Defending Mid-Valley champ San Dimas getting ready for 2014 and another showdown with Monrovia; Los Altos, La Mirada practicing too

By Aram Tolegian
Under cooler-than-usual conditions and new rules limiting their time, several local high school football teams held their first fall practices on Monday.

The season is just under a month away for teams with Week 0 games and that means just a few weeks to tighten the screws in preparation for the long grueling campaign.

At San Dimas, the defending Mid-Valley Division champion Saints held their first practice under the watch of head coach Bill Zernickow. San Dimas opens the season in arguably one of the top games of the year against Monrovia on Aug. 29.

“It went fine,” Zernickow said of Monday morning’s practice. “Our guys were extremely excited to be back out there. You could see their posts on Twitter saying ‘Can’t wait for football’. That ended after about an hour.

“Nobody got hurt. I think we caught a little break in the weather. I think Sunday was a lot more humid.”

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  • GP AKA Green Machine

    Normally, It takes teams a while to get used to the wing z, SD is going to need to get used to the new Monrovia offense. This offense won’t be anything like they have seen. It’s not the athletes, or the speed. SD has beat Monrovia when they have had athletes and speed. This offense is going to lean on “execution” and spreading the ball around. This game should be very exciting. Monrovia has yet to master the art of getting everyone involved. A good team with a good D coordinator can shut down Monrovia if they become predictable. This coach is looking to get everyone involved. When you have 4-5 players being productive, you can’t key on one guy. Knowing Coach Z, he will have another group of “blue collar” players who won’t back down. To beat San Dimas you need to score. If you are in a close game, that favors their style of play. While SD can light up the score board against teams that are over matched, they want to play a tight game against the elite teams. They want to hold the ball and play D. This years game won’t have all the names you are used to hearing. New Stars will step up. This is Must win for Monrovia. Losing to the MIdvalley Champs in the opener sets a poor tone for the promotion into a higher division. The Central will be much tougher. No Disrespect to SD.

  • SaintsR4real

    Good review Green Machine