PrepXtra Live Postgame Show: We talk Bishop Amat, San Dimas Highlights and the Pomona “not in the best interest of the kids,” fiasco.

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  • Valley Athletics

    Walnut beat La Puente . Some one posted score on live feed ..

    • Not Since 1995

      News flash….. Who cares one way or the other.

      • Valley Athletics

        On the recap fred stated that la puente may be a favorite in there league because they beat walnut . Just correcting Fred .

  • observantcat

    Just Breaking down Purple Reign’s theory of teams outside of DB although he doesn’t necessarily speak on behalf of all DB fans, Heres what he had to say 6 day ago.

    “Monrovia does not have way more speed lol we actually matched up well in passing league were speed is all that matters…you guys won by 3 a small margin for a team that supposedly has way more speed…our line is bigger then San Dimas and faster and our skill players are bigger and faster I respect San Dimas as a good program but as I said they can’t run over us or around us so what’s it gonna be. Oh one more thing we have a Noodles and Tyler Peterson and a whole slew of weapons offensive and defensive that are not in the lime light… 6″3 tackle or SGV tackle leader lol just keep sleeping on DB not the same team from a year ago. Don’t care how bad walnut and Montebello are starters didn’t play after half time in either game. This will not be a close game…take it to the bank….”

    Let now break it down:
    Speed = Monrovia
    Size = San Dimas
    Faster = San Dimas
    Skill Players = 2 Diamond Bar players or 10 San Dimas Players
    Win = San Dimas 38-14 and could have been much worse.
    Well, Purple Reign as of last night Your Account has been CLOSED until further notice. Good Luck going forward to all the DB Fans who understand football is a 11 man sport.

    • Purple_Reign

      Account open…lol they beat us good freak game for our guys people who are normally lights out didn’t bring it the way we know they can…we lost on to next week…we’re still a good team a fast team and still going to playoffs

      • observantcat

        Just goes to show you that no matter how good a team thinks they are there is always a team out there that feels different and proves it on the field of play. I’m sure Diamond Bar will shape up towards the end to be in position to go deep into the playoffs, but as for now I would be concerned about the other 9 guys on offense that have to step their game up against tough teams.

        • Brahma_old_timer

          The other guys.played well the 2 stars stunk it up

          • observantcat

            What is your assessment of San Dimas?

  • sir lancelot

    I believe if Amat would widen their DE they would be a way better defense. They are small but very quick. They should use the speed they have and apply pressure that would allow the QB to make decisions he would not have made in the first place that would result in turn overs.

  • New York

    I just read the article regarding Pomona and Mission Prep. If it is true that Mission Prep offered to pay for Pomona’s travel costs, then the Pomona District and School administrators should seriously be reprimanded. How is a field trip to California’s Central Coast not in the best interest of the kids? When is the next time any of those kids will go to San Luis Obispo? It is beautiful up there, as is the majority of the bus ride. Let these kids get outside of the SGV!!!

  • Sports News

    Please keep digging just please keep digging Fred and Aram because there is something fishy about this story of Pomona Unified School District I hate that the Red Devils had to miss an experience of a lifetime because of the BEST INTEREST OF THE PUSD ADMINISTRATORS!