Super 20 High School Football Rankings: Charter Oak still No. 1; Amat leaps to 4

School, Record, Division

1. Charter Oak (5-0), D-3
Hosting Diamond Ranch should provide another test.
2. St. Francis (5-0), D-3
Nonleague couldn’t have gone any better.
3. La Habra (3-2), D-2
Opens Freeway League with Sunny Hills
4. Damien (4-1), D-4
Time to take on the unforgiving Baseline.
5. Bishop Amat (1-4), D-1
It wasn’t pretty, but gets first win at Loyola, 10-7.
6. South Hills (4-1), D-7
Biggest surprise in September.
7. Glendora (3-2), D-4
Should be a contender in Palomares.
8. Los Altos (4-1), D-5
Has easy Hacienda opener against Walnut
9. La Serna (2-3), D-3
Ready to dominate Del Rio again?
10. Arroyo (6-0), D-11
Showdown against rival South El Monte next.
11. Northview (3-2), D-8
Valle Vista League favorites?
12. Arcadia (3-2). D-11
Already beat two Pacific League contenders.
13. San Marino (4-1), D-6
One of many favorites in Rio Hondo.
14. La Salle (2-3), D-8
Opens Angelus with Salesian.
15. Schurr (4-1), D-12
Favored with Montebello in Almont.
16. South El Monte (6-0), D-13
Gets another shot at undefeated Arroyo.
17. Diamond Ranch (3-2)
Will Panthers give Charter Oak trouble?
18. Maranatha (4-2), D-9
Another good showing in nonleague.
19. South Pasadena (4-1), D-2
Opens Rio Hondo and winless Monrovia.
20. Muir (2-3), D-9
Already 0-2 and in a hole in Pacific.

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  • SH-Alum

    Hey Fred, what’s your personal dislike about SH. Football. I noticed last week SH was ranked 5th and you only talked about the top 4 teams, now SH is dropped to 6th and AMAT is ranked 5th and its BIG NEWS for you and now you mention the top 5 teams. Stop being so dang biased, you’re a reporter, you should not like or dislike certain teams or at least show it publicly. Don’t your niece or nieces go to SH anyway, is it personal between you and Bechtel. Please enlighten the SH faithful.

    • Henry

      you notice he doesn’t have any D12 or D13 teams listed some are undefeated or one loss but they are not on this rankings

    • AMAT73

      sh ,
      Don’t feel so bad , in the heading he writes AMAT leaps to #4 but in the actual rankings we are at #5 below Damien ??????

  • guest

    So Pas D2?
    I know they are better this year but….

    I guess the Monrovia fans are in for trouble if based on a good pre season SP has moved from division 10 to division 2.

    Yikes that Division ranking system is pretty fluid.. Good luck to SP in the D 2 playoffs against huge big time programs. Watch out Amat.

  • Henry

    Amat should swallow its pride and if so be be dropped to div 2
    honestly IMHO they are way beyond the likes of centennial and Bosco and in order to win D1 they have to get past them.. but that’s me

    • The stands

      No schools are the same caliber of Bosco, Mater Dei and Centennial. In previous years Amat can complete with all the rest, and we’ll see what happens the rest of the way in the Mission league this year. So far, it’s 1-0. Aram has the right idea about the mega schools around the country, like SJB, MD, Cent, competing in a national playoff.

    • AMAT73

      henry ,
      How about all the other 16 teams in D-1 . Let me add MD to your list as they are the #1 team in D-1 and possibly the nation . Why just AMAT , how about Loyola who we just beat , ND , Alemany , O

      • Henry

        I did not mean it that way. I was merely referencing to their concern in a couple of videos ago that amat may be in danger of dropping. of course any team has an equal chance of falling, but I was just saying that IF amat or any of the other teams as you say fall they would have a better chance of winning a title in d2 becaue in MY opionon (my opinion) D1 belongs to Centennial or St John Bosco for a while.

  • Conq ’76

    I haven’t seen DR but CO looks formidable this season. But if Fred truly believes the Panthers are the Hacienda team with the best chance of challenging the Chargers, then why have LA ranked above them? Rankings are fun and in this case, it amounts to one man’s opinion.

    At least in this case, it can be settled where it actually matters.

    • Stephen Ramirez

      Rankings are based on what’s happened; predictions are based on what 1 thinks will happen….DIFFERENCE.

      • Conq ’76

        I agree….but strength of schedule has to be a factor, and based on that, BA should never fall below third or fourth place. Fred’s picks and rankings are arbitrary, and he keeps it fun. Trying to encompass a region that includes BA and South Pasadena is going to be a challenge no matter what the format.

        • Steve Ramirez

          I don’t agree with that…When BA fell to 1-8 in 2000, I didn’t rank them in my top 10. A 1-8 team should never be ranked, no matter how talented they are.

  • guest

    RE Amat jumps to #4.. but is #5 on the list..

    Does that mean 4 is the new 5 or … 5 is the new 4?