Diamond Ranch football hires Mario Gomez to take over program

Mario Gomez has been tabbed as the new head football coach at Diamond Ranch High School. He replaces Roddy Layton, who headed the Panthers program for eight years.

Gomez, 31, had been a mainstay on Layton’s staff, joining it in 2006 as head junior varsity coach, only to be elevated to assistant varsity coach two weeks later.

He was part of a staff that took the team to CIF championship games in 2008 and 2009.

He had been the team’s defensive coordinator the last three years.

Gomez, who also teaches Spanish at the school, took the team through spring and summer drills and has retained many of the assistants so he expects the transition to be easy.

“We’re all on the same page and it has been a pretty seamless transition,” Gomez said. “I know the players and they know and respect me so we’re ready to move forward.”

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  • Not So Fast My Friend

    This should put to rest anymore stolen Hudl video stuff.

    • DeeeBar

      How does this hire put the stolen Hudl video to rest? This guy was part of the same coaching staff that cheated (as Jim Rome would put it “allegedly”) and the rumor going around is that Roddy is going to be the next AD. Who ever said that cheaters never prosper? However, I’m not surprised, after all we are talking about the Pomona Unified School District. The league never addressed the issue and apparently just swept it under the carpet and waited for the story to die out.

      • SGV 4 30 Years

        They proposed Roddy as AD. The other principals in the league weren’t at all happy about it. Actually, making Roddy AD would put him under more scrutiny from CIF and other schools in the league. Picture him sitting across the table from Jerry Person, or Matt McCain.
        The DR principal doesn’t go to the meetings when she will have to answer to the other principals. She sends flunkies so she doesn’t have to face the music.

  • Nomoredrama

    It was announced today, Roddy is “Co-AD” at DRanch.