PrepXtra Live Postgame: Hear about the shocking results (Amat losing) and the reactions to Glendora beating Los Altos and St. Francis over Monrovia

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  • Tan K Solot

    BA WTH? Do we need to ask Big Lou and his Chargers to go down there and beat them Huskies for you? Unbelievable.

    • Valley Athletics

      Good one . Should big Lou ask haggerty how to beat La Mirada .

  • jcaz

    Fred, you don’t have to make any excuses for the way Amat
    played last night. They stunk it up. Fact is that it was a step up game for Chino Hills, and they came through with flying colors ! Actually, I would even argue that this win is perhaps far bigger for them than the win they had against Tessoro a few years back, and that’s because it was to the big bad wolf in the neighborhood, and because it was against a team that they should have beaten a few years ago had I not been for a bad call by the zebras.

    Ill bet it feels good to finally earn something that was taken away from them a few years back . Having said that however, one has to put this win for them in perspective.

    For example, its like the good old days when USC would play UCLA in basketball…… and win.

    Didn’t matter that UCLA had John Wooden as their coach, Lew
    Alcindor or Bill Walton as their center, because the “condoms” would often step up and beat a better team.

    Now, im not trying to lay more wood to a fire here by saying
    that Amat is the better team given the fact that they just got their jock straps handed to them by Chino Hills. But even now, I’d bet you that 99% of the general population would say that Amat’s still the better team EVEN THOUGH they just got beat rather convincingly by Chino Hills.

    Think of it as Michigan against Appalachin State (we all know what happened there right ?), or better yet, how Calpreps would rate a game, if they were to play once again. Amat would be favored. Am I right ?

    Just saying….

    Still, the mere mention of the words “….what you call a big Pac-5 step back….. because they just blew a wild card.” Infers that CH isn’t deserving of as much respect as they should have right now.

    They do deserve respect….But it’s a long season yet

    Good win Chino Hills !

    • no-step

      You must practice for at least two hours a week in perfecting your excuses. This was not a “step up” game for the Huskies. Those two teams are always evenly matched. Amat is living on past laurels…not since ’95.

  • Valley Athletics

    going to be an up and down season for Amat. They can beat anyone and lose to anyone. Team is very young with mostly junior starters and they will have great days and bad days. They will learn from this And hopefully improve ..good luck to them in league .congrats to chino hills , great offensive game plan ..

  • nomat

    where is amat73 with his old line “amat Will shine?”

    • AMAT 73

      I am right here brother . Some of us do have a life outside of high school football . No excuses for the loss , we got beat plain and simple and CH was the better team on Friday night . Don’t know why Garcia didn’t start but it hurt and again turnovers . We will regroup and AMAT WILL SHINE . By the way where were you all week leading up to this game . I know hiding because you had no confidence in your team in this game .

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    Discipline and Coaching….

    Monrovia did come to play that night. Monrovia coaches did come prepared. However Bonds hand 2-3 plays extra, that beat us. He’s a veteran and you have to give him credit. The score did not indicate how close the game was…but in football, and inch is just as far as a mile. We learned a lot from the game and I hope we can keep SF on the schedule. If or when we do win that game, that’s a good indicator that we have fully graduated to that “next level”. Monrovia had too many penalties to overcome, which all came in the red zone. That’s the same ol Mtown stuff, that just has to be corrected. We are lights out all the way up until the red zone. We must correct that. But leaving that game…if you are a Monrovia insider….you have to feel good about our chances in the Central. The Los Altos game is a “Must Win”. The Cats have a solid D. Young, but very good. Teams will use our aggressiveness to their advantage. We have get a handle on that. However, Mtown is going to be ready come playoff time. I feel we can make the Semi’s.

    • Green IM

      Green Machine, you sound remarkably similar to me when I talked about Bohi’s loss to Monrovia with the 4 first half turnovers lol. We also think the game was closer than the score indicated. But all things considered, Mtown beat Bohi fair and square.

      By the way, Monrovia will have no trouble with Los Altos. We’ve beat them 2 straight years and you know how terrible we are.

  • Fire Hagerty

    Again Hagerty is made of teflon. He is not a very good coach. Very inconsistent.