Voice of the Valley: Words can’t express the impact “Corn Dawg” has on the high school sports scene

cdog2Odds are you’ve heard Corey Kwok’s voice if you’ve been to just about any local high school sporting event.From baseball to basketball to football to even girls volleyball, Kwok, who is known by most as “Corn Dawg,” has become the voice of the Valley … and parts well beyond. His booming voice may not match his frame, but it’s certainly caught on and made him one of the most recognizable figures on the local sports scene.It’s a pretty good niche Kwok has carved himself. He does the public address announcing for local sporting cdog1events and in return gets to be around the sports and people he loves. Sometimes, a few bucks get thrown his way, too.Not bad for someone who doesn’t drive and rarely has a working cell phone.“It’s above and beyond so worth it because of the people I’ve met and continue to meet,” Kwok said while interviewed at a Pasadena noodle restaurant just minutes before catching a train to his next assignment. “I enjoy it when people I don’t know come up to me and commend me for a great job. It’s not just fans and parents, it’s players, too.”Kwok, who prefers to go by his more adult-sounding moniker “Swaggy C,” is known for his sometimes flashy appearance. He tries to rock the latest popular basketball shoes with some wild socks as often as his wallet allows. It makes him very distinctive for fans to notice.

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