PrepXtra Postgame Show discussing the South Pasadena fiasco along with Bishop Amat’s league title and more

Find out why South Pasadena was forced to forfeit its 21-3 victory over La Canada. Rio Hondo League administrators decided to ban South Pasadena from the postseason after learning of an unspecified rules violation. Trouble is, they didn’t tell South Pasadena players until the busride home. South Pas players had thought it clinched its first playoff berth since 2003. Tigers coach Martin Konrad was not at Friday’s victory over La Canada. Apparently players from neither team knew about the ruling. Click the thread for a statement from principal Janet Anderson and athletic director Greg Luna: (To continue click thread).

Dear Tiger Football Families,
First of all, we would like to thank you for your unwavering support this season. What a remarkable season it has been with tonight’s game a beautiful jewel in the season’s crown. It is with very heavy hearts that we share with you what your sons have likely already shared. After their bus ride back home from La Canada, their coaches and the two of us met with the team. We acknowledged and celebrated their accomplishments and their joy. That made it all the harder to share with them that rather than continue into the CIF playoffs as the third place team, their season has come to an end.
Yesterday, we became aware that our school was accused of a violation of CIF regulations. We are continuing our investigation into the allegation. La Canada played tonight’s game under protest. Had they won, the protest would likely have been moot. With us winning the game, the Rio Hondo League leadership determined that SPHS would forfeit the game and La Canada would take the third place spot.
Tonight, we told the players that they did things correctly; the violations are not tied to their behavior. We also shared that since it is an ongoing investigation, there are details we will not be sharing at this time. Due to the time sensitive nature of playoff seeding, we do not expect there to be a change in this ruling. We are sending you information as quickly and as thoroughly as we can tonight, however brief it necessarily is.
Please help our players process this disappointment by highlighting the many stellar points experienced throughout this season.
We thank you for your understanding and continued support.
Janet Anderson, Principal
Greg Luna, Athletic Director

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  • SGV Football Historian

    This story does have some legs. South Pas filming….congratulations….Good luck and enjoy your trip to Colony

  • Colt74

    Stevie sitting between you guys while you go at the BA/Pac5 arguement…again….looks like a deer in headlights….

  • Steve Padilla

    Bonita head coach Adrian Medrano has a meltdown after their ot loss to Claremont as yells” F* you!” from midfield towards the Bonita bleachers after the game in response to critical parents. Lets see what the repercussions will be if any for his lack of control.

    • Green IM

      What are you talking about? The only guy he would’ve said that to wasn’t at the game because he’s too self-aggrandized and doesn’t support the team — only his kid.

      • Steve Padilla

        Well Mr Cochran it was obvious that for at least one night there is more than one set of parents that was upset with the handling of this team. I would expect the hc to have a little thicker skin though

        • Green IM

          I didnt hear or see anything but from Frank’s comments below Medrano must’ve exchanged something with somebody. And I’m not Cochran by a long shot.

  • Valley Athletics

    The Pasadena situation sucks . They should be allowed to play this years playoffs . Until they get a hearing and they prove everything punishments should be made . Not to the kids . Punishment should be handed to to the adults involved .

    • last picked

      Agreed. It’s the same at the college level where a coach can commit violations, move on to a new job but the old school gets left holding the bag like SC and Pete Carroll

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Nah, if the policed confirmed that it was the plates of head coach’s brother high tailing it out of there, how much detail do you want to dig up? It would be in South Pasadena’s best interest to take the forfeit, miss the playoffs and hire a new staff. Most practices are open, and the majority of the time people won’t cross that line and film a practice.You know why…because to some programs really want to know if they were better that night. Of course you may get observers…but this was down and dirty.

      • Valley Athletics

        Agree , when I posted there was no facts out yet , just the allegations from last night .

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          yeah,I had to wait and see what the Trib’s details were. Based on what they have, something happened. This already mishandled situation would be even worse, if SP went to the playoffs next week. The investigation would go deeper, LC would really be screwed. The best part of this story, is that SP has bowed out and allowed LC to go to the playoffs. It’s the only thing that has went right so far. The RHL Heads did the right thing, and didn’t take all day to do so.

  • Frank Castro

    Well Fred like any High School after a lost and especially any potential elimination game, Feeling and Emotions are going to be High. The team was coming back from exchanging hand shakes with the Claremont Players for their after game coach’s speech when there were loud criticism (putting it mildly) from the Fans as they were leaving by the fence in front of the stands. Since I have a Special Ed Adult Child I will not repeat what he said as the remark is insulting to me to say the lease. An exchange took place and since I was looking at the Fans I did not see who exactly return the insult. The Fan was informed that his conduct and comments were not doing the program anything good for the program. BoHi has a staff like many high schools that cares about their kids, trying to get the most they can out of the kids coaching them up and trying to get them to a 4 year College and a future for themselves. Coaching them up when they are considered under man or under size is what I remember from many of the early season bogglers at the beginning of the year. I see staff putting in allot of time, hours in fact getting the kid ready for every game. Every game isn’t going to turn out the way we want it and the kids knew the coin toss was coming soon so tension were high. Now with this so called Social Media every coach is a target, but I guess they always are. A few weeks ago Amat Coach wasn’t good enough and now Amat are Co-Champs. Maybe we just need to take a step back and let everyone cool off. The playoff brackets will be out soon and we will see if the Bearcats get a date with Monrovia who I believe will be receiving the #1 seed.
    The early season lost may hurt the Boy’s chances but if you were at the game, the score did not reflect how the game went.
    Well waiting on to see how the CIF Brackets & Pairing go?

    Frankie “C” in LV……Go Bearcats.
    Yo Steve, come on down to Chases and let’s talk a little HS Football.
    1st round is on me!

  • Mean Joe Green

    If these rumors are true, you most definitely have to take the game away from South Pasadena. Any victory from the Tigers could be attributed to the information they gained through the illegal videotaping. However, they should have told the kids before the game and given them the chance to vote on whether or not they wanted to play or forfeit. Unfortunately, a forfeiture would impact ticket sales for La Canada, so that would be like punishing the Spartans twice. So unless someone can think of a better scenario, then I think the school administration and the Rio Hondo coaches did the right thing. However, if we are going to tell our kids that they need to act mature and like adults, then dang-it treat them like adults and stop babying them. They should have treated those young men like adults and given them enough respect to share the information and let them decide their own fates. As for the coaches, they need to be fired and banned for life from any CIF sanctioned sport. This is the only way that you deter future morons from doing the same thing.

    • vegemighty

      I disagree. The game has to be played for its own sake. It may ultimately have been meaningless as far as the playoff picture, but Blair, Temple City, and lots of schools all over the SGV and the country played games last night that were similarly meaningless. Forfeiting, actually not playing the game, should (almost) never even be imagined.

      And if the game is going to be played under protest, that’s not something that should be allowed to affect play on the field. By keeping all the players from both teams in the dark, it allowed them, at least, to live in that moment where the game mattered, instead of having it be overshadowed by things outside of their control.

      It’s a real shame for the South Pas kids though – what an awful way to end the season. I suppose the La Canada kids probably aren’t exactly thrilled with getting into the playoffs that way either.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        But the SP kids game plan was based on illegal activity. If you have tape of someone’s practice that’s a huge advantage. Why do you think it’s prohibited?

        • vegemighty

          Don’t get me wrong – I have no problem with the punishment. Obviously something had to be done, and this is appropriate. It just sucks for the SP kids to learn that their coach didn’t have enough faith in them to win on their own, to have their victory on the field (which they may well have been able to earn honestly) to be tainted, and to miss the playoffs. It sucks for the LC kids who didn’t get the chance to compete on a level playing field and, though they get the playoff spot, have to go without the satisfaction of getting it on the field.

          Just a bad situation all around, and as usual it is all the kids involved who are getting screwed by adults misbehaving.

  • Just wondering

    Fred, you keep saying how unfair it is for the S.P. kids to be punished for something they had no control over, but what about the L.C. Players? If the alleged filming is true, they may very well have lost due to the actions of the S.P. coaches. Why should they have to miss the playoffs?