South Torrance football coach upset over firing because of his use of smokeless tobacco

Should coach have been fired? South Torrance High football coach Josh Waybright, whose 18 years of coaching the Spartans (13 as head coach) was highlighted by a CIF Southern Section Northwest Division championship game appearance in 2010, will not be retained as football coach.
Waybright, who confirmed the news to the Daily Breeze on Thursday, said the main reason given for his dismissal was his use of smokeless tobacco.
Waybright, 40, contends that he was not given his Due Process rights in time to address the situation, and referred to school board policy 4010, which states, “The District shall maintain a list of clinics and community resources that may assist employees and students who wish to stop using tobacco products. Information about these programs shall be made available upon request and whenever an employee violates the District’s policy.”

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  • Mike Edwards

    Aside from it being in writing that there is a process that wasn’t followed, what give an employer the right to dictate how we live our lives away from work? Heck, pot is legal in some places now. I know some employers are still testing for THC for hiring, etc. But, that should be unusable now if it pot is legal where they are. Personally, I don’t think pot should be legal. But that doesn’t change the need for common sense rules around the legality of it. Then again, it is California. So, EVERYTHING must be regulated…

    • FredJ

      I have to admit, I didn’t know his use of smokeless tobacco was a fireable offense. Granted, if he is using at school while coaching that’s a problem, or around his students. But if this is something he does on his own time, away from school, what’s the issue. And yes, sort of surprised he was fired if what he says is true, that he reached out for help and it wasn’t reciprocated.

      Interesting story all the way around.

  • reality

    He said the Main reason was the tobacco. That might be his take away but I would like to know the 2nd and 3rd reasons he got fired to complete the story.

    • FredJ

      Well the principal and AD didn’t return calls for comment, kind of typical school stuff. Interesting since this isn’t a minor, but a grown man they can choose to comment on, especially with allegations he’s making against the school not willing to work with him.

      Also if true, kind of sad that after 18 years the school would simply drop a note in his mailbox saying he’s not retained. Again, if true, that’s horrible on the school’s part.

  • Spam Burger

    I know all those products are banned on all school campuses,he must have been a repeat offender. Rumors circulating that he has been written up and warned about the usage on school grounds and around the kids.