Tribune/Star-News/Whittier Super 20 Football Rankings

School, Record, Division

1. Charter Oak (4-0), D-3
Passed every test with flying colors
2. St. Francis (3-0), D-3
Strong argument Golden Knights should be No. 1
3. La Habra (2-2), D-2
Easy 49-0 win over Oak Grove
4. South Hills (3-0), D-7
Next in line to get shot at Charter Oak
5. Damien (3-1), D-4
Offense blanked in 23-0 loss to Charter Oak
6. La Serna (2-2), D-3
Completely dominated by St. Francis
7. Glendora (2-2), D-4
Beat previously undefeated Los Altos
8. Los Altos (3-1), D-5
Exposed in loss to Glendora
9. Bishop Amat (0-4), D-1
Worst start in decades, and could get worse
10. Arroyo (4-0), D-11
Should finish regular season undefeated
11. La Salle (2-2), D-8
Big win on the road at Muir
12. Muir (2-1), D-9
A two-point conversion from beating La Salle
13. Northview (2-2), D-8
Blew lead late against Don Lugo
14. Arcadia (1-2). D-11
Opens Pacific League at Muir
15. San Marino (3-1), D-6
Looks like Rio Hondo League favorites
16. Maranatha (4-0), D-9
Big 7-3 win over previously undefeated Campbell Hall
17. Schurr (3-1), D-12
Easy time routing West Covina, 42-6
18. South El Monte (4-0), D-13
Undefeated after easy non-league schedule
19. La Mirada (0-4), D-2
Finally, the Suburban starts for winless Mats
20. St. Paul (2-2), D-6
Takes care of St. Anthony, 34-6

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  • Guest

    Come on Fred Bishop Amat and La Mirada shouldn’t even be on this list

    • Henry

      agreed. to be fair, however La Mirada will go 6-0 in league to make their season more respectable… Amat, I’m not too sure since the Mission League with Chamanade can be challenging. Also, appearantly Amat is the best team in the area and can beat any of the team in this area so they will be ranked even if they go 0-10. sad but true :/

  • hs sports fan

    said it for weeks, not surprised at all if amat would start out 0-4. have played superior talent. and when they got beat bad in their scrimmage against CO, that was a sign of things to come… they arent going to win their league but can they finish in the top 3 and potentially be one of only two teams in D1 that doesnt make the playoffs, still possible. in looking at their remaining games, the alemany, loyola and serra games are the crucial because of those 4 teams (amat included), two of those are the likely 2 that will not make playoffs of the D1 teams.

    but best case they most likely go 3-3 rest of the way out. the good news… Amat will not lose this week

  • Conq ’76

    looks about right, but still think Amat would have ez win with teams 8-3, St. Francis and CO might give them a game though…

    • hs sports fan

      absolutely, it’s about time amat swallows their pride and schedules according to talent. i’m not saying they have to schedule 4 walks in the park, but if they are going to play teams like in first 4, then schedule only two of those and schedule two that you can actually win! so worst case 2-2; instead of 0-4 and the walls crashing in on entire season

      • GO BIG BLUE


      • AMAT73

        hs sf
        Why schedule games that are walks in the park , just for a win , I don’t think so , no pride to swallow , we’ve lost to teams of equal or with more talent then us and no shame in that . What it tells us we have a lot of work to do . You can’t evaluate your worth on the field by playing teams of lesser talent and less talent then you will face in league , what good is that ? . We have talent , and we do schedule according to talent , we just do not have talent the on the sidelines ( coaches ) to match the talent on the field . As some saw on Friday night , we were running the ball with great success . All of a sudden there comes a pass which the whole crowd could see where it was going , and so did RC as they proceeded to intercept the pass . Damien Moore had a break out game at RB and the other backs were having success also . Why try to stretch the field with passes that just can’t be made by the QB , coaches are putting this kid in a bad position with these types of plays . Short ball control passing would complement the run game and are passes the QB can make . Our offense stinks , with no direction , have no idea what they are doing . Friday night there was a prime example of the coaches being totally confused . They took a time out discussed what the call was and they still had the wrong players on the field , scrambling at the last second trying to get the right players on the field and of course the play bombed . As DBT put it , ball control offense is what we should be running at this time with this team . I believe we will have a successful season as the team will pull together and take care of business , it won’t take much to adjust and get it right , just hope the coaches see this and get to work and raise their level of play to match the effort our LANCERS re giving every Friday night . GO AMAT !!!!!

        • hs sports fan

          I agree that winning a couple of games where you are favored in may not help you as far as fully challenging, but in the new format if they want to stay in D1 (which I think they don’t belong) because of talent) then it is a must. let’s say for instance they finish tied for third in league, or even a three or four way tie for second in league- there is no way they will have the above 500 record (based on the teams played in non league). makes it then easy for CIF to not put them in based on the new format criteria.

          also a couple wins will get the teams confidence up. their heads are in the toilet now going into league, and my fear is they will lose a snowball game in league because they have developed this losing culture. two wins in the pre league would help.

          finally, i cannot agree that it is all coaching and that there is a loan od talent at amat. if they were close games, I could see, but outside of one game, they are getting blown out. i hope they are able to turn it around and maybe make it a 4-6 season as opposed to 2-8 which looks like it is headed.

          • AMAT73

            DBT ,
            Have been to any of our games ????? I think not because coaching is the root of the problem . The blow outs are a direct result of bad calls , horrible game plans , and just bad coaching . A prime example , in the MD game we were hanging tough in the beginning of the game . We make a huge stop on 4th and goal or a few yards for a 1st , deep with our backs to the goal line , maybe the 15 yard line . We get the ball move maybe 2-3 yards and on 4th after we have not moved the ball on 3 tries Hags decides to go for it !!!!!!!!!!!!! we don’t make it , MD get the ball back almost where they left off the previous set of downs and you guessed it , they score . Right after that brilliant move , the flood gates open . Talk about your head in the toilet , calls by your coaches of this manner will surely put you in that frame of mind . Not only do our LANCERS have to face the opposing team , but they have to overcome these boneheaded calls . Now on your other comment about staying in D-1. If we need to schedule teams we will knowingly beat to stay in D-1 , then I will be the first to admit we do not belong , which by the way scheduling lower ranked teams will not help as strength of schedule is a major factor and scheduling lower division teams will hurt not help and is a ticket to leave D-1 . Good coaching makes a huge difference , and we just don’t have it right now . It’s time for a change . And yes we do belong in D-1 whether you like it or not until CIF says we don’t . Let see where league plays out before you put the DOA certificate on us as we may just shock the SGV , AMAT has been known to pull a few rabbits out of our hat . GO AMAT !!!!!

      • reality

        What are you talking about? Just a handful of months ago playing RC and some out of state team was scheduling down, That is how quick a team can fall.

  • reality

    Using your ratings model that playing tough teams gets you ranked, in that case if Pioneer played La Mirada or Amat’s schedule and were 0-4 they also would be ranked.

  • 210

    How is it possible that La Salle is ranked above Arcadia even though Arcadia beat them?

  • BornandraisedSGV

    I ate crow all weekend. I admit a few postings ago, I was the one who said there was no way that AMAT would go 0-4.

    HS Ball is great in many ways, as a coach it allows you to develop kids as they come as Frosh players. Kids get stronger and faster. Some kids that started out as lineman became great Linebackers or some that came in a good QB’s were developed into great receivers etc… My point is that great coaches understand the players weaknesses and strengths as their job is to place the best out on the field in their “right” spots. Like defense coordinators, you run man to man or zone D depending on your size and speed and taking into the consideration of the Offense. Same goes for offense… making adjustments play a huge role at all levels. Unfortunately AMAT doesn’t have the coaching staff to make smart adjustments. Hags has been running the same plays over and over. You would think that since our top QB doesn’t have the strongest arm compared to the top QB’s in the area, a soft O line to protect him along with a set of receivers that run in the upper 4/40’s… oh and BTW our best running back is no longer our running back, he is a linebacker… you would think to run more wheel routes, screen passes or how about a spread offense to disguise some of our weakness’? no not this group. At one point our 50/50 would reach 2k that reflected the number in our stands… even our students filled both student sections at one point… We are down to $700 50/50 and lucky to get one student section filled. If there are any AMAT decision makers reading this… please get a new staff soon! please come out of the pocket and pay for a good staff. AMAT was the athletic destination for the locals to come for quality everything… not the case, we are losing recruits to the local public schools. Manzo… please resign if you don’t want to get back to where we were.


      Hag needs to go ….but unfortunately I think he just got 3 more years. Plus the top people at Amat love Hag

    • DBT dad

      I think it is time for a few new coaches at Amat. I have seen a few of the games this year ant it has been the worst tackling I have seen in many years at Amat. They normally have hard hitters ant tackling monsters. Since McCutcheons son is a freshman, any chance he comes back. On offense, there definitely needs to be a change. Khoele needs to go. That fast offense is horrible. Sad when you give the ball back in less then 50 seconds. This is Amat, ball control is what makes good teams great. I hate Mater Dei, but I love watching them take 7 minutes to score. That fast paced offense either feast or fammon and we have not been feasting in a while. A goof OC knows who to put a plan together with the talent they have against the team they are playing. Not happening with Khoele. I am hearing the sophomores and freshman are stacked.

      Go Lancers

      • GO BIG BLUE



    Charter Choke never gives up. Lol. Record is 1 out of 5

    • tanksolot

      You should go buy Hillary’s new book, What Happened.

      • guest

        ha ha

        bang zoom straight to the moon!

      • GO BIG BLUE

        Exactly..Just like Hillary talks a lot of crap so does Charter Choke.

        • tanksolot

          Spare me. Go join the Amat haters and bag on your own choking team.
          If you’re looking for that with me, you should know that I am not one of those. Been with BA and CO for decades, youngster.

        • Guest

          OMG Amat is 0- 4 HEY let’s take shots at Charter Oak SMH

          • GO BIG BLUE

            And CO is div ? Thats what I thought

          • AMAT73

            Now is not the time to go there , especially on CO , they are the only team that will schedule us as that is what good teams do , test themselves , much respect for them . We need to take of our business and let the SGV have it’s time bashing us , remember they don’t get the opportunity very often so let them have some fun and get their aggressions out .Bottom line is , it’s a rare occasion when they can do it so let them have the blog to beat AMAT , because it won’t happen on the field !!!! GO AMAT !!!!

          • GO BIG BLUE

            Not taking shots just replying to remarks that CO makes against Amat EVERY TIME they are winning…..who different level

      • GO BIG BLUE

        GO HUSKIES!!!

    • Guest

      Bishop A-not throw in the towel the tailgate party is over Lol

  • reality

    C’mon Aram. Not even a Dear John letter?

    • observantcat

      I’m hearing this Aram thing and still scratching my head. Fred who you going to lean on now that Aram is moving on? You guys made a really good team. Like to see what the future holds.

      • FredJ

        Going to lean on the readers, I don’t know, right now I’m missing Aram, Steve, Keith and the people that made this job so fun. But yeah, Aram I talked to every morning, we bounced ideas, talked about what the day and week would like like. That’s tough to replace.

        • Football Junkie

          Fred from what I remember this will be his second time leaving the SGVTribune. Habits are hard to break. He could be back again šŸ™‚

        • WCDan

          First I’ve heard of this Fred, sorry for your loss of friends, looks like hard times up there at the Tribune. Good luck.

  • John from HH

    We’re just gonna ignore the whole “Aram got canned” story? No love from the blog?

  • FredJ

    I’m sure by now everyone has heard that Aram’s last day was Friday. I was hoping this day wouldn’t come after Steve Ramirez moved to a crime reporter in Inland and Keith Lair to our news desk. Those are my guys and what made this job so much fun.

    As for Aram, we had so much fun arguing and debating the SGV and these blogs is where it all started back in 2006. And I know you’re all going to miss him, he had a certain way of telling a story. It was edgy and honest, that’s what we all loved about him.

    Before I get all sentimental I’m not saying goodbye, I’m hoping its see you later. I’m one of those optimitic guys, maybe to a fault, that believes someday we’ll get the band back together again. Until then, I’ll soldier on without the best colleagues this dude could ask for.

    • Spam Burger

      Aram is one of the good guys for sure, going to miss him here. So, you going to have guest come in for the recap shows now? You’re pretty boring.

    • Conq ’76

      Difficult situation for sure, not to mention the added work load…

  • TheCloser

    Amat is becoming St. Paul, did anyone back in the day ever imagine St. Paul would end up D7? Sad.