Bonita coach Adrian Medrano accepts ALS challenge, donates $100 bucks, then challenges Glendora coach Jerry Lewallen

When you take the ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge” to raise awareness for Lou Gehrig’s disease, you can either have an ice bucket of water dumped on you and shared to YouTube to spread awareness or donate $100. We challenged Bonita coach Adrian Medrano and Bishop Amat coach Steve Hagerty after San Dimas and coach Bill Zernickow challenged us. While we all got dunked on, Medrano chose to donate $100, which is what this is about really. Medrano followed by challenging new Palomares league rival in Glendora football coach Jerry Lewallen, who is on the clock and has 24 hours to respond. Find out who else Medrano challenged as well. Congrats to Medrano for reaching into his pocket and answering the challenge. We’re waiting on Bishop Amat coach Steve Hagerty to answer the challenge tonight along with Mike the Cousin and Tommy the Inland Insider Kiss

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  • ValleyProtector

    Coach Lewallen and his Tartans have been a part of two ice bucket challenges already, I’m sure they would be game for a third.

    • Frank Castro

      VP, Great to hear let hope all of the Schools in the newly form step up for a most worthy cause in battling and defeating Lou Gehrig’s disease sparing the next generation from it’s affects.
      Frankie C Go Bearcats!

  • Havoc

    Medrano, the real man does the H2O and donates. Just ask the Saints coach as well as Julian Edelman. What…. you don’t want to get your Guerrilla snot to rinse out. Also, I hope that check came out of your bank account and not the school’s.

    • Lower La Verne

      How does getting water poured on you make you a man? I like what Medrano did. He participated and didn’t have to make a big deal about it. And for as many times Medrano has dipped into his pocket and quietly helped who struggle financially, I wouldn’t be too concerned of any funny business. And besides, school’s money is public record so I’m sure you can check that out… Keep up the good work coach!

    • FredJ

      That was completely unnecessary, the man stepped up and donated $100 bucks, which is much harder for most than simply getting a bucket of water dumped on you. Don’t turn something great into something nasty and mean.

      • Frank Castro

        Well said! We need awareness of ALS but the Medical
        Research Professional need $$$ to help fund the research to help Fight and Find THE Cure for ALS. As a BoHi Alum and supporter I Accept coach Medrano’s Challenge
        and ask other BoHi Alums to do the same. I will be giving to a cause that is special to me, Special Olympics!
        Good luck to the all of the “Boys of Fall”

        Frankie “C Go Bearcats!

      • Green IM

        Nicely done, Medrano.