Sources: South Hills sophomore quarterback Dylan O’Leary expected to transfer to Charter Oak

olearyBy Fred J. Robledo
Sources have confirmed that sophomore quarterback Dylan O’Leary has checked out of South Hills and is expected to transfer to Charter Oak. No word on whether O’Leary will be eligible at Charter Oak this season, it likely will depend on how Charter Oak files his transfer and whether or not South Hills challenges. Charter Oak (5-0) is undefeated and ranked No. 1 in Division 4 and opens Hacienda League play next week against West Covina.
O’Leary’s transfer comes two weeks after Charter Oak senior quarterback Bret Clemetson broke his collarbone and is likely lost for the season. After dominating its first four opponents, Charter Oak struggled in a 35-21 victory over South Hills last week, a game South Hills briefly led 21-14 in the fourth quarter. O’Leary didn’t start or play in South Hills’ lost last week, but he threw for 104 yards and two touchdowns in a 75-7 win over Temple City a week earlier. O’Leary played varsity as a freshman last year at South Hills and in six games, completed 79 of 146 for 821 yards and a touchdown, averaging 136 yards a game.
An interesting twist to this is that Rancho Cucamonga junior quarterback RJ Stearns recently transferred to South Hills. Stearns is already listed on South Hills’ MaxPreps roster, however he is not eligible yet. South Hills filed the transfer paperwork with CIF, but it is pending a response from Rancho Cucamonga and whether or not it will challenge the transfer … Stay Tuned.

Below: Highlights of Stearns

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  • reality

    Eleven year old grandson 5’11” 170 and fast with a huge arm. If he does not see time as a freshmen we will move him to a school where he will. He will only play QB. No safety or backer just QB. Mama’s rules. It’s a new world for football.

    • apachejoe

      pure stupidity however, it’s no surprise that kids like that fail at the next level.. Nice job and a life lesson.. One word “SAD”

      • FredJ

        Find it hard to understand why people get so upset about transfers, not that big of a deal and it’s a family decision. Why is it sad or stupid and why should we care all that much. I’d rather just wish them well and hope it all works out. If grass isn’t greener on the other side, so be it, that’s the lesson the kids and family will learn. Just don’t know why we should care all that much.

        • Valley Athletics

          Sometimes it’s a bad decision . Blake Jenkins formerly at Amat was a 2 way starter at Pasadena . Now at Centeniall he is second string . Only one catch on offense and nothing on defense .. should of stayed in Pasadena .

          • FredJ

            Only he and his family can answer that. Who knows, maybe he’s thriving academically and loves his new friends. Maybe he’s settled into a role where he loves being around a winning culture, despite the lack of playing time.

            What we think they should do is fine, we have opinions, just don’t know why so many people wish the worst for these kids regardless of what they decide to do.

          • Spam Burger

            Yes and no on that one. The 2nd stringers at Centennial have more eyes on them then the starters at most SoCal schools. With the talent that is there, the recruiters / scouting services that are there watching the stars play, the 2nd stringers have as good a chance to get noticed as a starter from Pasadena does.

          • Valley Athletics

            He already had offers before he left to CC and was getting looks . I am sure his plan was not to ride the pine .

      • reality

        If you buy into the “Rudy”mentality that it is a virtue to get blasted daily on the practice field that’s your business. That’s like saying Mike Tysons sparing partners learned a life’s lesson.If they can still remember what it was. Like Mama said “Stupid is as stupid does” Apache’s used to think it was smart to lay in the noon day sun all afternoon till their brains fried. Test of manhood. Sad?

    • Henry

      it is saidi kids who “specialize” in one sport will more likely jeopardize than enhance their abilities… playing other sports will use all your muscles and thus your body can grow properly .. sound like bull? yes… i suppose, but hey just putting my two cents in 🙂

    • Jastrab

      Reality – the problem with a QB and what you said is that type of program (Any Trinity Team, Most Mission teams, CC) is there is no promise they will take your grandson and then not recruit for 2 – 3 years. Those programs bring in an new QB almost every year. Look at DJ at Bosco – he has one guy ahead of him that unless he gets hurt will remain for this year and next and a 10th grader ahead of him that is not bad or small at all. DJ could risk not playing until his Junior year or later. What you have is a varsity QB sitting for 2 to 3 years where he could start at other – lesser programs but programs where he would still be seen.

  • Valley Athletics

    I am sure he has to move to be eligible . So if he doesn’t win the starting position next season where will he end up ?

  • tanksolot

    Reminds me of the last QB (Santiago) CO got from SH. That worked out well for the Chargers.

  • Starboy

    Notable South Hills departures.
    1.Aaron Vaughns player of the year.
    2.Travis Santiago All-Cif
    3.Eric Ortiz All-cif
    4.Ajee Montez Played D1
    5.Ryan Varela All-league
    6.Brock Booth
    7.Chris Gihlcrest all-cif
    It’s safe to say the grass is always greener when you leave South Hills. Good coaches don’t lose players to other schools.

    • FredJ

      Really, most players you mentioned left Steve Bogan, who won four championships.

      • Starboy

        Your right! I should of said coaching staffs

        • SanGabrielValleyFB2015

          Eric Ortiz never went to SH

  • SGV411

    A few comments here:
    #1- do not compare O’Leary to Santiago, not even close.
    #2- isn’t O’Leary dad a baseball coach at SH, will he be leaving the CIF CHAMPS as well.
    #3- Doesn’t Bechtel coach top notch QB’s in the offseason as well.
    #4- 2 Headcoaches have passed on this kid as the starting QB.
    Seems like it’s something else going on. Maybe he’s not ready to be the starting varsity QB yet.

  • Aaron

    Transferring around is truly dumb. Football isn’t every, and if you think it is, you’re killing your brain. Because if the child is truly as talented as you believe he will be found. Sometimes you have to go the long route, but adversity, not silver spoons breeds success.