Prep Rewind: Looking back at a weekend of high school football and NEW CIF Polls

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  • Spam Burger

    Leave Centennial in D1 ..dude, it would be Centennial year in and year out.

    • observantcat

      I like your thinking Aram, but like Spam Burger said” Leave Centennial Out would be like leaving Auburn out of the College elite.

  • benedict2

    I don’t agree with you very often, but I have been telling people who follow Amat football that if MD,CC or SJB win the championship it means nothing. These teams recruit like nobody’s business and it’s destroying D1 football. When Bishop Amat came up 6 inches short of a victory against CC a few years ago, that was like winning a championship. The CIF administration needs to be gutted to its core and filled with people who have a backbone to stop all the nonsense across the board. This years Bishop Amat team has the nucleus to do some damage. I look forward to their game with Rancho Cucamonga which should be a good indication for the rest of the season. I like your idea of a national division for teams across the nation who don’t play by the rules. They can set up 4 regions with there own playoffs to determine the mythical national champion. They can schedule teams in D1 to fill their schedules, but it should not count against those who are willing to compete against these super teams.

    • hs sports fan

      another idea is shorten the field in D1 to even less, so instead of 16 whereby an amat that plays in a relatively weak league for D1 standards and should make playoffs every yr by criteria but will get blown out every year, etc

      maybe make the top 8 as D1 and wait until week 5 or 6 before doing brackets similar to a basketball style, and then expand from there, or if that hurts feelings have 1 and 1A, because while a team like amat or say the 2 teams in D1 that wont make playoffs that certainly are top 20 teams but no chance in top 8 super teams have a legitimate shot.
      just a thought…

      • benedict2

        How does this solve the issue with transfers?