San Gabriel Valley All-Star softball game will match best against best regardless of grade level

This year’s San Gabriel Valley High School Softball All-Star Game is being prepped for another season of festivities.
The format for this season will be a great improvement to the game. Instead of having two games, we will be having one game with ALL the best players competing against EACH OTHER. That means that Seniors will be competing on the same teams as the Underclassmen while keeping the “North vs. South” feel. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a freshman or a senior. If you’re one of the best, you’re in! The best of the North against the best of the South! 9 innings of the best softball of the year!
Coaches and Athletic Directors: Please email any all-star nominations to “”. Please keep stats on Maxpreps up-to-date because we will be using them as one of the ways to select teams.
Players, Parents, Coaches, Athletic Directors, Fans: Please email any and all pictures of your athletes with the names of the players, numbers of the players, name of high school, position(s), and athlete’s Twitter account to “”. We will be using the information that you provide to help promote the softball players that get chosen for the All-Star game!
Please make sure to follow the SGV High School Softball All-Star Game on Twitter (@SGVSVAllStars)! We will be giving you information on the game and it’s players as it becomes available!
More information on this season’s All-Star game will be posted soon.

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