How four former Bishop Amat football players started their senior seasons

Bishop Amat football not only graduated one of the best senior classes that advanced to back-to-back Pac-5 Division semifinals, but four seniors they had counted on to keep the train moving are no longer at the school. Here are four former Lancers who started their senior years someplace else, and how they did in Week 0.

Quarterback Jack Graham, Citrus Hill: Completed eight passes for 60 yards and four carries for 14 yards. Didn’t play second half in 31-0 win.
Wide Receiver Tyler Sweet, Upland. Finished with five receptions for team-leading 133 yards in 41-22 loss to Mountain Pointe.
Wide Receiver Noah Rigney, Chino Hills. The slot receiver had eight receptions for 63 yards in 19-7 win.
Defensive Back Blake Jenkins, Corona Centennial. Deflected numerous passes and played a bunch for one of the best teams in the country.

Speaking of Amat, came across its 2016 hype video. Great stuff. Enjoyed the part where they showed Aram, Steve and I on PrepXtra with a “You (meaning Amat) against Can’t (meaning us). All in good fun.


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  • Joe Conqueror

    DANG! This is ruthless Freddy! We get that you’re not a fan of Hags, but going out of your way to point out how well Amat transfers are doing? That’s like pointing out to a buddy how hot his ex-girlfriend is! BURN!

    • FredJ

      This was pointed out to me, I looked at it and thought it was an interesting blog topic. Not trying to pile on Amat, but the situation this year is unique in that a great senior class that produced back-to-back Pac-5 semifinals not only graduated, but the player they counted on to keep it moving left as well, which is why they’ll probably struggle.
      Or maybe they won’t, jury’s still out. You can throw the Mater Dei game out the window, they’ll do that to a lot of people the way St. John Bosco is going to put a smackdown on La Mirada.
      But to me, this is how you cover the biggest program in your area. You touch all the bases, you cover all sorts of different angles. I’m not making stuff up, I’m trying to show an explanation why this season might be so difficult.

      • Valley Athletics

        You mean jack graham the second string JV Qb who was only 3-8 60 yards against a weak Barstow was a player Amat was counting on . Blake now looks like a player Amat could use . But when he left he was smaller and a skinnier player that was not going to start and went to Pasadena high . Now he is a big kid and raised his stock . Noah also left when Blake left . He is good but no game changer . What Amat don’t have is a game changer .

      • AMAT73

        Fred J
        Nice showing for the former LANCERS . Wish them well but we will play it out with the ones who stuck around . I would think Graham left due to Archuleta , that kid is going to be a great one . Your right , Servite game will answer the questions we have on the team a little more clearer . I do expect a much better showing by the LANCERS . GO AMAT !!!!!

        • Valley Athletics

          He left before Archuletas first season . He would of been 4th on depth charge behind Amaro last year . Maybe 5th behind Jabissu .

      • Lancer 66

        I am not a big Sodenheimer fan but he had a great article last week about how the media (including himself) is part of the sensationlizing of the transfers into and from other schools and that is time to stop giving these kids and teams “press” for this circumvention of the rules. He has indicated that he was going to stop or reduce the coverage of these transfers/teams that he has previously given and concentrate on the outstanding kids that are staying in their “home/initial” school for four years and point out how they have been a success to themselves and their school. I know that way of thinking may not cause controversy such as your article above under the guise of “news” but you need to recognize that the press/media is part of the problem and does not need to reward or encourage parents/kids to seek what they think is best for them and not the team by over reporting or sensationalizing the transfer. I also don’t know Hags very well but when did you ever point out that he got to the Pac 5 semi final games with home grown kids and no transfers or very few transfers (no game changers) and he never challenged any kid that left the program so they could play right away at their new school. Respect that, promote that. You have berated Hags because he won’t talk to you. Do you blame him. He was hired to win football games and he has done a commendable job with the restrictions placed on him by the Administration. I am not blaming you guys for the BA teams performance I am just saying let the man do his job without you guys being the Monday morning QB. He has a tough year ahead of him and the article you wrote about the previous transfers out of the school are more about you guys “rubbing salt into the wound” then how these transfers are doing.
        Enough is enough guys.

        Lancer ’66

        • FredJ

          Well said, but a couple of things .. I did write a story about Hagerty reaching the semifinals with home grown kids, and how he did it the old fashioned way .. Something you accused me of never doing .. Here ya go

          Also, you said I never give them credit not challenging transfers … I did last week after tweeting Sweet was eligible at Upland
          Fred J. Robledo ‏@SGVNSports Aug 24
          “Whenever football players leave Bishop Amat, Amat usually doesn’t challenge transfer, making it easier 4 player to move on. Credit for that.”

          In terms of what Eric wrote, I disagree in that it’s not my job to look the other way on certain topics because it doesn’t support my moral agenda. Or that it sensationalizes transfers. It’s news. I’m a reporter.

          It’s not my job to decide what the readers should read, it’s my job is to cover all angles and let the reader decide what they’re thirsty for.

          Plus, this is the internet era, we’re not limited by newspaper space. We can write about all the positive stories Eric is talking about, and WE DO, in addition to writing about the transfers and the sour side of sports.

          I understand where you’re coming from. But it’s not just about me and the way I cover high school sports ..

          Look at our politics, sensationzalized 100 times more than 20 years ago.

          Look at our sports coverage, every little thing an athlete does is covered, including who they date, how they tweeted, what they said at a club.

          Look at high school sports coverage compared to 20 years ago, the video, social media, hype videos, ridiculous signing ceremonies.

          We cover it all because there’s a thirst for it.

          I didn’t choose for it to be this way, this is the world we live in and the world I live in as a reporter.

          • fb101

            ‘Why should we not report what parents/kids think is better for them and not the team?’

            THINK about that one Fred……..

            EVERY parent(s) THINKS their kid s/b the starter and will be getting a scholly to a D1 program if they only had a chance to play.

            The problem I have with you and AT is that you interject YOUR ‘feelings’ whenever a parent tweets or contacts you two.

            Do EVERYONE a favor and stay out of it.

          • FredJ

            Stop with the bluster, the over-reach. Don’t capital “every” when you know NOT every parent thinks their kid is a D1 player. A very low percentage of parents think that way. The overwhelming majority of high school parents realize their kids aren’t playing for a college scholarship, and enjoy the high school experience.

            Your rhetoric saying every parent thinks their kid is a D-1 player makes it more difficult for the legitimate ones that have a case, say like Brandon Arcanado, who walked onto Washington State this year. Good for him, I thought out of high school he deserved more looks than he got.

            And it’s not our feelings when we interject, it’s our opinions. This is 2016, reporters are asked to engage readers on social media, to have opinions, to write more commentary, especially on blogs/twitter and places where opinion is appropriate. That’s what this is. If you don’t like it, move back to 1985.

          • AMAT73

            Fred J,
            Wow the heat just keeps coming !!! Why not write about the kids who stayed and now are in those vacated positions . It’s about the kids that stay , not leave . It seems to me that these kids are not really hot transfer items , maybe Sweet , but other than Sweet’s departure , I don’t believe you ever mentioned these kids leaving . Why now , because we are rebuilding and it helps yours and Aram’s perception of the fall of AMAT ? You write the AMAT does not challenge transfers , why because AMAT cares more about the players that stay and are committed to the TEAM . By that fact and the replies it seems no one in the SGV cares about these transfers , only the fact that it looks like vengeance on your part . For example look at Joe Conq’s post and fb101 , who I don’t think is an AMAT honk . Please write more about the young LANCERS out there filling these holes left by the transfers who evidently you feel were so important to the program you felt a need for this thread . But that would take an effort on your part to get a real story .

          • FredJ

            Very simple, have inquired about covering kids at the school and writing about the newcomers. Writing about Archuletta emerging and playing last week would be nice, but you need some cooperation from the school to do it and there seems to be no interest from the football staff on having us do that. So, we’ll cover games and write game previews based almost entirely on what we see, not what’s shared with us. And it’s unfortunate, because we covering the players is what it’s all about.

          • Wells

            It is pretty interesting to read about ex-players since so many people like to do the “what if” game daily.

            The main point of yours that is completely legitimate is that this post has earned far more posts than all but one post this week.

            Also, I am sure that this paper will have some article or post about the players who now have the spots of the players in this post once they do something noteworthy.

          • FredJ

            We will and we want to, and will try to figure out a way even though the football staff isn’t cooperating like other schools. I want to write those stories, trust me.

          • AMAT73

            Fred J ,
            Don’t count me that group , to me you will always be that kid from the school down the street , hahahaha . Maybe if you would just write an article and not interject your personal feelings and try to understand where the coaches stand on disciplining the players when rules are broken it might help . AMAT has a different way to keep students in line when rules are broken . It all revolves around turning out good people with a sense of responsibility and living within rules set that one needs to follow in life , be it school , work , or with anything one becomes involved with . You and Aram continually drove the Sweet issue into the ground . To you and Aram it was handled all wrong , didn’t think the punishment fit the incident that happened . That’s all fine , but it had to do with team rules , not Fred’s or Aram’s rules . Heck I remember having to wash cars on Saturdays for chewing gum in class !!! Do you think that was fair , just for chewing gum , probably not but that was the rule , I broke it , I did the punishment . Never chewed gum in class again , lesson learned . Some lesson are hard to learn , but it builds strong character , and that is one of traits AMAT tries to instill in it’s students .Sometimes you just need to report on what you know and not what you perceive to know . To me the coaches at AMAT think it’s personal because you took it there with your handling of the Sweet incident .

          • FredJ

            That’s fair, but understand it’s not personal. It’s never been personal with me. I thought the Sweet dynamic, with him being the Mission offensive player of the year and what went on personally with him was a story. It was difficult getting both sides, but we did the best we could while covering Amat thoroughly all the way to the semifinals with stories, video, pictures. I never made it personal. I never stopped covering the big story, which was Amat’s great season.

            Even then I wanted to shift to other stories about players, to profile them individually, THEIR protest with me made it hard and nearly impossible.

            I’ve been willing to meet and talk out all the things you expressed. I realize they feel they’ve been treated unfairly with the Sweet story and my comments on recruiting, and would love to discuss it with them. All I can do is reach out my hand and say anytime you want to discuss and come to an understanding for the betterment of everyone, lunch is on me. Anytime, anyplace.

          • AMAT73

            Fred J,
            That seems fair to me.Maybe in time the feelings will go away but not with threads like this .It should have been about the replacements who stayed and not dwelling on those who leave , after all , they’re gone , let the papers in their area cover them and their plight . Plus I don’t think you’re blocked from speaking to players after the games , write what they say on questions pertaining to what happened on the field of play . Many different ways to go about it . As far as recruiting I think you need a sit down with Mngsr , he controls the purse strings and that is what is need to compete with the SJB, MD , CC’s of the world . By the way how did you like the new uniforms , missed the comment on that subject .

          • FredJ

            Well that’s what I said, I talk to players after games before they’re whisked away.

            Again, with respect, I can’t write threads based on worrying whether coaches or bloggers like the topic. That’s not how it works. This thread generated some interest and discussion, which turned into me and why I posted this topic. And I was happy to explain. Not a big deal. Not anything I haven’t done before with other schoools.

            Thanks 73, you’re alright with me.

          • AMAT73

            Fred J ,
            I like your style Fred , You never back away from situations like this and give detailed replies standing behind your points . Keep up the good work and next time I see your Dad , I’ll put in a good word for you !!! GO AMAT !!!!!!!!!!

          • FredJ

            Yes, papa Fred is the one who puts me in my place and tells me when enough is enough! He’s old school, and we have conversations like this about what’s appropriate and what’s not.

          • fb101

            RHETORIC? Wow, did I hit a nerve?

            So your OPINION is the ONLY one that MATTERS?

            I know I am not the only one who is of the mindset that you and AT are trying to be PART of the story instead of just reporting.

            MY ‘rhetoric’ makes it harder for players to get looks for legit players to get looks at D1 schools? Ha, laughable. As IF D1 coaches seek the opinion of a SGV blog poster.

            Talent is shown on the FIELD. Coaching staffs at EVERY level know talent or their jobs are will/may be in jeopardy.

            Good for Aracanado getting a walk-on spot at pass happy WSU. But him having to going the JUCO route, shows that perhaps the folks that make the decisions on players know a wee bit more that you.

          • FredJ

            Those folks should know more than me, and probably missed not grabbing Arconado earlier.

            You and your capital letters. Where did I write my opinion is only one that matters? And you’re right, what you or I say has no impact on players getting scholarships, it’s discussion for this blog and that’s it.

        • DBT dad

          Thank you Lancer 66. Too many of these kids think it’s about them. A couple years ago a father (I believe) was doing security at an AMAT game when AMAT scored, he stepped in end zone and did a chest bump with the kid. Cool, d ew a 15yard penalty and there were parents upset that Hags got all over the player and he sat. Gotta remember this is a team game and when you play at AMAT you play for the school.

  • scotty bore as

    only Jenkins would have started….the QB is at a school 50 milles away….did he move. ?

  • DBT dad

    Fred, this is pathetic. I am not sure what you are trying to start here but gig on Hags because he won’t bow to you. You can do the same to just about any school out there. Where do all La Mirada transfers come from, ask those schools why they left. I only see one difference maker here in Blake Jenkins but why did he leave. I am an alumni and do not like some that Msgr. has done to he school but will stand by Hagarty as he has a program/system and doesn’t waiver. What coach in the SGV has taken a team to two consecutive deep runs in the PAC 5 with a few glaring weaknesses. He has taken his teams against the best, doesn’t run. Yes you had those two top flight receivers and a few other one star or no star recruits and made runs. You should be touting his coaching and his staffs work. C’mon Fred…. Last year against Mater Dei, outsized and outmanned but made a game of it. Two years ago came a two point conversion of beating Corona Centenial at their place and going to the big dance. Once more, Really Fred!!!!! Remember you are a reporter for the SGV. Tribune and don’t tak coaches personal.

    • FredJ

      Actually surprised at the outrage. Didn’t write this to take any digs. Nothing’s personal with me toward coach Hagerty or any coach. Said countless times, even this past week that him and his staff are incrededible, they’ve been incredible.

      What I wrote here is nothing I haven’t done before. Always find it interesting how players do that transfer from one program to another, wrote about it with Noodles and other players leaving West Covina for Diamond Bar, when San Dimas’ stud running back transferred to Bonita when Scoby transferred all over the place, and many more. What’s the big deal? It’s a sidenote on a blog, that’s all it was intended for. Thought it was some food for thought, that’s all.

  • Editor of the “Editor”

    Hey, Fred. Can you check in on the players that transferred out of Bassett, Mountain View, and La Puente for me? I would appreciate it.

    • FredJ

      Maybe you would appreciate it, not sure how many others would.

      There’s a reason Bishop Amat football is covered far more than the schools you mentioned. Huge readership. Supply and Demand.

  • benedict2

    Fred, You’re timing was poor with this post on the four transfers. The end of the season would have been more appropriate and I’m sure many would have had in interest. The rift between you and Amat coaching staff should not affect objective reporting, but it’s obvious that’s not happening. You said you were more than fair in your coverage of Amat in past years and I agree. The season just started so lets see how this years team develops over the next few games, only time will tell.

    • FredJ

      Well, Sweet transferred less than a month ago, and the point of this thread was to point out how they did in first games at seniors. The thought was the “what if” game, in terms of where Amat would be had these guys stayed, maybe things wouldn’t have been as rough as it appears.

      We just hit September, it’s one of the first things I posted so that’s why you probably think the timing is bad, which wasn’t my intention. In retrospect, maybe the timing was bad. I honestly didn’t think it would generate the negative comments in terms of me having a beef with them. I don’t. We plan on covering a lot of games, talking to players after games and doing our best to cover Amat as thoroughly as we have in the past despite the limitations we have with cooperation.

  • Jastrab

    What I really want to know is what happened to Coach Zernickow at Tualatin.

    Yes, I know the party line is he came back to California to be a Vice Principal at Goddard/Glendora MS, but he took an Oregon program from 0-9 to 8-3 in one year up there. He was named 6A state coach of the year and was well on his way to having that program rolling.

    He quits the team late August and returns to California. I am not saying anything bad happened, but he sold his House in Rancho in 2015 moved his entire family up to Oregon – had several assistants follow him and in speaking him loved the program, climate and he said California is ruining football before he left.

    I know the admin angle for pay and hours, but why go up there for one year and leave the program hanging. The article up North don’t paint this as a good move leaving his kids with no notice.

    Is he going to coach Glendora or some other local program again.

    • FredJ

      From what I understand it was a family decision to move back. I’ll be talking to coach Z probably next week to discuss it, but it wasn’t a decision that he just made. He was doing well up there, but there are other factors to consider, and your families happiness should be at the top.

      Reminds me of line from the movie Radio when the coach stepped down in the barber shop… “He said I had a coach who once told me, ‘son, you figure out what’s important in life and you push everything else aside.’

      Maybe that’s what’s going on here. But here’s what I learned. In California or Oregon, coach Z can coach and will be in hot demand.

      • Jastrab

        Fred, I have no doubt he can coach and that has been proven in two states. His team in Oregon plays in the most competitive division that state offers. That said, he moved up there for quality of life issues and felt California football was being ruined by 7 on 7 etc. None of that has changed so it is just odd he comes back to the place he left for a better quality of life. From what I understand he loved it up there.

        • FredJ

          I get it, but you keep saying “he.” Without speaking for coach Z, trying to explain it was an ENTIRE family decision. His family had already moved back ahead of him. I think he was going to try and stick it out the rest of the season, but when the opportunity to grab a vice principal job came up at Goddard, that sped up the process.

          • Jastrab

            I get it too! Yes, I have not talked to him in a while, but it is a bit disappointing as the papers up north don’t indicate he was trying to stay – they just say he left with little notice and the team was scrambling to put a staff together – remember he brought up a few close friends/coaches too. A few families were affected. Plus they play Jesuit week one – the #1 team in the state.

  • Real talk

    RIP Fred

  • Eric

    I can’t believe the animosity that you all are giving this article. Put yourself in these kids shoes…you come in to Amat, put in your dues on and off the field, become part of the AMAT Family, which compares to no other school around, public or private. You are told from day 1 not to attend if you are looking for a football scholarship, you grind it out….your sophomore year your brothers turn into 4&5 star athletes (Vaughns, Sidney,Camargo, Gaston, Sweet) and then understand the position you are in. Do you want to play Varsity football and have some film to help out with obtaining an academic/athletic scholarship at any D-1, D-2, D-3 or NAIA schools before your senior year?

    With talking to all these kids, they and there families love AMAT for the FAMILY and community aspect, the academics, the friendships and bonds they have with there brothers, sisters and teachers. Why would anyone criticize a young man for stepping away to have an opportunity to: 1) play on the Varsity Squad 2)gain more experience instead of standing on the side lines waiting for junk time the entire Junior year 3) a chance to further there education through athletics.

    There is nothing like game night at Keifer Stadium. The tailgating that you experience, the stories that you get to share, the hallways in the gym lined with athletes that left there mark as Lancers. To have some of you talk down in your postings the way you have, to put down these kids for trying to accomplish a dream, it is pretty sad and breaks my heart. Be proud that they took away something from BA!

    This is from the Bishop Amat’s Mission Statement:

    The school, working in partnership with parents and the community, promotes education in Goodness, Discipline and Knowledge by preparing students to embrace Gospel values, to respect themselves and others, to become life-long learners, and to contribute positively to the community.

    And this is from Bishop Amats Motto:

    The Bishop Amat community to live in the spirit of giving, caring and openness to the will of God

    Goodness, Discipline, Knowledge, Life-long learners, contribute positively to the community…

    Go Big Blue and anyone who has entered and exited there HALLOWED HALLS.

    • AMAT73

      I read most of the post and I don’t think anyone is putting the kids down. It’s their choice to leave and nothing wrong with that at all . I believe most of these posts are aimed at Fred and his timing on the thread ( right after MD handed our head to us ) . Couple of posts maybe , sort of , against the kids transferring in general , but most on the timing of this thread .