Bishop Amat’s Torreahno Sweet headed to Western Oregon, Maldonado back at Amat

SWEETPOWBy Aram Tolegian
Former Bishop Amat High School running back, and 2015 Tribune Player of the Year Torreahno Sweet made official his college destination over the weekend.
Sweet will play this fall at Western Oregon, where he’s expected to compete for a starting job. Sweet will also play baseball.
“They had that D-1 feeling,” said Sweet, who was also considering Concord University. “And the campus, it was just beautiful. It was hard not to like it. I met a bunch of teachers. It’s a 100-percent scholarship. Everything’s paid for, so that’s great. Free education.”
Sweet rushed for 1,808 yards and 34 touchdown last season at Amat. Many thought he was surefire Division 1 recruit, but that never materialized. Landing a player like Sweet has Western Oregon feeling like it got a steal.
“We’re very excited, players like him don’t come along very often,” Western Oregon offensive coordinator Brian Harris said. “We don’t recruit the L.A. area a whole lot, so just to come across him and have everything work out, it’s kinda like it was meant to be.
“There’s no question, we believe he has Division 1 talent. We play against FCS schools and there’s no question he belongs on the field with those caliber of players. We have some other players like that and we get fortunate enough once in a while to get them. He’s definitely going to make an impact on our team.”
Sweet will leave for Western Oregon on Aug. 9 and will arrive in time for the start of fall practice. Western Oregon opens the season on Sept. 3 against Sacramento St. Local fans will get a chance to see Sweet in action when the Wolves play Azusa Pacific at Citrus College on Nov. 5.
“I’m ready to go,” Sweet said. “I’ve been working out already. I’ve had their playbook. I’m in shape, I keep myself ready.”

Standout defensive tackle Aaron Maldonado is back at Bishop Amat and practicing with the team after leaving the school at the end of the school year for undisclosed reasons.
Maldonado, who already has an offer from BYU, is arguably the Lancers’ top returning player. The 6-foot-3, 300-pounder, had 28 tackles and two sacks in 2015.

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  • Eric

    With Mr Sweet FINALLY getting his opportunity, I am so happy for him. BUT on the other hand, I am kind of sad that we won’t be seeing T on TV on Saturdays or at Bowl Games. As a father of athletes, it breaks my heart to see such a talented, gifted athlete have to suffer the consequences of actions that we will really never truly know about.

    We have all seen athletes that have done some pretty discussing, illegal things and still wind up at a D1 school. There are coaches out there that resolve there issues, put a Band Aid on and at least have moved forward giving the student athlete the opportunity to secure a higher education, be it at a D1 school or any other.

    I find it heartbreaking that, especially at a Catholic Institution, that Torreahnos’ reconciliation with his coaches and his team required repentance-which he did repent by sitting out his games, apologizing to his team and coaches. I know first hand through Torreahnos’ forgiveness he has let go of his “right” to be right. He has offered up his anger and let go of his “right” to revenge-and has left Justice be up to GOD.

    • Henry

      Amen to that… while he did sin, he more than made repentence for it. But it was not his doing that they didnt put him out there more for others to see how great he really is… may he have success at western Oregon… for sure i will chek him out when he comes to citrus

  • AMAT73

    Good luck and all the best to Sweetness in his college career . Hopefully he gets his education and makes the best of this golden opportunity . I don’t know about all this sinning and repenting I’m reading about , but when you break team rules , there are consequences . Just hope he takes what he learned from this to the next level, He has the ability to go onward and upward , either on the field or off , best wishes . GO AMAT !!!!!

    • FredJ

      Of course there are consequences. We can argue the so-called team rules that he broke, and suspensions that came with it. But he did the right thing, he took it like a man, continued supporting his teammates, and when he returned he was the most impactful player on his team helping them reach the semifinals.
      But when the season was over, was the forgiveness reciprocated from the coaching staff and particularly the head coach in helping this young man earn a scholarship that so many felt he deserved? Did they go out of their way to make phone calls and say positive things about his character? I’ve talked to the Sweet family, and this is the issue at hand. He was there when the coaching staff needed him to help them win games, but they allegedly weren’t there when he needed them to help reach his dream at the next level.

  • AMAT73

    Fred J ,
    Funny thing . I got a reply to my post from you via an email from Discus .I open up the blog and no post to be seen . Why not post your reply here ????? Or did the blog moderator hold your post ???

    • FredJ

      It’s an automatic moderator and sometimes my stuff doesn’t even go through. I have to go back in and release it, which I did. Crazy, huh.

      • AMAT73

        Yes it is , this reply just came thru also . Ghosts of past bloggers at work .

  • Norco

    WO got themselves a workhorse…this kid is tough as nails…

  • Valley Athletics

    Congrats to Sweet on his scholarship . Also a big congrats to the rest of Amat players who don’t get the pub and got scholarships . William Kelly, Andrew Vasquez , Ryan Munoz , David King , Xavier Chavez , Aaron Austin, Steven Lopez , Matt Brayton , Chris Gaston . Not bad for school according to Fred does not get kids to next level .