Bishop Amat names Joseph Hoggatt its new baseball coach, replacing Andy Nieto, now at Damien

Bishop Amat released this statement: The Bishop Amat Family welcomes Mr. Joseph Hoggatt as teacher and Head Varsity Baseball Coach. Mr. Hoggatt comes to Bishop Amat as an experienced and successful Division I high school varsity baseball coach (from Canyon High School) with thirteen consecutive CIF playoff appearances, six league championships, and two trips to CIF finals. Thirteen of Coach Hoggatt’s student/athletes have gone on to play at the Division I college level. In addition to his coaching responsibilities, Mr. Hoggatt will serve as a full-time member of the faculty.

Fred’s thoughts: Don’t know a lot about Hoggatt other than he had a successful run at Canyon. But his reasons for leaving are unclear according to the Register’s Steve Fryer: Joe Hoggatt’s tenure as Canyon’s baseball coach has ended after 12 seasons. Canyon’s athletics website states that former Comanches player Matt Morris is the school’s varsity head coach. Canyon athletic director Patrick Bendzick said he could not discuss school personnel matters, so the reasons for Hoggatt’s removal are unknown for now. I will say that Bishop Amat’s first choice was Clemente Bonilla, but sources said they couldn’t come to agreement on the salary

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  • CheapOBlue

    Here we go. Really? “””The reasons for Hoggatt’s removal are unknown”””” ??? You don’t step into a school like Bishop Amat and not expect the Alumni to start asking questions from people you’ve coached. The blue and gold are like Roaches, everywhere (only we drive cars)

    Welcome to the Blender Called Amat Sports!!! Time to make some phone calls…

    I’ll fire the Opening Salvo by saying that if Big Blue couldn’t land a Class act like Bonilla then they got this out of work coach at a bargain and that’s what really drove the deal. (part time coach last year does not qualify as employed if that the only job you held)

  • Amat Dad

    Wow, definitely a downgrade from Nieto. Only 13 D1 players during his tenure. Nieto had 27 former players earn D1 scholarships with 2 of them turning them down to jump straight into pro ball.

    • Stealthyrobert

      Nieto had four years of Kenny K”s players so subtract those guys then you can give a real number>

      • FredJ

        Four years of those guys of Kenny’s players? What is this college, those aren’t recruits, there’s no recruiting (wink, wink) in high school sports. You mean, Maverick Olivares only went to Amat because of Kenny? And so on and son on? Man you have it in for Nieto. Four championships in eight years — those are the facts jack, live with it.

        • Stealthyrobert

          Not really just giving the whole truth thats all.

      • FredJ

        Four years of those guys of Kenny’s players? What is this college, those aren’t recruits, there’s no recruiting (wink, wink) in high school sports. You mean, Maverick Olivares only went to Amat because of Kenny? And so on and son on? Man you have it in for Nieto. Four championships in eight years — those are the facts jack, live with it.

      • reality

        Please refer to your own post of three days ago. You lie as much as Putin.

        • Stealthyrobert

          Can you refresh my memory??

    • Stealthyrobert

      Sounds like your bashing the new guy already???

      • amat dad


  • Ray_Morehart

    I’m glad that they finally decided. I hadn’t read anything Bishop Amat related in 4 days. I was getting withdrawals…

  • Joe Amat

    Disappointed that salary and/or work conditions come into play (again) when it comes to landing a quality guy like Bonilla. How ridiculous is it that at a place like Amat, MSGr cannot just recognize when he has an ideal coach for a situation and do whatever it takes to get/keep them. He could have sweetened the pot and had made whatever work arrangements necessary it keep Kendrena and Lokar in the past when he had two loyal Lancers who had other things going. Now he can’t settle on a number for a connected guy with championship pedigree who can really, really teach the sport?

    This is not about any disappointment with Hoggatt, but rather with MSGr’s bungling another situation.

    • Lancelot

      Just ANOTHER MSGr bungle one of many over the years! Right up there with renovating the facilities of biggest money generating sport LAST. Now there’s a solid master plan! Imagine the drawing power of a state of the art football stadium? Are there term limits on out of touch bungling administrators? There should be!

    • Coach

      Agree. The kids wanted Bonilla, the assistants wanted Bonilla, etc.Why not trust your AD and hire the guy?

    • Galileo

      Joe, is there a retirement fund we can give to….speeding up MSGRs departure a few years?

  • TheCloser

    I heard Hoggatt is a good coach from some of my OC sources. I will say the consensus pick among the boys where the coaches were invited to run a practice as part of the interview was Bonilla. I think Hoggatt’s had more than 12 D1 guys…..just Google his name.

    I hope this goes a lot better than their softball hire. Man, I’m trying to stay positive on that for next year with a roster loaded with D1 commits but the Amat administrators are in denial. I just pray that Coach Dedmon doesn’t schedule a vacation during Memorial Day Weekend next year and purposely throws the team’s number 3 pitcher during playoffs to make sure the team doesn’t ruin her cruise plans for that weekend when the next game was scheduled. FREAKING CLASSIC!

  • BryanStowHasDoucheyHair

    How underwhelming.

    Why does this feel like the Lakers hiring Mike Brown???

    Dark days ahead, Amat.

  • Name Here

    All of you crying and making excuses already over a coach lol. Give a guy a chance first and than give your opinions…geeeeez!! Next time ill make sure they hire Joe Torre so everyone can be happy…but i bet you’ll still complain lol.

  • CheapOBlue

    Looks like Hoggatt my have been forced out because of some sort of accident on campus with a student. Very fuzzy details, I’m still trying to piece it together. This was from someone involved in the school but not a witness.
    Not to clear if the parents threatened to file charges or sue the school, just know that according to the papers, his teaching contract was renewed in the summer and he was announced as the returning coach and then he resigned “was forced out” in September.
    As far as what parents think about him, lets just say it’s not flattering. But I’m more interested in why he left, can’t tell you why, I just am. Thanks to Fred for pointing out his unclear reasons for leaving.

    • Joe Amat

      Did this “injury” happen in the baseball building he had built with booster money that got approved as a storage room and ended up being used as a baseball locker room? Much different liability issues and building codes between the two. The district needed to either demolish it or spend $200K to bring it to code. That could have escalated the clash with him. Guy was a graduate of Canyon, so it must have been something significant.

  • Coach

    Bonilla was offered just a first year teacher’s salary to teach study hall classes. He has been in education for 8 years; as a PE teacher and junior high Athletic Director at a private school. The VP and MSGr did not want to recognize his years in education. Simply putting him on the teaching scale where he belonged, as most schools do when you make a lateral teaching transfer (private to private or public to public) would have secured Bonilla as the Head Coach! This wasn’t a money grab for him but no person in their right mind wants to lose 8 years of teaching experience on the scale. He was fine with the coaching stipend salary, that wasn’t an issue. It was all about where they wanted to put him on the scale.

  • Yellow Balls

    Hoggat is a good coach! I agree that Bonilla was the best choice. Hoggat needs to get in with local travel orgs and the outcome will be the same as Nieto. No need to panic a good man got the job.

    • Stealthyrobert

      Amat will always have the talent to compete! !

    • Stealthyrobert

      Im glad someone else here can what goes on at Amat. Good players = titles.