Former San Dimas coach Bill Zernickow undefeated in Oregon

Just how good is former San Dimas football coach Bill Zernickow? At San Dimas, the master of the Wing Z contended for a CIF title virtually every season and won two championships. Zernickow, and some members of his Saints coaching staff, took a leap of faith and moved to Oregon to take on Tualatin HS, a team that was 0-9 last year. But with Billy Z in charge, Tualatin is undefeated at 4-0 and ranked eighth in the state.

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  • Run-n-Gun

    Ouch, what did Coach Holman ever do to you? Was the post really necessary? It seems a little premature don’t you think. I guess Aram will be doing all the interviews from now on.

    Lets look at your statement at the end “Yes, the Saints miss him”. Last season SD started off 3-2 with a loss to Bonita which make it the 3rd time in 4 years they lost the Smudgepot and they finished the season 8-4 and a 2nd round loss to Pomona. With a win Thursday they will have the same record at 3-2 which included a loss to Bonita. If you watched the game you will have noticed this years team played the Bearcats better than the previous 2 teams. The 2013 year team started off 0-4 with a loss to Bonita. While they did rally to win CIF, this season is not over. Its great that Bill is doing well in Oregon but how about you support coaches that actually play in your area! What will it take for you to have respect for coach Holman? 10-3 with a Semi-Final loss. What if they finish 2nd in league like last year and bail out in the 2nd round like your beloved Coach Z. Remember one thing Fred, nothing Coach Z did at San Dimas offensively didn’t include Holman and his offensive line.

    • FredJ

      Talk about overly sensitive. This isn’t about me saying something great about Zernickow, this is about you not appreciating what he did for the school. Of course you would miss a coach who had enormous success, that’s what I was pointing out. I’ve said the same thing over the years with lots of lontime coaches when they moved on. It’ll be tough replacing LeDuc at Glendora. You can see how tough it is replacing Wiard at Bishop Amat.

      Holman’s a good coach, nobody ever said he wasn’t. But his success may or may not come right away. We’ll wait and see. But this has nothing to do about him, and everything to do pointing out how a former area coach took an 0-9 team and has made it 4-0.

      • Spock

        Better means better. didn’t say Z was a bad human being. Where’d you get that?

    • Wells

      I strongly agree with Fred’s stance on this. The focus of his post was informing people about Zernickow’s success in Oregon — specifically when quite a few people were critical of his decision to move to Oregon.

      The article does not imply that San Dimas is doing poorly due to his loss. Actually, San Dimas seems to be doing fairly well. They have only lost to teams that are in a higher division than them.

  • Spock

    He just likes Zernikow better because he doesn’t have to strain his neck and lean back as much to make eye contact with him as he does with Holman. Holman is a very good coach and better human being by far than Z.

  • Don

    Being ranked eighth in Oregon is sort of like coming in eighth in the Miss Kazakhstan contest.

    There are like two good teams in Oregon every year, both are
    Parochial and both in Portand: Jesuit and Central. As much as I like Coach Z, and I like him just as much as everyone else does, the Saints will be fine now that he has gone off to more fertile fields. So to speak.

    And lest we forget, the Saints are still in the Valle Vista which is still in the Mid Valley which means they will do fine in league plays and
    probably do fine until they get to someone like Paraclete or Sierra Canyon in the playoffs.

    • Spock

      Another thing to take note of. The team he inherited was o-9 last year but if you look at their previous three years they are a second round playoff team with about a .700 winning percentage. Not exactly a doormat.