Championship Wednesday: Walnut routs Los Altos 71-46 to take Covina boys basketball tourney final


Dwight Ramos leads Walnut to Covina title: The Walnut High School boys basketball team wrapped up the 62nd Annual Covina Christmas Classic with its fourth consecutive victory, beating Los Altos 71-46 to win the championship Wednesday evening.The Mustangs (13-2) were led by Dwight Ramos, who was named tournament MVP. The senior had a double-double in the first 11 minutes of the game and finished with 32 points and 23 rebounds to go along with four assists and a pair of steals.

Covina Boys Basketball tournament
Walnut 71, Los Altos 46, championship
Bonita 61, Bishop Amat 49, third place
MaxPreps Boys Basketball championship at Rancho Mirage HS
Damien 74, Villa Park 60
Nogales Boys Basketball championship
Kaiser 71, Don Lugo 51
Glendora Girls Basketball championship
Chino Hills 50, Glendora 45
Ontario Christian Girls Basketball championship
Covina 37, Rowland 23
MaxPreps Girls Baksketball championship at Shadow Hills High, Indio
San Dimas 35, Coachella Valley 29
Ontario High Girls Basketball championships
St. Lucy’s 37, Ontario 32, Classic Silver Division
Chino 65, Los Altos 52, Championship


Covina Semifinals Recap: Walnut High School and Los Altos set up a rematch of last year’s Covina Christmas Classic, each winning their semifinals at Covina High School on Tuesday evening. Los Altos eliminated Bonita with a 67-62 victory after Walnut defeated Bishop Amat 67-60 in the first semifinal.
RamosThe final will be played at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday night. Los Altos won last year’s final 55-52, but Walnut won both of the other meetings between the two programs in Hacienda League play.Freshman Jarod Lucas scored a game-high 31 points for Los Altos (8-0), pushing his tournament total to 97 points heading into the championship. The tournament record is 130 points.

Quarterfinal Wrap-up: Freshman Jared Lucas isn’t wasting any time establishing himself as one of the area’s most dynamic players.Lucas scored 45 points, making 14 of 23 shots from the field, to go along with four rebounds and two assists to lead Los Altos to an 80-62 win over Covina on Monday to secure a semifinal spot in the Covina Christmas Classic.Los Altos (7-0) will play Bonita in the 7:30 p.m. semifinal on Tuesday. Bonita defeated Brea Olinda comfortably 65-42 in its quarterfinal.

Saturday’s games
Top Half

Cajon 74, Pomona 39
Bishop Amat 62, South Hills 54
Walnut 70, South El Monte 37
San Dimas 63, Duarte 14
Bottom Half
Brea Olinda 66, Lakeside 52
Bonita 65, Northview 46
Los Altos 86, Sierra Vista 76
Covina 72, California 64
Monday’s quarterfinals:
Bishop Amat 50, Cajon 46
Walnut 49, San Dimas 45
Bonita 65, Brea Olinda 42
Los Altos 80, Covina 62
Tuesday’s semifinals
Walnut 67, Bishop Amat 60
Los Altos 67, Bonita 62
Wednesday’s championship
Walnut 71, Los Altos 46

San Dimas gives legendary coach Gary Prestesater his 500th career coaching victory: The first round of the Covina boys basketball tournament started on a special note. San Dimas coach Gordon Hamlow asked legendary Saints coach Gary Prestesater, who retired with 499 coaching wins, to coach the opening round against Duarte and the Saints delivered with a 63-14 win, giving Presesater his 500th career victory.

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  • scotty bore as

    talk about a cheap gimmick, the usually very classy Pres has gone down a few notches in my eyes…..a sad day !

    • FredJ

      I thought exactly the opposite, a great gesture on San Dimas’ part and a deserving 500th.

      • scotty bore as

        wasn’t really much of a ” contest” I’d still put a big * alongside it….was it really that important? all these years later to get this so called milestone? I hope there is at least a little regret, he was the last guy that I’d have thought would do something like this….very good pic on the libero though

      • Joe Amat

        Those two thoughts are not mutually exclusive. It was a very nice gesture on San Dimas’s part and maybe should have even been a bigger deal. But that doesn’t mean it was not also a little gimmicky that in a small way cheapens the 500. What cheapens it even further is Hamlow is actually on the bench and in the huddle in your video.

        Do “interim” guys get wins? If a coach has the flu – does the assistant get the win? I’m guessing some of Gary McNights missed some games due to health and some wins would be voided if so(not that he doesn’t have plenty to share). Luke Walton isn’t even getting the Warriors wins this year.

        Pres was a legend at 499 (BTW, I think his last loss at San Dimas was to Amat in the playoffs) and isn’t any more so today. From your interview it sounds like he didn’t really want to do it and the old guy was taken advantage of a bit because he was just tired of saying no.

        I’m going to pretend this didn’t even happen and just remember him as the bellowing legend on the sideline everyone just seemed to love..

        • scotty bore as

          it will be interesting to see if the “gimmick” is accepted officially and by whom? will Hamlow next week give the “win” to the student manager? getting the 500th win this way makes me cringe, I’ve always thought highly of Pres…I still will…but this gimmick was a poorly thought out

  • Magic Man

    I think some of you guys are missing the simple symbolism behind it. Getting Pres to the 500 mark was a purely symbolic move. A nice gesture by the school and a way to say thank you. He should not be thought of any differently because he did this, just as he should not have been thought of differently had he not done it. This was just a small gesture to big time area coach.

  • John Sherrard

    I would like to start out by saying I, John Sherrard, wrote the article and interviewed Coach Pres. I sat with him before and after the game for a bit. I also covered him a few times during his career. First off, shame on those of you who have ANYTHING negative to say about this game and Coach Pres. He is a great coach and person. Also, those of you who hide behind your “handle” and don’t sign your name when making such comments (good or bad), shame on you again. I dare any of you to sign your real name……………tick tock, tick tock,……..that’s what I thought. Nobody could do it. These are my thoughts on this subject and I won’t respond to anyone who can’t sign their real name. Thank you.

    • FredJ

      See what you all did, you got Johnny upset.

    • Joe Amat

      Hey Johnny,

      I know you’re a “correspondent” and not a regular writer, so maybe you don’t understand how this blog/message board has worked since Aram started it it with the immortal words, “this blog is my blog, this blog is YOUR blog” but stick around a bit, contribute (don’t “drive by”) and see how it goes. Maybe even “unlock” your Disqus profile if you’re so worried about full disclosure.

      Here are some things I wrote, tell me which ones you dispute (tick tock…tick tock). I’ll list them so the “correspondent doesn’t get lost in the whole sentence/punctuation/paragraph thing

      “It was a very nice gesture on San Dimas’s part”
      “maybe should have even been a bigger deal”
      “Hamlow is actually on the bench and in the huddle in your video.”
      ” Pres was a legend at 499
      “isn’t any more so today”
      “The final result doesn’t change your evaluation of the game that was just played.”
      “From your interview it sounds like he didn’t really want to do it”
      “bellowing legend on the sideline”
      “everyone just seemed to love.”

      Disagree or dispute with ANY of that, or should we just stipulate those as facts before we continue.

      Now maybe, Mr. Newspaper Correspondent, just maybe you could answer the question that was asked: “Do “interim” guys get the wins? If a coach has the flu – does the assistant get the win?”

      • Steve Ramirez

        Yes…When Patton’s assistant said, “You defeated Rommel’s plan, so you defeated Romel.” Not exactly. 🙂 Seriously, I think it was a nice gesture on coach Hamlow…and no one more win doesn’t make coach Prestesater any more of a legend, but 500 just sounds a lot better than 499. I would also think someone known as Joe Amat wouldn’t say anything negative about another person.

        • Joe Amat

          Stevie, what was negative? The part where I said it should have been an even bigger deal, the part where I said the final number doesn’t change the performance, or the part where I called him the lovable legend? (Maybe the part where his final loss at San Dimas before “retiring” was to Amat?)

          And Steve, you might know especially since LeDuc was referenced. Are the wins Glendora got the year he was not listed as the official Head Coach because he moved to administration on Coach LeDuc’s present win total, or were they “granted” to the assistant?