Two-Minute Drills: Covina-Northview; St. Francis-La Salle; Montebello-Schurr and more

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  • SH-Alum

    So Fred is impressed by Covina’s Defense after giving up 35 points to San Dimas. No knock on Covina but just pointing out Fred’s expert analysis. I think Covina beats Northview this week.

    • Steve Ramirez

      Remember it’s not all about stats that make a great defense, but how it plays when their team needs them to. Take the Rams, who gave up 30 to Dallas two weeks ago, but only 6 in the 2nd half and stopped a 2-point try and last drive.

    • FredJ

      For the most part, Covina stuffed their run game and gave up a few big plays, despearations plays near the end.

  • NHS_alum

    I was happy that Nogales was going to get props, until James made that comment “….I know they are a second level team in our area…”
    WTH does that mean? second level team? I know Nogales is not your Bishop Amat or Charter Oak or any other of the glamourous team that you are all goo goo all over, but still they are A high school team in this area. You don’t have to fancy them, nor you don’t have to even cover them, but at least please respect the fact that they are a team in this area who competes each week and do their best no matter what the results.I bet you I am more versed in Nogales’ history than either Fred (who didn’t know about the battle of the track rivalry) or even James, nor does he seem to care thus that comment ” a second level team” .
    there was once upon a time Nogales was relevant in this area with league championships in 1986 and 1992 and they made an appearance in the 1992 championship game, but unfortunately they struggled for many many years until they hired Richard Salazar.
    Yes Richard Salazar did a good job turning Nogales around a team which underachieved for many many years. as an alum I am very excited, but then that comment just made my mood sour…
    please do not disrespect entities that you normally do not fancy

  • Conq ’76

    What would Spaith have to do to be considered in the running for COY? LA was supposed to be a huge “?” after having lost that superior senior squad, yet still battling every week. Any love for what he’s been able to do?

  • Gus Ramos

    Stubborn Hagerty wants Arcghuleta as QB.He has no business out there. His passes are out of sync. Serra has always had speed. If Amat loses we all can thank the coaches.I turned the tube off. too much to bear for the players playing their hearts out.