PrepXtra Postgame: We talk playoffs and highlights, interviews with Amat players and coach Hagerty

CIF-SS Playoff Schedule
Friday’s Quarterfinals
All games tentatively set to start at 7:30 p.m.

Pac-5 Division
Oaks Christian (11-0) at Bishop Amat (9-2)
Southwest Division
La Habra (10-1) at Laguna Hills (8-3)
San Clemente (9-2) at Sonora (9-2)
Southeast Division
La Serna (9-2) at Harvard-Westlake (8-3)
Burroughs (10-1) at St. Francis (8-3)
La Mirada (8-3) at Dominguez (8-3)
Central Division
Monrovia (8-3) at Charter Oak (10-1)
Glendora (10-1) at Colony (8-3)
San Marino (11-0) at Don Lugo (6-5)
Mid-Valley Division
Sierra Canyon (11-0) at Schurr (6-5)
Pomona (9-2) at Northview (10-1)
Viewpoint (6-5) at Covina (7-4)
San Dimas (8-3) at Paraclete (6-5)
Northwest Division
Maranatha (7-4) at Aquinas (7-4)

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  • Mike Edwards

    Here in Arizona they went the way with divisions that Aram is looking for. There were 17, 17 teams in Division 1 this year. 17 for the entire state of Arizona. Why? Because 4 or 5 teams, and 1 specifically has dominated D1 for years. So, who actually is paying that bill this year? The teams that belong in the division that they were in previously. They blew it up and there will be 40-42 teams back in D1 next year. (actually renumbered and will be 6A) Trying to level the playing field for pathetic large schools only hurts good medium and small schools. Go figure.

    • FredJ

      Thanks you Mike, that’s what Aram doesn’t get, the ripple affect is has on everyone.

      • SGV411

        Hey Fred, that SH vs Summit game was 45-35 late in the 4th with about 5 mins left and SH driving to score. A pick is what ended all hope for the Huskies. Those boys played their butts off and were really close to pulling off the shocker. It was looking good up 21-20 at half and all momentum on their side. Eventually Summits athletes got loose and that was the difference.

    • Henry

      are you referring to hamilton? i have a friend whose son played for them

      • Mike Edwards

        Yep. Although Hamilton lost Friday (odd game) in the 2nd round. First time in 15 years they haven’t been at least in the semi’s.

        • Henry

          awesome…maybe you know my frined, Deeana Verela? Her sone CJ played two years ago

          • Mike Edwards

            His name is familiar. But I don’t know the family. I have 2 sons one graduated 2015, the other graduates 2016. By the time we moved here I only had 1 year of baseball coaching and 2 years of basketball coaching left. All of the kids I had were 2-4 years younger than CJ was.

  • Joe Amat

    I asked Aram a week ago to list 32-40 teams he would put in the top division. Then we could start the discussion from there to help him realize how ridiculous it would become.

    What you would also find is (and this was in the initial CIF release) is there may end up being some divisions that end up with TOO MANY automatic qualifiers and they will ELIMINATE them based on the Playoff Criteria. So you could end up in the top 3, think youre going, and find out on Pairings Sunday you are not. Fair? There also may be TOO FEW qualifiers in some divisions and At-Large berths will be added – creating the possibility for MORE El Dorado situation.

    This is why I still think it eventually will not pass. Once people get beyond the Cliff Notes version Aram reads and see the Butterfly Effect one change causes – it will be voted down.

    • FredJ

      I hope you’re right, I bet if you polled every high school coach in Southern California, more than 90 percent would be against it. Just my guess.

  • Norco

    Congrats to Amat …very sound football team and it was a great venue to watch a game…good luck the rest of the way

    • FredJ

      What’s your thoughts on the gap between Centennial-Amat. You’ve seen both

  • dave

    I thought the second round home team, between Monrovia vs. Charter Oaks, would be decided by a coin toss… Did this take place?

    • LongTimeTartan

      They did the coin flips last Sunday after the brackets were announced.

      • dave

        Thanks… Good luck vs. Colony.

  • Henry

    they should do in football like they do in basketball, that is reseed in the playoffs…that way teams such as Mission Viejo, Vista Murrieta, can be properly placed and not because by leagues (which is why they were dropped from the PAC 5 division IMHO