Nogales football missed the playoffs, but changed its culture

CLICK AND READ: Nogales football coach Richard Salazar preaches all the right things, that the hard work you put in during the spring and summer pays off in the fall.At least in Salazar’s case, he’s got the rings to back his mouth.
“I believe in all that stuff,” Salazar said. “I’ve lived it. I know what the feeling is when you reap the rewards of hard work.”
Salazar experienced it all as a player and coach.He played football for legendary La Habra coach Frank Mazzotta and was part of La Habra’s first championship team, winning a Division 9 title in 2002, then winning another championship his senior year in 2003.

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  • observantcat

    Hey Freddie, Long time no hear from, especially on the Pasadena side of the tracks…. any word on Pasadena area teams? Both the tribune and In the Huddle have not done a thing about the guys west on the 210 in about a year. We are dependent on the Midvalley to cover us…. Let us know

    • FredJ

      Not true, just this week story on Arroyo and Rosemead, both west of the 210 and Aram’s heading to St. Francis tomorrow. Don’t worry brother, we’ll get to MTown.

      • observantcat

        My Bad Fred, I know you’re a big Mustang fan I was hoping that we can get some feedback on the Stangs and the Cats. Arcadia is far overrated but Aram doesn’t think so, go prove him wrong. LOL…. That Cats are going to be much better than all the skeptics seem to think. By the way go visit Gene’s Grinder and grab one of their Meatball sandwiches, You’ll be Hooked for life.

        • FredJ

          Where is Gene’s Grinder? Our office is in Monrovia, always looking for better places to eat.

          • observantcat

            Right around the corner from you guys on Myrtle ave, Gene’s Grinders

            Hours: Closed. Open today at 10:30 am (10:30 am – 3:30 pm)
            Phone: (626) 358-8016
            Address: 800 S Myrtle Ave, Monrovia, CA 91016

    • Henry

      Why using a thread that is irrelevant to your topic to pose your question o_O