Days after former football coach Roddy Layton becomes Co-AD at Diamond Ranch, he makes a splash hire in boys basketball coach Eric Cooper

cooperWow, wow, wow. Former La Verne Lutheran boys basketball coach Eric Cooper, who won some CIF-SS championships and state titles at tiny La Verne Lutheran, is now the boys basketball coach at Diamond Ranch. Boy, it didn’t take former football coach and now AD Roddy Layton to make a splash. Some will say they’ve hired the best recruiter in town who will instantly draw talent to the school. Others will simply say Eric Cooper’s track record is what attracts. You decide, either way I’m guessing Diamond Ranch will be a boys basketball power soon.

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  • Pony Express

    Wow, so I guess good ole Roddy is living proof that the old saying, “liars never prospers” , is bulls**t. Cheat and move up and then hire another guy just like you. Only the new guy actually does know how to coach.

    • Nomoredrama

      I’m curious, any one know if the allegations against Roddy were ever proven? I find it difficult to believe a promotion would be the outcome of an investigation finding/proving him guilty.

      • udontgetit

        They were all proven. He was suspended for recruiting, he had players suspended because they were ineligible, and last year their league was about to punish him for illegally accessing an opposing teams game tape, however Roddy resigned instead (later he stated his resignation had nothing to do with the allegations). From what’s being leaked out now is that there has been an increase in basketball transfers kids who happen to play on travel ball teams and programs associated with Coach Cooper. IF they came to DR because he is the coach and he had contact with parents or players or anybody associated with him contacted the parents and players this would be “undue influence” which should mean the kids are ineligible to play. However CIF gives the responsibility to police this to the AD and administration of each member school, which at this point is reasonably questionable at DR.

        • Nomoredrama

          Well, the last allegation was for supposedly viewing another teams practice video, not game tape. And the other things you spoke on is happening at just about every high school in one sport or the other. IF the allegation was PROVEN and CIF AND PUSD haven’t taken action against him. …I’m not saying it’s right, but it’s the way it is. Will be interesting to see who and where all of these “transfers” come from.

  • SGV 4 30 Years

    When is comes to Diamond Ranch, the question is how much hasn’t come out yet. I’m sure there is more to it. The parent who started this whole avalanche rolling with the coaches and AD pulled his kids from school and left everyone else to deal with the fallout. I would love to be in that first AD meeting when Coach Layton comes walking in. Diamond Ranch has now put the fox incharge of the chicken coupe. The rumor mill has it that there are transfers lined up at the door to get in. I hope all those parents who went to the district to voice their complaints are happy now. Their kids aren’t going to get to play or even make teams now that the transfer floodgate is now open. There was already questionable institutional control. Now we know there will be no institutional control. Heck Roddy should forget to turn in some CIF paperwork and pay a couple kids to play. Next year he could move up to Principal.

    • Nomoredrama

      Institutional control of what or whom? In my reply below to Pony Express, I asked if any of the allegations against Layton were ever proven. If DRanch’s athletic department is so out of control, I don’t understand why there would be transfers “lined up” to go there?

      Inquiring minds want to know….

      • SGV 4 30 Years


        DRanch made such a huge deal about having all on campus coaches a couple years ago. Last year all their “on campus coaches” quit. Not one or two, they all quit. Why do you think that is? Have you ever heard of that happening ever? As far as the allegations go, have you heard anyone say that it didn’t happen? You know why, because it did!
        Drama, I say all this because I don’t want the good kids to have to suffer because the trusted people in charge put winning above everything else. I wish DR nothing but success as long as they don’t sacrifice integrity.

        • Nomoredrama

          Well, I guess we have no choice but to wait and see how things turn out. Everything changes, whether for the better or the worse, and for one reason or another. You stay in the same job long enough and ownership/management changes, management styles change, mission statements and goals change. So, what was a “huge deal” (on campus coaches) years ago, may not be the case here in the present. As far as anyone not refuting the allegations, some might choose not to even address allegations that are just that, “allegations”. I still believe a person innocent until proven guilty. Once proven guilty, then, I say justice needs to be dealt. “DRanch” has sent many student athletes on to the next level, some to Ivy League schools, so I think the kids are learning more than just winning. And, take note, I said “Dranch” not “DRanch Football”, as a “sports team” alone can not get you to the next level (college).

  • reality

    Don’t see the problem. Roddy must have bruised a few parents while coaching at DR but that’s about all. Haters have said “just you wait” for a long time now, we are still waiting. Meanwhile while we are waiting Roddy secured a legendary coach in his prime to lead DR. Who would’nt want to play for a proven commodity. If someone has a case take it to the proper authority and make it until then……..

    • Lower La Verne

      So can I get this straight? DR was forced by CIF to suspend Roddy three times due to illegal recruiting. DR had to forefeit games because of in eligible players under Roddy. DR got in a massive brawl under Roddy. But hey let’s give the guy an even bigger responsibility and make him in charge of the entire athletic program! Some ethics over at Diamond Ranch.

      • Nomoredrama

        Your post describes quite a few coaches/AD’s out there, lol! So, let’s just wait and see what Roddy will be accused of next…..

  • The Fan

    How’d San Dimas vs Diamond Ranch go? How’d both in top 10 do? Thanks

    • Nomoredrama

      Good question, anyone out there know? San Dimas vs Monrovia should be interesting this Friday! Can’t wait to read the posts after that one.

  • Michael Scott

    I suspect this coach will last maybe 2 years. He doesn’t seem to stick around too long.