PrepXtra Live CIF-SS Football Playoff Show with all our predictions and Fredictions

CIF-SS Playoff Preview show with listed times of each preview
— Open with South Pasadena forfeit fiasco
11:30 mark: Pac-5 Playoff preview
30:45 mark: Central Division preview
39:30 mark: Southeast Division preview
51:00 mark: Mid-Valley Division preview

CIF-SS Area Playoff Predictions by Fred Robledo
Pac-5 Division
First Round
St. John Bosco over Long Beach Cabrillo
St. Bonvaenture over Norco
Santa Margarita over Crespi
Servite over Long Beach Poly
Corona Centennial over Serra
Mater Dei over Westlake
Bishop Amat over Lakewood
JSerra over Corona Santiago
St. John Bosco over St. Bonaventure
Santa Margarita over Servite
Corona Centennial over Mater Dei
Bishop Amat over JSerra
St. John Bosco over Santa Margarita
Corona Centennial over Bishop Amat
St. John Bosco over Corona Centennial

Central Division
First Round

Colony over La Canada
Glendora over Summit
Charter Oak over Colton
Claremont over San Marino
Kaiser over Bonita
West Covina over Chaffey
Los Altos over South Hills
Monrovia over Don Lugo
Glendora over Colony
Charter Oak over Claremont
West Covina over Kaiser
Monrovia over Los Altos
Charter Oak over Glendora
West Covina over Monrovia
Charter Oak over West Covina

Mid-Valley Division
First Round
Paraclete over Bassett
Azusa over El Monte
La Puente over Montebello
Northview over Brentwood
Pomona over Christa McAuliffe
San Dimas over Baldwin Park
Rosemead over Covina
Sierra Canyon over Bell Gardens
Paraclete over Azusa
Northview over La Puente
Pomona over San Dimas
Sierra Canyon over Rosemead
Northview over Paraclete
Pomona over Sierra Canyon
Pomona over Northview

Southeast Division
First Round

St. Francis over Mayfair
Dominguez over La Serna
Norwalk over Paramount
Crescenta Valley over Harvard-Westlake
Cathedral over Muir
Downey over California
El Rancho over Burbank
La Mirada over Salesian
St. Francis over Dominguez
Norwalk over Crescenta Valley
Cathedral over Downey
La Mirada over El Rancho
St. Francis over Norwalk
La Mirada over Cathedral
St. Francis over La Mirada

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  • Mean Joe Green


  • Colt74

    Obviously I don’t agree with SOME of your picks..but we’ll see. I think HS Football is too dynamic to pick past each week so in the imortal words of Ted Arroway….” Small moves, Ellie, small moves “.

    • Joe Amat

      niiiice reference. very underrated movie. all I know is:

      “I’m ok to go, I’m ok to go,I’m ok to go,…”

      • Conq ’76

        “But a big booming voice in the sky IS what you heard…” (paraphrase)

        • Eric

          “This is your wake up call pal, now go to work”

          • Joe Amat

            First time I ever heard of Occam’s razor. “You ever heard of it?”

            Since then I really try to use that first when thinking of a difficult solution.

  • SirRedDevil

    Gotta love Playoff Time and Predictions.

  • Carlos Vazquez

    I totally disagree with u i think covina will beat Rosemead and I don’t think charter oak is going to win the championship

    • FredJ

      well who’s going to win it then?

  • Jefe

    The best teams in the Trinity League struggled MIGHTILY with JSerra. I just can’t agree with Fred on that pick. I think JSerra is going to be the most well-rounded team Amat has faced in quite some time and I like the Lions in that game.

    • observantcat

      I’m in 100% agreement with you on that one. J Serra is the real deal and if Amat doesn’t have their absolute best game of the season they will go down in that game. With all of the talent that Amat has they seem to have plenty of holes to fill when it comes to like teams. JSerra is not a Crespi, nor Serra they are much more polished on both sides of the ball and will take advantage on all of the mistakes that a teams gives them. Amat should put Garcia in for the remaining part of these playoffs because he’s the soldier that got them their. Ruiz still needs to gel with this team before trying to slay the big dragons.

      • FredJ

        Those Trinity games were so close, so many decided by a few points. Heck, JSerra almost lost to OLu…. They’re good but no world beaters, Amat has a good chance.

        • OnBLUE

          Orange Lutheran had an awesome team this year. They played everyone in the Trinity tough! They only lost to SJB by 11 points….7 of which came at the end of the game AND SJB only had a 6 point lead going into the 4th Quarter.

          Orange Lutheran also lost to Corona Centennial by only a field goal!

          Orange Lutheran lost to Corona Centennial, Servite, Santa Margarita, JSerra and SJ Bosco by a combined 22 points!!!

          22 points! wow!

          Poor Orange Lutheran…out of every team that did not make the playoffs, I would have to pick them as most deserving to be in the playoffs.

          The Pac-5 is a brutal beast.

    • OnBLUE

      I can’t agree with Fred either. JSerra is 5 points away from winning the Trinity and being the #1 seed in the PAC-5. As much as I love my Lancers, there is no way I would pick them over JSerra. To me, it does not make sense to pick Amat over JSerra but then pick SJB over Amat. If you are going to pick Amat over JSerra, you might as well pick Amat to win the Pac-5…JSerra is THAT good.

      It would not surprise me at all if we had SJB vs. JSerra II in the championship game. Actually on paper and when comparing scores…it should be SJB vs. JSerra but we will see.

  • last picked

    I don’t think Amat breaks the rhythm they have going with Ruiz right, especially if Garcia doesn’t get a full weeks practice in. Lakewood is probably the best match up they could have gotten to get Garcia some offensive series in, but stick with Ruiz to start, Garcia off the bench.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      You don’t touch what BA has going now…but what’s worse is neither one of these kids is going to want be the back up QB next year….BA is going to lose one of them.

      • last picked

        Rematches from early season games are probably a little tougher then the potential league foe rematches. Take Mater Dei & Centennial for instance. MD rolled Centennial the 1st game of the season, but you also had a Centennial team that had to replaced their starting QB, RB & 2 of their top receivers ect.. will that game go a different way now, you never know. Centennial in their 2 losses were handled on both sides of the lines. They were far more athletic then Bishop Gorman, but the line D-line ran out of gas in that one down the stretch.I think if Amat and Centennial have have a noticeable disadvantage against SJB, MD, JSerra and possibly Servite, it’s on the lines. Success breeds success, this could be the start of another Amat run.

      • Gus Ramos

        Green machine, I think you are a little green between the ears. Ryder Ruiz has already established himself, as a bonafide QB. Do you think, playing for Amat is the only thought, in the youngs man’s mind? Scouts have already been watching him, since he started. He’s not quite polished to his potential. With more weight added to his 6′ 3,” he will receive a number of scholarship offers. What is on the mind of the coaches and players, is to win games. To put Garcia to replace Ryder, because he is responsible for getting them there, is ill advised. No offense Mr. Garcia, he’s been out of commission! This is the first round of the CIF, why take the chance of getting behind in the first half; then expect a miracle in the second half! Garcia is a much better scramble than Ruiz. How many times, would you say high school QB’s scramble in a game? The only way I would replace Damian with Ryder, if Bishop Amat has blown Lakewood away in the first half, which I doubt very much. Bishop Amat is very talented this year. This has to be the year to shine!! I would like to send a crow sandwich to Amat hater, Aram.

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          Did I say That Ruiz was the one that might leave Amat? What I am saying is that Garcia may have lost his spot for good, and if that’s the case, he won’t be at Amat next year. Now which one of these fine QB’s is willing to ride the pine their senior year, after they both played well? If you Reinstate Garcia after what Ruiz has done, then somethings has to give. If Ruiz stays in and beats Lakewood and maybe J Serra, then something has to give. I am not hating on Amat or either QB, I am basically saying that they are both too good to sit next year. Only one of them is going to start. Some would say stay and compete, but I say, whomever they start Friday, and Maybe the next game, is going to be the Amat QB next year. That’s just reality…The only thing Green is my name…

          • MoreKetchup

            One Hundred Percent Agree. Garcia doesn’t have the personality to wait out a game for anything but injury. If we see Ruiz start and dominate Lakewood, he is almost for sure gone to another local school.

          • Valley Athletics

            I wouldn’t say Garcia lost his spot . Ruiz has not played a team with a D line that has been in his face all night long and hasn’t been hit as much as Garcia and gotten back up to throw a TD. against Chaminade he almost broke Haden’s record with an injured rib . Against Crespi he brought the team back with time running out to tie the game. Ruiz hasn’t been in those situations , so we don’t know how he will respond .That is what gives him the edge . Ruiz has thrown well , but it wasn’t against any of the playoff teams with the better defenses .

        • AMAT 73

          Don’t forget Aram was the first to say this was the best team AMAT has had in ten years , Even though he did bail on us after a couple of losses he was the first to see the possibilities in this TEAM , so maybe half a sandwich , but we still have a long way to go ,


    Way to go on making the CIF playoffs again AZUSA! Congratulations on going undefeated in League and beating Baldwin Park, who was projected by Fred to be the League Champs! It’s going to be a good match up on Thursday night, and it’s been a long time since AZUSA has played El Monte! I’m looking forward on watching the game and should be a good one! Let’s Go AZUSA and hope you have a Good playoff run.



  • Henry Montemayor

    i have to disagree with your pick against LB Poly… i think they are better than Servite and they should go all the way to the finals.

  • OnBLUE

    Rio Ruiz DOES have a playoff win…but not as a QB. Rio caught the game winning pass as a Wide Receiver in 2009 against Mater Dei beating those pesky Monarchs 28-21 at Kiefer. Amat’s QB that year was Jerry McClanahan. Bishop Amat would lose the following playoff week to yep…u guessed it…Lakewood! =)

  • vegemighty

    Wait, what about Days Of Thunder?

    • Joe Amat


  • GP AKA Green Machine

    Fred you have a right to your opinion, but at least back it
    up with something that makes sense. Monrovia and Charter Oak are like teams.
    Both have good QB’s, both have speed, both
    have good coaching staffs. I am
    surprised about your prediction where you say that “West Covina will be
    physically stronger than Monrovia”, and that will result in them winning a
    semifinal. Now if both teams were to
    make it that far, that comment baffles me. I know you were at the Charter Oak vs West Co
    game. Are you implying that Charter Oak is more physical than Monrovia? They
    are not bigger(Eye Test)…they are not faster. How did CO beat Wesco??? Was it
    with Brut strength or finesse? Or was it both? Am I mistaking, but what makes
    Charter Oaks Wide Receivers, which couldn’t get behind Los Altos DB’s better
    than Monrovia WR which marched 90 yards
    down the field in 1 minute against those same DB’s? Oh I know…. Echols was out?? Well Kameron
    Johnson was out verses Los Altos too due to injury and they still managed to
    beat them. Our other RBs stepped up. Is
    CO a one man team like Glendora? If you
    Stop Echols and then you Stop CO? I am confident, that Monrovia could produce the same results. In that game brown
    had turnovers, CO gave up some long runs, but still manage to outscore Wesco. You
    would expect those things to happen to Monrovia verses Wesco, but still you
    feel that Monrovia for some reason is not capable of scoring against WC?? Why
    is that? I know you have your old time fantasy of an old school matchup with CO
    and WC in the title game. But that is your reason for picking WC over Monrovia,
    it ‘s not anything you’ve seen on the
    field, and if whatever you saw, you did not explain it well. Nevertheless, all
    that matters is winning the first round game. But, you swung and missed, with
    your analysis on the bottom bracket. If anything, I would say the most dangerous team /Game
    for Mtown would be a rematch verses Los
    Altos in Hacienda Heights….

    • Bulldogs have bite

      Just to add a little insight on the CO vs WC game. WC played without their leading rusher, and were leading CO 21-14 in the 3rd quarter before our best DB Isaiah Love came out of the game with an injury. Echols, Nash, and Casteel are a load to handle, with Love out we simply could not cover all their weapons late in that game. No way anybody beats CO without their top offensive weapon and top defensive cover man sidelined with injuries. That being said, WC made a game of it anyway.

      It’s all about matchups, Fred feels WC matches up with Monrovia pretty well. Monrovia has weapons like CO, but they don’t use them like CO. Like you said, you see Los Altos as a dangerous matchup for Monrovia. WC blanked them 21-0.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        All I can say is #23 and #32….Love can’t be everywhere all the time…What’s so mysterious about Streaks and screens or swings out the backfield??? Didn’t I tell you that CO would catch that…Nevermind…you are not paying attention, but Monrovia is……

        • Bulldogs have bite

          That’s not what killed us. CO simply threw jump balls to Casteel and Nash when matched up against a smaller defensive back. When Love went down it was open season on the reserve cornerbacks.

          That Los Altos passing game amounted to less than 100 yards and 0 trips beyond midfield in the second half. Who’s not paying attention?

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Well do you think MtownWR are not athletic? Uh oh…That’s exactly what our WR’s do, jump balls etc etc…If love is your only cover guy, who’s going to cover the other 3 WR’s? That’s if we make to the Semis….

          • MoreKetchup

            Love’s presence only limits the options of opposing QB’s. He can’t cover all three, but it also puts more pressure on the QB to make accurate throws to his other receivers.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            yeah, that’s why I am saying a team with multiple WR is dangerous to WC. Love goes both ways…Lot’s of Fluids my friend.

          • WCDan

            I think having Love in the game is big in the sense that we can put him on a teams best WR, our other DB’s for the most part are good enough to cover the 2nd and 3rd Wr. It was working pretty good when he was in.

          • MoreKetchup

            My point exactly. Busby and Ubani have the ability to cover these second and third best options. Opposing Qb’s are forced to throw well in order to penetrate our defense. Poor accuracy QBs can survive against a Love-less Secondary, but with Love…

          • Pablo

            The 21-14 WC lead that happened for about a minute in the the 3rd quarter because of a punt return right after a tied halftime. WC had only 14 offensive points & was shutout in the 2nd half. Take away the 2 long runs & WesCo had -9 yards of offense in the entire game. Their first completion of the game was a -4 yard screen pass in the late 3rd quarter. WC only had 2 first downs in the whole game, both of them in the 4th & the last one in the last minute of the game when CO had already iced it. My point? CO was the more physical team that night, & it looks like they’ve hit their stride. Not to take anything away from WC their a tough team too, but I think Monrovia will beat them & lose to CO in the final. Oh & Echols wasn’t the only one out for the Los Altos game. That week they were without Echols & several starting o-linemen, & Brown hadn’t practiced all week because of a bad ankle. Also another reason might be the fact that LA was preparing for CO since April

          • Bulldogs have bite

            So our leading rusher Martinez being out for WC is not going to impact our offense? Key players being out are not an excuse, but they help paint the whole picture. Not taking anything away from CO, but WC has had its own injury troubles that have hindered our offense. CO did a great job of shutting down what was left of our offense. No Martinez or Love for us means our number 1 and 2 options on offense are gone.

        • WCDan

          Actually the RB we lost that night was our outside speed back, when
          healthy he was scoring from anywhere on the field, This kid set the WC
          school record scoring 38 TD’s last season in his freshman season. He may
          have helped open up the inside run with his ability to break outside.
          As More Ketchup said, having Love covering took away options, with Love
          in the game it was 21 to 14 West Co. Charter Oak took a couple shots
          deep to Nash at least twice against Love that I remember and both were
          batted down. I think the bigger question for WC this playoff season will
          be if they can open up the offense, their limited looks have kept them
          from scoring against the good teams and has resulted in some three and
          outs and stalled drives which keeps their defense on the field too long.
          From what it looks like in the stands, it seems we could use some of those same
          streaks, WR screens, RB swing passes and a few other patterns that were used

          against us ourselves.
          I think it would really open up the offense and make us a lot more
          dangerous in this division, we have the players, although right now a
          few are out, but I think we just need to pull the trigger.
          All this talk of WC vs Monrovia is premature, Chaffey is 8 & 2 and
          is big on the line, looks like they can match us physically, we need to focus on them for this week.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            I agree that WC needs to open it up, You are right about this talk being premature. I was just addressing Federico’s comment about that match up. If It happened, you know who I am going to say the winner will be. Just banter.

          • WCDan

            I hear you, that’s the fun of these boards.

    • Mean Joe Green

      I think all sports analyst should start their commentary and analysis with “Personally I have only seen this team play X times but here is my opinion anyways”. Heck as a fan, I only took three days out of my life and managed to catch the games of three Central division league champions. There is a lot of commentary on these blogs about teams that no one has even bothered seeing in person. The interesting thing about MTown is that people are still in the dark about who we are as a team despite being 10 games into the season.