Wait a second. This beauty’s picture came in the wallet I just bought. You sure you did’nt photo shop her in? Congrats Fred and many happy years.

    • FredJ

      You figured it out, lol

  • In football terms, Freddy sure “outkicked the coverage”!

    Congrats Fred. You chose…wisely!

    • FredJ

      Thanks Joe

  • OuttaYourMindTrib

    Oh look, Louise gets to beat up on Little Sisters of the poor in his waning years instead of taking his licks like a man. Isn’t that special.

  • Hacienda dude

    I always have to scratch my head when you and Aram put up your top 10 teams. You have San Dimas at # 6? San Dimas got rolled like a bum on skid row by the entire Hacienda last year. Los Altos is returning the core of their team this year a surely will put a thumping on SD once again. Bonita in front of LA? Bonita’s was set up to be very good last year with their class of 2014 but couldn’t get it done and their class of 2015 is one of their worst classes in several years. Bonita will be lucky to finish in 4th place in the Palormares. Diamond Ranch shot their wad last year with a top heavy senior class and has very little in the cupboard over the next 3 or 4 years. DR will not make the playoffs for at least 4 years. South Hills is very much like Bonita in that the class of 2014 was their best class in several years and the 2 classes that following are pretty weak. SH and BoHi will battle it out for 4th and 5th place in the Palomores. Here’s the way you top 10 will look like at the end of the season
    1. Amat – Until someone beats them they have to be #1
    2. LA – will win the Hacienda with top heavy senior class, especially in the trenches
    3. DBar – an eligible Noodles, a healthy Bell?, and my pick for the best QB in the SGV
    4. CO – Lost alot of top players from last year, especially in the trenches and an inexperienced QB, who knows
    5. WestCo – 3 very good classes in a row – could be a 3 way tie for 1st in the Hacienda
    6. Glendora – had a solid class of 2014, I don’t think their class of 2015 is quite as good but the QB play is solid
    7. Damien – Who knows? could be good could be bad – The trenches should be good, but who do they have in the skills?
    8. BoHi – with Angel Verdugo back I give them the edge over SH
    9. South Hills – might be a long year for SH even in a league that is a little weaker then where they were last year.
    10. Diamond Ranch – As down graded as I think they will be this year, I would still take them by 2 TD’s over San Dimas.

    • Green IM

      Why you getting all down on Bonita?

    • Valley Athletics

      Agree with you on Los Altos , they have a good class from 2015 . You add Amat transfer at running back .will be battling for hacienda title .Diamond Bar lost broadus an Lamb to Gorman , Cameron Hayes to Serra , there best defensive players to graduation . That’s some good production to reload on . Somebody on Arams blog said Pomona beat West Covina by 60 and diamond ranch by 30 in a 7 on 7 tourney at Garey . If that is true they are in big trouble .

      • TopDawgMan

        No that’s not true. West Covina lost by 1 or 2 TDs as I’ve heard. Diamond Ranch won by 1 point to the West Covina B team. Pomona by 4 td

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      You know as well as I Bishop Amat, by default, is always No. 1 on his board.

  • reality

    The dudes opinions come from stuff he has read not seen. Coach Z’s misdirection offense takes game fine tuning so don’t expect to much from SD at the outset. Last year Bohi beat SD in week 0. This year the game is week 5. It will be a different game. Plus SD’s championships deserve recognition. I think the top 10 should reflect end of year results rather than just looking head to head. I would have no problem ranking SD #1 and all the others tied for “2 until the end of week 2. Many teams in the area are squirreling away players that have moved into the area that they do not hype like W.C. SD, Glendora, CO. Bohi etc. They are even hiding a few from passing tourneys. The Air Assault next week will unveil hidden and improved talent. Boys can grow and improve alot in one year. I give an edge to teams with successful coaching stability so CO, SD, LA and BA should have an edge in getting results come league. However, Amat head to head would certainly beat local schools but against equal D1 competition they struggle.So SD #1 IMO but everyones criteria is different.

  • UTR

    I was at the West Covina lineman competition and saw many area teams . The teams that stood out and performed well were Upland, Norwalk, Los Altos, and Covina. The teams that didn’t pass the eye test or place in the top 10 were Monrovia, Diamond Ranch, And Bonita.

    • 4peat

      i agee monrovia..RBs..will stuggle because..there linemen sucks..bad

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    I may be the only one, but I actually think Diamond Bar will be much better without Snoops kid and Maine. Noodles is finally finished serving his “worse than the NCAA” penalty and will be itching to get busy.

    • Bryan

      I think last season was the best you will see from Asian diamond bar.

  • Sports News

    Why why why must you pick Diamond Ranch at #10 they’re not even the best in their own city (Pomona High School is better of the 2) there are plenty of schools to choose from besides DR trust me when I say they look HORRENDOUS!!!

    P.S. Congratulations on the next step in life Fred may god bless you two with beautiful years ahead!

  • Bryan

    Bell left diamond bar.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Man, those Edgewood High soccer players get all the cute chicks! Congratulations Fred! Have an awesome honeymoon and best of luck to you and your wife!

  • Bulldog Boy

    West Covina has a couple of Juniors that nobody is talking about

    • Bulldogs have bite

      shhhhhh! They are supposed to be our secret! Bravo was solid at QB last season, I’m looking forward to seeing him take big steps this season. As for Love, Aram and I discussed this on his blog a few weeks ago. It’s Love’s turn to be the next great back at WC!