St. Paul football coach Rick Zepeda, players talk about upcoming season

St. Paul enjoyed its best football season in nearly a decade last season. Now the Swordsmen are back for more. Coach Rick Zepeda and some of its players talk about improving on last season’s effort during our tour of the top 10 training camps. St. Paul begins the year at No. 8.

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  • AMAT73

    Fred J ,
    Really ???? st paul ???? When did this blog start reviewing pop warner teams ???? Kidding aside , don’t they belong on the Whittier prep blog ? I’m sure there were other WSGV teams you could have visited in the 10 . Or are you now crossing over the hill . Since when is the slime included in your top 10 / 25 ranked teams .Same for La Serna , if this was Aram’s blog , makes sense , but not on yours . GO AMAT !!!