Tribskin Pick’em: Glendora, Damien looking like game of the week; Charter Oak hosting Colony


The Game: Aram Tolegian and I will go head to head throughout the football season picking winners. If we don’t pick 80 percent winners, we’re not doing our job. Follow along.
Last week: Aram Tolegian 31-8; Fred Robledo 24-15

My thoughts: Wouldn’t say Aram crushed it as much as I tanked it. Can’t remember the lat time I lost 15 games in one week. I’m starting way behind, and there were too many losses to call out, so on to Week 1. Best game locally, Glendora vs. Damien at Citrus College. We’ll have a two-minute drill on this Tuesday, but gotta believe Damien sneaks this one out. Glendora played well last week, but Damien’s win over Chino more impressive. Charter Oak gets a real tough opponent in Colony, who smacked West Covina last week. Might be going out on a limb taking Charter Oak, but I think they’re ready to prove they can battle and get a win against a tougher opponent than Northview. Bishop Amat will likely drop to 0-2 against Servite, not enough offense and defense gives up too many points.

This week’s games and predictions
All games scheduled at 7 p.m., unless noted
Thursday’s games

Northview vs. Rosemead at Covina District Field — Robledo (Northview); Aram (Nview)
Cantwell-Sacred Heart vs. Whittier at California — Robledo (Cantwell); Aram (Cant)
Ganesha vs. Gladstone at Charter Oak High — Robledo (Ganesha); Aram (Ganesha)
Blair at Angelou
Friday’s games
Alhambra at Rowland — Robledo (Rowland); Aram (Row)
Arroyo at Temple City — Robledo (Arroyo); Aram (Arr)
Azusa at Bassett — Robledo (Azusa); Aram (Azusa)
Bishop Amat vs. Servite at Cerritos College — Robledo (Servite); Aram (Servite)
Chino at Baldwin Park — Robledo (Chino); Aram (Chino)
Chino Hills at Diamond Ranch — Robledo (CHills); Aram (CH)
Colony at Charter Oak — Robledo (COak); Aram (CO)
Covina at Pioneer — Robledo (Pioneer); Aram (Covina)
Dominguez at San Marino — Robledo (Domniguez); Aram (Dominguez)
Don Lugo at Pomona — Robledo (Don Lugo); Aram (DL)
Fairmont Prep vs. Rio Hondo Prep at Yorba Linda HS — Robledo (RH Prep); Aram (RHP)
Garey at San Gabriel — Robledo (SGabriel); Aram (Garey)
Glendora vs. Damien at Citrus College — Robledo (Damien); Aram (Damien)
Keppel at Gabrielino — Robledo (Gabrielino); Aram (G-High)
La Habra at Tesoro — Robledo (La Habra); Aram (Tesoro)
La Mirada at St. John Bosco — Robledo (St. John Bosco); Aram (SJB)
La Serna at Lakewood — Robledo (La Serna); Aram (LS)
Marshall at California Military Institute — Robledo (Marshall); Aram (Marshall)
Monrovia at La Salle — Robledo (La Salle); Aram (LS)
Montebello at St. Paul — Robledo (St. Paul); Aram ()
Mountain View at Viewpoint — Robledo (Vieopoint); Aram (Viewpoint)
Nogales at Ontario — Robledo (Nogales); Aram (Nogales)
Rancho Christian vs. Whittier Christian at Whittier College — Robledo (Rancho); Aram (Whit Chr)
San Dimas at Maranatha — Robledo (SDimas); Aram (SD)
Santa Clara at Bosco Tech — Robledo (Santa Clara); Aram (SC)
Santa Fe at Bonita — Robledo (Santa Fe); Aram (Bonita)
Schurr at El Monte — Robledo (Schurr); Aram (Schurr)
Sonora vs. Brea Olinda at La Habra HS — Robledo (Sonora); Aram (Sonora)
South El Monte at La Puente — Robledo (South El Monte); Aram (SEM)
South Hills vs. La Canada at Covina District Stadium — Robledo (SHills); Aram (SH)
St. Anthony at Southlands Christian — Robledo (St. Anthony); Aram (St. Anth)
St. Francis at West Covina — Robledo (St. Francis); Aram (SF)
Walnut at Diamond Bar — Robledo (Diamond Bar); Aram (DB)
West Ranch at Pasadena — Robledo (WRanch); Aram (WR)
Wilson at Los Altos — Robledo (Los Altos); Aram (LA)
Windward at Duarte — Robledo (Duarte); Aram (Duarte)
Saturday’s game
Brentwood at Pasadena Poly, 12:30 p.m. — Robledo (PPoly); Aram (Poly)

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  • Joe Conqueror

    Wilson vs. LA game is being played on Saturday at La Puente HS due to the fact that both schools are currently getting new fields completed.

    Only game in town that night…come on by and watch Tyler Nevens run for 500 yards!

    • Conq’76

      Don’t think Ziola will let that happen. This game is played out of historical sentiment. 2 programs heading in diametrically opposed directions. Tyler sits the second half…

  • reality

    If you are going to pick Pioneer over Covina you deserve to be slapped by Aram

  • Gus Ramos

    I wasn’t going to post intil I heard Fred and hid buddy Aram make comments about Bishop Amat loss. I will first make commets about the game then express my thoughts on Mater Dei’s coach.Sure the game was lop sided.I was impressed with sophmore QB, Arceletta(hope I spelled it correctly.I only saw him panic once when he went out of the pocket,ran with ball ever so lossely, was sacked, fumbled and Mater Dei scored. LOther that guys, I think Bishop Amat hhas a bonfied QB for two more years, if he stays healthy. Mater Dei’s QB has a good arm and places the ball ahead of the secondary. I don’t recall any roll outs so I don’t know if he can run with his 200lbs. I’ve been watch Mater Dei for many years when my two uncles played for Pomona Catholic , now Damien. Mater Dei for the longest time, did not have any Black player like present. I’m not trying to soud racist, just being honest. Some of the best player in football happen to be Black.,Just look at the NFL. What happened to Bishop Amat, none of its average seconary could keep up with Mater Dei’s receivers. plain and simple.If the Mc Cutchens, Vaughns or Browns were in the backfield, you would have seen a different game.Of couse, you must deal with what you have.On defense Amat, held Mater Dei at close quarters to the goal line,for two important downs.To ask then to hold them for a third was a bit much. I didn’t see Mater Dei push the offensive line around they held their own,of course not every time, but a good poration.There were some excellent double team blocking.I didn’t get the running backs name,he doesn’t have speed or break-away moves,this limts your runnin gane. Mater Dei didn’t have of a running game either -they didn’t need it.
    Coach Rollinson is a funny coach like Mater Dei’s basketball coach.They will do anything to win ‘by hook or by crook,’ if necessary. Last year, Mater tried unsuccessfully convinced a Baldwin Park lineman to join their team. What coch Rollingson accomplished lat Friday in La Puente, was to show the SanGabriel Valley what it could do to a very good program. (except Amat lost a lot of players). When their are some reports of some excellent players in the San Gabriel Valley,Coach Rollingson is hoping, he will be able to get them to play for his team. With every sucessful team, he gets a bonus;winning a CIF, will get him a bigger bonus.Mater Dei is entered in the Damien Basketball tornament. big mistake, their basketball coach thinks along the same lines as their football coach. With some persuation, they can get the best basketball players from the San Gabriel Valley for their dominate program. What is their pitch,colleges will come after you and you will playin the NFL or the NBA. I do nott know what the percentage in he NFL in the NBA, only 3% ever make it to the pros.

    • AMAT73

      Gus ,
      MD is a very good team and they will be one of the last 4 standing come playoffs . With the passing game they have the run is needed only to keep defenses honest so they don’t hawk on the passing game , not as their main scoring threat . We have a very young team and that was to be expected with all the losses at graduation . A lot of the Mission teams also lost players to graduation , so we all might be on the same level this season . We will be ok and you’re right we have a QB set for the next 3 years , this season and the following 2 . Something to build on and maybe bring some WR talent into the program .On the running back issue , they need to start Barrera , big difference when he’s in . On the color issue , remember back in your and my days the OC was predominately white , so MD , Servite , and to some extent SJB reflected that . Even AMAT back in the day had very few blacks on the team , and in school period .

      • Gus Ramos

        When I played, we didn’t have any Black players.

        • AMAT73

          Gus ,
          That was my point , when you said MD didn’t have any back in the day , neither did AMAT .Today is a different day

  • Gus Ramos

    So sorry for the constant typos,guys.