Two-Minute Drill: Is Aram and Fred taking Bishop Amat over Santa Margarita homer predictions?

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  • Not Since 1995

    Hello football fans!!!!!! Well AMAT fans, let’s get it on!

  • reality

    It is only a homer prediction if Amat loses. If Amat wins it’s an I told you so moment. This first game of the season is a toss up.

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    Its obvious BA needs to repeat last years game plan. They may be thinking this, but Sidney should get some carries at RB. Lets face it BA is going to be the smaller team in this game. Pounding Carmargo plays to SM’s strength. They have to spread them out and gun it. They should run the ball sideline to sideline with fly sweeps. BA needs to get more creative with there offense. Costello is a top recruit, but I would not be throwing at Sidney and Vaughns all night. Eventually that ball will be picked and going the other. Way, BA is not a lock. I thihk SM will bother Garcia enough to get a close home win.

    • Valley Athletics

      can’t forget they have Arcanado who was the leading receiver in the league last season . Torrie sweet at RB/ SB will also help . He has been looking good catching ball out of back field and Running . It’s not going to be an easy game . SM returns a big line , tight end who is ucla commit . Heard they got a receiver transfer from mission viejo . Going to be a tough game .

  • The stands

    Freshmen game final: Amat defeats Santa Margarita 28 – 22.