What’s in a league name?


OK, I’m confused…Bishop Amat is now in the Mission League, and St. Francis is in the Serra League…No Amat is still in the Pac-5, but because Serra moved up to the league Amat and Alemany and the rest called home, officials thought it wasn’t right, so they gave the league the Mission name, and transferred the “old Mission” to the Serra. We heard it might be the Angelus League, but have not heard any official word.
From a historical perspective, I don’t see any reason why they just couldn’t call the “old Serra” the Angelus League, which has the tradition of being a D-1 league, and then keep the Mission League, which has tradition as a D-3/4 league.
What do you think?

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  • http://bishopamat.org/ Joe Amat

    WITHout a doubt it HAS to go back to the Angelus League. Should have never gone away in the first place. Sad to say, Amat’s own President was among those behind getting rid of the Angelus League name when he was still at St Paul. At the time, his point was the name had a sport-centric significance and minimized the academics at member schools. Ridiculous then as it still is today

    • AMAT 73

      Should be the Angelus league without a doubt . Never liked the change to Serra and saw no reason for the change . Mission league just does not fit the bill and if it must change the Angelus League is the perfect fit .

    • Jastrab

      I bet the Carroll League would fly!

      • http://bishopamat.org/ Joe Amat

        It’s bad enough he orchestrated what was originally supposed to be the “Alumni Pavilion” into being named the “Carroll Center”. I couldn’t stomach a league!

        • Steve Ramirez

          Oh, I thought he was referring to Pete Carroll. 🙂

  • what?

    Definitely should have gone back to the Angelus League name just like the Palomares should have been named the Sierra – both league names have a great history and tradition of winning at the highest level. There were several 4A, Big Five, and D1 champions from those 2 leagues over the years.

  • The stands

    I just read that the Angelus League was started in 1961, and that the original teams in the league were Mater Dei, Servite, St. Paul, Cantwell, and Salesian. My, how things have changed.

    • OnBLUE

      During Eric Bieniemy’s 1986 season, the Angelus League consisted of Mater Dei, Servite, Bishop Amat, St. Paul, Bishop Montgomery, and St. Bernard who replaced Pius X that season. Bieniemy and Bishop Amat ran over everyone in that league that season.

  • Bigdog65

    How did Amat do in the edison passing league???