Ayala reports 21 football players (JV&Varsity) have been suspended while school investigates hazing allegations stemming from last week’s trip to Utah

Ayala High School sent a memo to reporter Lou Brewster involving suspensions and allegations of hazing. Memo: Ayala High School officials are continuing to investigate an incident involving some members of the Varsity Football team while at an away game in St. George, Utah.
Underclassmen reported that there was a hazing incident that took place at the team hotel.
21 students have been suspended ranging from one to five days pending the continuing investigation.
“As a district, we have zero tolerance for hazing or bullying of any sort,” said Julie Gobin, district spokeswoman.

Note: Ayala beat Snow Canyon in St. George, UT., last week 23-7. Ayala has a bye tonight and will resume action next Friday hosting Damien.

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  • Inland_FB_Fan

    STUPID! This is why I never wanted to take any of our teams on a road trip like this. From what I am being told, there could be arrests coming from this as well. This went way beyond “harmless” hazing. Sexual assault charges could be pending.

    • OuttaYourMindTrib

      According to CHPD, no criminal charges will be filed (as of Friday). So, your sources could be over-reacting to something that is more along the lines of “…WTF is wrong with you SFB?” rather than criminal activity.

      I’ll say this; “good job SFB” (the kids), you (guys) probably just cost your ENTIRE SPORTS program future travel opportunities. Good job. I hope you’re proud of yourself.

  • reality

    Suspended from one to 5 days during the bye week.? Sounds like a reward more than a punishment for the football team.

  • What?

    All this traveling out of state for high school football games is plain stupid, not to mention a waste of money. There are way too many good teams here in the Southern section to have to leave the state for a game.

    • OuttaYourMindTrib

      I disagree. An opportunity to play a game out of state is a unique opportunity. 99% of these kids will never play another down after High School. Why not do something unusual if you have the means to do it? Does it cost a lot? Probably. I can only hope my Grandkids get an opportunity like that, but with so many knuckleheaded kids that don’t now how to act out there, theres a good chance they will never get that chance.

      It only takes one dumb SFB to ruin it for everyone.