Saturday’s annual Glendora alumni basketball game to benefit 10-year-old Cale Smith

Glendora basketball alumni game Saturday at 5 p.m., benefits 10-year-old Cale Smith: For the last three years, former members of the Glendora High School boys basketball team have gathered to celebrate the long and successful tradition of their program at an annual alumni basketball game.This year, however, the importance of this game goes far beyond the boundaries of the gym, as the program has focused its efforts on supporting the family of Corey Smith, which has recently been forced to cope with a cancer diagnosis.
In late February, 10-year-old Cale Smith, the son of Corey Smith, a 1990 graduate of Glendora High School, and Karine Smith, was diagnosed with what doctors believed to be benign skull tumor known as Schwanomma. But, as the family, which includes 14-year-old Kylie, an incoming freshman at Glendora High School, and 8-year-old Caden, prepared to leave on a spring break trip, Cale began to experience pain in his skull and face. This time, doctors determined that the malignant tumor was in fact Rhabdomyosarcoma, a cancer that usually develops in skeletal muscles.

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