VIDEO of Millikan football player kicking helmet-less Lakewood player on the ground; fight in locker room allegedly ensued

Question for CIF: When the La Canada “Icy Hot” incident with Salesian occurred, CIF argued it couldn’t suspend or penalize the Salesian player for allegedly rubbing sports creme in a La Canada’s players face because the referee’s didn’t penalize the players during the game, leaving any suspensions or discipline to the school. Eventually, Salesian’s principal apologized for the incident. Well, well, well, nobody was flagged or penalized on the field for Millikan, which obviously shows a player kicking a helpless Lakewood player on the ground, a player whose helmet had come off, no less. So again, with VIDEO in hand, will CIF step in and do something, or will this be left to the school and possibly the police department to sort out?

Tuesday update in Long Beach Press Telegram: The CIF-Southern Section, the governing body for high school sports in most of Southern California, will not be taking any action against the Millikan player, said spokesman Thom Simmons.“As no ejection of the player in question occurred, there are no current bylaws that provide the section with any authority to intercede in this matter,” Simmons said. “The two schools involved and their school district are working cooperatively to come to a mutually agreeable resolution.”

STORY: Rumors have swirled since an alleged incident on Friday night at Lakewood High after Lakewood beat Moore League rival Long Beach Millikan in football.
According to multiple anonymous reports, Lakewood parents confronted the Millikan players in the visitor locker room after the game.
Allegedly, the confrontation stemmed from a play during the game when a Millikan football player kicked Lakewood receiver Victor Bates in the face after his helmet was knocked off. Bates is verbally committed to Oregon State University.

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  • Colt74

    Video clearly shows #29 winding up and kicking him in the face. Shows Mr. Bates holding his face when getting up too. If CIF does nothing they are officially useless.

    • Jefe

      CIF is worthless & most likely won’t do a thing about it.

  • reality

    Again school admins will protect each other. CIF does not get involved, they only collect money. As in the Salesian case the only relief comes from the courts and ones lawyer. Coaches will never admit to anything as in Los Altos. Football losing a lot of fans this year. Cell phone video sees everything. This stuff will kill football faster than concussions.

  • Spam Burger

    You would think this would be equal to them going back and reviewing tape of a brawl or something to identify all participants. Only the no flag being thrown, might hold that up.

  • Don

    Golly, I remember when Millikan kids were nice. Guess this little thug has to get his kicks in now, before they play Poly.

  • Valley Athletics

    Apparently 4 Millikan players where assaulted by Lakewood players family members after game . That could lead to arrests if anyone is convicted .

  • LA Futbol

    This blog has turned into the teenage drama police. This is football. throw a 15 yard personal foul and move on. No need to have a blog thread.

    • FredJ

      Are you serious, kid gets kicked in the face and that’s just a routine 15 yards to you. Laughable.

      • LA Futbol

        I’m absolutely 100% serious! Did you play football Fred? I did. I got spit on, kicked in the stomach, kneed in the nuts, and once had a dude bite down on my hand as I recovered a fumble in a pile. Football is a nasty sport and awful things happen. Difference is that today we have cameras everywhere that capture everything. Is this brutal? Yup. Should the kid get flagged and kicked out of the game? Yup. Is this anything new? NOPE!

        • reality

          Unfortunately you are correct. I played before cell cams and the things did to me and I in turn did to others within and without eye sight of the refs could not be spoken of in mixed company. Cell phones are now catching all the foul dirty things about football, from the field to the parking lots and if the game is not quickly cleaned up the game will continue to lose popularity among parents and youth.

    • Lupe

      That is not football, That’s an embarrassing statement. I hope people aren’t judging LA football on guys like you and that horrible Kick Off play from a few weeks ago.

    • Joe Amat

      Four adults assaulting players in the locker room after the game because of that incident makes it newsworthy.

      • LA Futbol

        I’ll agree with that. The incident itself is, unfortunately, part of the the game. Parents assaulting kids is not.

  • FredJ

    It makes no sense to me that CIF, the governing body, can do nothing about this because a penalty wasn’t called on the field. What good is a governing body then? This falls on the member schools as well, shame on them for writing bylaws that doesn’t allow CIF to act in situations like this where clear video is present and an OBVIOUS penalty and ejection is missed that would have been called if the refs saw the play. This is absurd to me that CIF can’t do anything.

    Remember the incident a few weeks ago in which a player ran over a referee on purpose and made national news? There were no flags on that player either because the refs had no idea it was done on purpose. Are you telling me that if that happened here, CIF couldn’t do anything because there was no flag on the field?

    CIF rules on illegal batting practices with whiffle balls and has the authority to end a team’s season for it, but for something as serious as this, their hands are tied?

    A serious re-writing of the bylaws needs to happen next because there are going to me more and more of situations like this because so many people have cameras and cell phones at the game.

    CIF has to have the authority to look at situations that are missed and make the rights calls.

    • Jastrab

      However, the Lakewood coach is ejected “after” the game for arguing his kid had his head kicked in. How long after a game can you be ejected – did he throw a flag? Seems CIF can issue a one game suspension the next day. The LB Press said the coach did not even know he was ejected until Saturday.

    • Desert Rat

      Rob Wigod needs to find his balls….period.

    • Joe Amat

      You make a great point about the whiffle ball videos after the fact. I wonder how Thom would reconcile the difference between both of those? Maybe one is a rule during the game (under the officials jurisdiction) and another a by-law under CIF office oversight?

      I do know in almost all cases regarding individuals they try to leave it up to the schools. I remember talking to a principal years ago when taking your team off the floor was a big point and The office made a statement that coaches should be removed from their job.

      The principal said, “if a coach did that I’d fire or suspend them…UNLESS CIF told me to. It’s MY job to discipline my staff.”

      Maybe that’s where this thought process has evolved from and CIF trusts member schools will do the right thing. Unfortunately, a big assumption.

  • Colt74

    Here’s how to fix it. Option 2 : When ever a dispute arises, or a possible dispute, have the refs throw a flag. To be reviewed by CIF. Problem solved. Option 1 : Hire competent refs.

  • Valley Athletics

    Other football stories that happened over the weekend . Hawkins High running back recruit was murdered walking home . Parents at a IE ducks vs Otay game in San Diego got into a brawl in stands .both teams where severely punished and cannot play rest of season . Both teams where expected to be contenders for national title . Not gay for the kids who did nothing wrong .