Bishop Amat junior QB Steven Nava has left the school; Nava transferred to Amat from Rosemead after sophomore season but never played at Amat

navaBishop Amat junior quarterback Steven Nava, who transferred to Amat from Rosemead over the summer after a great sophomore season at Rosemead, checked out of Amat on Thursday. Amat coach Steve Hagerty answered a text asking why Nava left with a simple text back, “ask him.” Nava was in a three-horse race for starting QB over the summer along with Ryder Ruiz, the brother of former Amat QB Rio Ruiz and Damian Garcia. From all indications, it appears Garcia is the front-runner and has been the front-runner all along and will likely start in the Lancers’ season opener Aug. 29 vs. Santa Margarita at Saddleback College. Since Nava never played a game at Bishop Amat, he could return to Rosemead and be eligible. There is no word yet if he has in fact returned to Rosemead. Nava threw for 1,199 yards and 13 touchdowns in eight games last season as a sophomore for the Panthers.

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  • FredJ

    From what I understand, Nava missed his friends, which tells me he’s probably returning to Rosemead. He probably wasn’t going to start so I don’t know how much that played into it.

    • Lupe

      I think if he showed up at Amat and became the MAN right off the bat he probably would not have missed his friends as much. Not the kid I would want leading my team.

  • valley baller

    So you leave your wife for the new hot chick at work only to find out a few months later that the new hot chick at work would rather be with your boss. So you put your tail between your legs and crawl back to your wife, begging her to take you back. But your wife in the mean time took up with your former neighbor who has been treating her really well. What do you think, does your wife take you back with open arms (despite the fact that your an unfaithful dirt bag with roaming eyes) or does she stick with the guy that treats her like a queen?


      Relax.. It’s only Football! He’s only a Junior, probably around16years old. I’m sure his Father had a lot to with it to also. So he said he “missed his friends” and probably so and when youi go to a different high school,it’s like starting all over again.Nava Good luck to you and you have your whole Life in front of you!

  • The truth and nothing but…

    This is where I have problem with coaches. If you recruit a kid who was a sophomore starter at his former school, why in the world would he want to transfer and stay if he wasn’t going to start? It would have been dumb for Nava to stay and basically sit and hope someone gets hurt or otherwise he wasn’t going to play. In this case, Nava would probably never start at Amat because the starter is also a junior. I wonder how the conversation would go when a college recruit would ask for his junior year highlights and he doesn’t have any. I don’t know Hagerty but his text reply, “ask him” is troublesome because he’s acting like he has nothing to do with recruiting the player and also unappreciative the player was willing to take a risk. Why not just say “I wish he would have stayed but I understand his situation. We wish him well.”

  • Ray_Morehart

    Saying that he “missed his friends” is the answer that is going to smooth over the relationship with Rosemead the most. If he said that he was leaving Amat to go back to Rosemead because he wasn’t going to start, he would look bad. Let’s be honest. He wasn’t going to start at Amat, so he left.

    • The truth and nothing but…

      Why should he prejudice against himself? Why are we calling him out?

  • Spartan Pops

    Haggerty sure messed this one up!!! Kid was obviously the better QB and that showed at the Bonita Air Assault. Fact of the matter is that Haggerty had no intention of letting this kid start only to put a fire under the QB’s he already had. If he tells Garcia your 2nd QB he loses Kicker, Punter, and backup QB. Practices showed Nave was the better QB. Good luck Mr. Nava you will do great things wherever you end up.

    • 1st and goal

      There is a huge difference in passing league and in a game. No doubt that Nava had an arm. I liked the kid. Much better release and his throws were accurate with a nice zip. But once you put a rush on him he lacked the speed that is needed. When your going against defences in D-1 (Pac5) you got be able to scramble, roll out and make that pass. Good luck wherever he plays.

  • Spartan Pops

    I will take an accurate arm over speed any day of the week. If you have to rely on speed at the QB spot, you have bigger problems!! No faith in the O line.

  • Trojan Man

    As a Rosemead Guy & knowing his pops… I AM HAPPY TO Read this .
    Fight On